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  1. Sent pm, do u still have s14 coolers in stock wish to place order
  2. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Hows this thing coming along now mate ? any more updates, also in regards to the wheels, u mentioned scrubbing, anything camber can fix at all ? and are you running spacers on this or not?
  3. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Man looks tuff as , keep the updates coming, but what of the engine at the moment ? what powerplant and bolt ons are happening with this thing ?
  4. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    man its coming together good, u painting it black hey? i wanna do my series one black too lol, what mods so far ?
  5. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Mate i think they sit just right, any more than that is not good for a street/tracker, any scrubbin at all ?
  6. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    mate the car is looking good, what offset are you running on those enkies they sit perfect mate
  7. Actually not that bad, good base to learn from, nice find
  8. Car Carrier

    The vehicles had landed in Australia. The vehicles had left the docks and were on their way to us. Seaways swapped the transporter in Sydney to an obscure transport company which we had never heard of.. While the vehicle were being delivered the damage was incurred by the "subcontractor" the damage was done. Our local insurances only cover the vehicle once we take possession of the cars (i.e receive them into our yard). Seaways argument is that "their subcontractor is responsible" not them as per their terms. The issue arises is that their subcontractor is not insured to cover the damages (only took us 7 months to find this out). We have tried to be very nice to Seaways as we have a very longstanding relationship but when you spend over $200k per annum with them and they basically say tuff it does make my blood boil. Solution - We have handed it over to our Barristers who have already advised us we have a legitimate case for claim. The legal costs with well exceed the claim but I think we are all sick of having our cars damaged and being told "sorry not covered". Once we win this case (and we will) it will be a test case for others who have the same issues.
  9. Car Carrier

    Having been in the industry for some 4 years now myself I've seen my fare share of things go wrong, I even coped a few things on the chin, this one just worries me. Potential Importers or Personal Importers please read. My current employer is having a few issues. I mean I know nothing is going to be perfect but this is just over the top. We had 2 vehicles damaged in transit by Seaways who represent Kiwi car carriers. Both cars had damaged by hydraulic fluid spraying over the paintwork and both needed an entire respray. It cost us almost $10,000 for the repainting, cleaning the trim plus the loss we took on each car as we had to advise the customers why the cars had new paint. Yes we sold them cheap. Seaways answer – we can do you about $600 in credit and we take no responsibility for anything that happens to your cars even if they are totaled. Lesson for everybody here – pay a little more and use a good carrier like MOL line or NYK line as they seem to care. Not wanting sympathy just letting everyone know.
  10. Nos ??? Factory Nos lol, me thinks for lights tho
  11. WORK / JOBS

    I work at Japlink Motors, as a sorta salesman (Import Cars) if you will lol, not happy with my profession ? well life didn't turn out how I had planned ok!!!
  12. my S15 build

    A TV series....you'll be famous....can i have an autograph or a photo or something, lol good on u bro, hope the cars going good, if you need a hand with anything give me a call hey
  13. Should be good, their will be a few nice cars there, Haven't seen old mate pete in a while.....
  14. lol i like it sorta lol looks a little nfs with the animation of the cars might be all right u know