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    it sead it was good i'm positive the small 1 was like pissing on a bush fire lol we used 3 large 1s and still was hoesing the fire out when we pushed it to the fire hydrant

    keen as for this ill try hold back on the fires this time
  3. Spring Matsuri

    most likely not, ill have to check my annual leave if i got any left
  4. Spring Matsuri

    arrr i miss ebisu all ready i wana go back hahahaha think the 32 will need a new rear end but all the lower arms are welded in to the cradle lol
  5. Spring Matsuri

    Yer been to 2 summers the heat is abit full on lol depends how i feel 3 weeks befor matsuri haha
  6. The rear seat belts dont have covers on them and i seem to not find any, dont like my chansers of getting a rwc with them, and if i go 2 seater can put fix back seats in also cage ill take a look
  7. yer cool i got to take the car to vic roads to it reg any way so ill just try and get a rwc as a 2 seater or sumthing not sure ill try and ask afew guys i dont want to wast my time on the phone to vic roads on hold for like 20minets
  8. about to get a 180sx regoed and thinking of getting it reg as a 2 seater, i tryed to do it about 2 years ago and the guy on the phone sead i needed a vass just seeing if any 1 done it and how you go about it
  9. Spring Matsuri

    i love touge haha cant wait for november my 32 is still going strong after its 5 matsuri with 2 drivers RB20 FTW
  10. well it stared dont ask why im not sure lol
  11. i cant find any good info is there good placers to check for troble shoting... ecu power, so on
  12. all plug in got no spark and seems to be no injectors
  13. ok i coverd that the 2nd pic is coil pack power so no proplem there 1st pic might be a auto ecu or maybe abs the motor came with a clutch and fly wheel but could of been a conversion not sure about abs
  14. well it seems theres of plug+wires on the sr20de loom out of a s13 than the sr20det loom that came out of my 180 just need to know that they do or has any one done it i did a google but just cant find any info got some pics every thing on the left is sr20de s13. every thing on the right is sr20det 180sx any help or some links to pages will be greatly appreciated thanks
  15. Spring Matsuri

    i usurly run out of yens befor G1 lol