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  1. Price : $1,100 Condition : Used Item: SR20 Redtop loom, ecu, igniter, coilpack loom. Condition: Good, loom hasn't been cut anywhere nor repaired from being in a low rig Price: $300 firm, igniters alone go for small fortunes. _______________________ Item: JZX90 1JZ (single turbo setup SOLD), loom, manual ecu, coilpack etc. doesn't include gearbox or tailshaft Condition: Good, compression is solid, all parts fitted are genuine Toyota. Price: $1100 firm (add up the parts alone and you're getting the 1j for next to nothing) Extra info: - 100,000km service done - front and rear main seals, cam seals near new when checked (will come with new ones still in packets), water pump, timing belt, serpentine belt, tensioner etc. - Water pump changed to new Z30 Soarer type, new 4 bolt pulley fitted - New ancillary belt tensioner fitted - 2JZ (440cc) injectors fitted, came out of running setup (will also supply original 1JZ injectors) - New spigot bearing fitted. - New harmonic balancer fitted - Will come with all twin turbo gear plus a twin dump pipe with the split a little further down. Twins have seen better days (damaged fins) Extra gear: Mounts to suit drop into S13, will include CA/SR xmember, will leave you with gbox xmember and tailshaft to make - $200 firm ______________________ Item: NPC cushion button clutch Price: SOLD ______________________ Any questions just msg me on 0408769951 Cheers, Matt
  2. Price : $1,600 Condition : Used Hey guys, Item: Amistad Zelos, 18X8.5+22, 18x9.5+22 (70mm dish) - 8.5" fit stock s13 front guards, rears need work to fit. Condition: Near new, one mark on the back of one rim, no gutter rash, scratches on face of rim or blemishes anywhere else. More pics can be put up if required. Reason for selling: Mind change, no longer running a kit, won't work without one. Price: $1600/ Now considering swaps, show me what you got - looking for 18x9.5 +30 or higher in the rear, will consider smaller Pickup/Postage: Brisbane, pickup. Will post if you pay for postage - can freight to Melbourne for $73 and i'll foot insurance just to give you an idea of freight costs Contact Details: 0408769951, may not be able to answer phone calls during work hours (6-4) but will get back to you as soon as i can. Also have 6x SARD 800cc injectors suited for a 1jz (non vvti) brand new still in the boxes for $600 - 11mm side feed. Mods can delete my old thread Thanks, Matt
  3. Price : $2,000 Condition : Used Hey guys, Item: Amistad Zelos - 18x8.5 +22, 18x9.5 +22 - 8.5" fit stock s13 front guards, rears need work to fit. Condition: Near new - small mark on the back of one rim other than that they look brand new - no gutter rash, marks on the face of the rim or blemishes Reason for selling: Dig the rims but no longer running a kit and don't suit. Price: $2000 firm Location: Brisbane Payment: Pick up or can post at your expense Also have 6x800cc sard injectors (11mm side feed) to suit a 1jz, they are brand new and still in the box - looking for $600 Priced dropped on both, want to move these (26/03/12)
  4. 3yrs..if i beat the apocalypse i'm doing well
  5. Unlocking god mode one hair at a time. Nothing says i'm a man like facial locks
  6. Some of my Fabrication Pics

    Awesome work Mitch, big inspiration
  7. Yellow isn't high on my list on colours but it works and looks mint all together . How do you find the brake with the balance bar compared to the old booster assisted setup? Only asking as i have a similar problem atm (not an ls1) and i'm trying to suss out how much of a difference it makes.
  8. The SPG Onevia - Refresh for 2012!

    Yeah i had the same problem with mine in the front, the gap left between the thermos and the balancer left a bit to be desired lol Nice to see a 1j sil build without corners being cut
  9. The SPG Onevia - Refresh for 2012!

    Looking good guys How's the shifter location with the j mounted as far back as it is?
  10. Changing my mind too often And having the same rolling shell for 2 years as a result
  11. Digging the car Beau pulled the pink off nicely Whats the plans for exhaust, getting all fancy with oval and pulling it up or just keeping shit simple?
  12. dont do this either, rolling/lipping guards is altering chassis (structural part of car) and eyebrow height which is illegal as well just chuck in standard struts/spring and rims.. u'll be fine how are guards part of the chassis? its a panel... yeah, its a wide body kit, so i highly doubt its part of the chassis Cutting out holes for cooler piping might be classed as structural and cutting out the parcel shelf definately is.....not so sure on the guard rolling and lipping thing though man, shit ain't gonna fall to pieces halfway through rolling one guard becauses its a major part of structural integrity. Bad luck on getting pulled over though dude...they have been bs lately, makes me seriously wonder whether i bother putting mine back on the road when its running again
  13. Got mine on tuesday along with RAS and all are spot on thanks heaps
  14. ^^^ would look good with a dark colour on the bottom half that matches the flares. And wtf is the kit on the purple S13? Looks kinda like a d drug kit (origin) and even the side skirts are similar...