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  1. 89 S13 Silvia - Building to perfection

    ah thats interesting, will be waiting to see what it'll be ??? keep up the top work in the meantime, ur a machine
  2. 89 S13 Silvia - Building to perfection

    If i remember correctly, i read somewhere that you where guna build a mk1 escort back in the day lil bit off topic but is there still maybe a chance of u buildin up an escort or similar, can only start to imagine the sort of mods you'd do to a car like that, even an AE86 or KE70 don't get me wrong, the stuff ur doin with your cars now is awesome, and is the best type of cars for drift and time attack! just wondering if thats an option for u lata on, as it would be mad to see, i'm building a Mk1 escort at the moment(sold my 300rwkw sr to fund the project) Cheers
  3. 89 S13 Silvia - Building to perfection

    man this rig is the nuts when ya think this thing can't get any beta you just go n do somethin else wow!!
  4. 89 S13 Silvia - Building to perfection

    will the greddy coilovers go just as low as your hsd's?
  5. my type x rig **money pit of speed and tears**

    that is one serious cage looks awesome man not real streetable now
  6. 89 S13 Silvia - Building to perfection

    Awesome, can't wait to check out the new mods good to see its not forgotten
  7. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    Hey man, howd ur weekend go?
  8. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    wow man, this is full on always great 2 c wat you've been up 2 with this rig (and ur others cars) Ur livin the dream (well my dream anyway) Good shit man Keep up the awesome work
  9. Modifying S13 interior

    where in australia can i get the carbon fibre interior pieces? like the centre console, ashtray, air vents,etc cheers
  10. 1991 Silvia S13

    nice clean sil mate good work
  11. 1997 S14a built for street

    your crazy man another car to go "nigel spec" on i can't wait ay u do shit just right, just how sils shud b i'm still tryn to get one sil how i want it but u have three that look unreal top work mate
  12. well done for making hpi feature lovin the new works keep up the top work
  13. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    shit yeah top work once again nigel love ur sil more but really starting to love this 180 good shit
  14. 1991 Nissan 180sx