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  1. Fs selling everything I have lots of mods also got all interior bits less seats so just txt or call if you need bits Motor Cp pistons Eagle rods Apexi head gasket Acl race series bearings. Arp head studs Arp main studs Arp rod bolts Tomie 256 pon cams Tomie rocker stoppers Motor is balanced blue printed. Head serviced Gk tech water temp adaptor Gk tech clear cas cover Os giken cam gears Na throttle body. Greddy style sump. Note rocker cover has -10 weld on fittings $3000 Split fire coil packs SOLD Kelway steam pipe manifold high mount Garret gtx3071r .63 rear housing Turbosmart external gate Braided oil and water lines $2900 setup FUEL SYSTEM 1200cc Injectors. SOLD Walbro 400lph in tank $120 Turbosmart fpr 800 reg SOLD Turbosmart fuel reg. SOLD Computer Haltech platinum pro. SOLD Haltech io12 SOLD Haltech boost controller SOLD Etronix wide band O2 SOLD Haltech eflex sensor SOLD Haltech oil pressure sensor SOLD Haltech fuel pressure sensor SOLD Air intake sensor.SOLD Drive line Os giken triple plate litrally 40klm old looks brand new $2000 paid 3k rb25 box. 4th gear syncro a little crunchy $500 Jap warehouse adaptor SOLD Gibson one piece tail shaft SOLD Cusco 1.5way SOLD R33 drive shafts. Sold Brakes Dab 4000 series t3 slotted brand new still in boxes $650 for all 4 S15 complete dash $400 Steer wheel $80 missing side covers Catch can setup with braided line and black speed flow fittings $250 Suspension Hks hypermax 3 $1000 Hard race camber arms SOLD Hard race toe arms. SOLD Hard race traction rods SOLD Adjustable castor arms. SOLD Exterior Clear indicators. $50 3 inch cat back stainless exhaust. $300 Work meisters sp1 Sold pending Located port Macquarie nsw 2444 Shaun 0434390208 I'm not on here very often so just txt or call
  2. Hi guys got a question about nats in an s15 adm model. so I bought a rolling shell s15 and moved my s15 motor and haltech pro plug and play into it motor and car was running 100% in my drift car. But sence ive moved the setup into the s15 the car will crank but wont fire I have found I have no spark and no fuel injector pulse as my plugs are dry. What I wanted to know with the nats when key is out of ignition it flashes but when I put it on ignition on it stayd at a solid red state . Is this correct ??? Thanks for your helo in advance
  3. s15 wont start

    Sorted it out guys turns out the haltech was set to a jdm model when the setup was in my ae86 this s15 is an adm model so I just had to select adm and she fired straight away haltech support were great very very helpful
  4. s15 wont start

    Were is that relay located ??? Ill check it out also the factory fuel pump relay in the drivers kick panel were dose the earth run to and mount ????
  5. Price : $750 Condition : Used Sold
  6. Price : $350 Condition : Used Up for sale is a used hks electronic boost controller came out of a rolling shell I bought I have no use for it Located port Macquarie nsw 2444 Shaun 0434390208
  7. Hi guys I've got an r33 diff with a nismo 2way center in it what I want to do is fit the center to my s15 so I have a 2 way in that. Now i know you cant mix and match crowns to pinions so im keeping the stock crown and pionionin the s15, I bought new bearings for the center I have fitted the bearings all fine but when I went to bolt the s15 crown to the 2 way the crown bolts are bigger then the 2 way holes for the crown anyone had this issue before??? I was told that the center should fit straight in ????
  8. Well that's what I was going to do just machine the holes out but wanted to make sure that the centres are the same and will fit a ok
  9. Price : $900 Condition : Used So I just recently bought a rolling shell s15 and there are a few parts on it that I won't need for my build it has a haltech e8 plug and play ecu and patch harness for an s15 silvia located port Macquarie nsw 2444 can post at buyers expense. Contact shaun 0434390208
  10. Price : $180 Condition : Used Hi guys I have a hdcb excedy clutch and pressure plate for sale it is used but wasn't slipping at all only reason for its removal I popped a motor now rebuilding it and going for big Hp so converting it to a solid center clutch. Has abit of meat left on the clutch plate can send a pic if needed just text me on 0434390208 if you would like pictures. Located port Macquarie 2444 nsw Chasing$180.00 plus freight. If needed
  11. Can anyone explained how to weld the snap ring is it to the shaft???? Would like to give this a go And do you only do the one snap ring or do you do 2nd 3rd and 4th ???? As mine is a drift car it dose cop a hiding.
  12. Hi guys read alot about this but at the end of the day a boost controller is a valve that plays with pressure to the waste gate. Why is an electronic one soo much better to a bleed valve???? What you guys think????
  13. Nope its a td06-18g i do have a dyno sheet will put it uptonight
  14. Hey guys got my car tuned on friday and im stoked with the result i made 10rwkw more then what i was hoping for, i see 20psi at 3500 rpm in 5th gear.im running the td06-18g with 3inch inlet i have 256 drop in cams, z32 ,255 walbro pump,sard reg and 850cc injectors, fmic,exhaust, standard motor and a nis tune. makes 228rwkw and it comes on really agresive. bad points i have found one my internal gate has abit of creep on low boost and in 5th gear at high rpm i get a little compressor surge. other then that the car cracks and im happy with my setup its plenty of power for a street / drifter in my mind
  15. i got my td06sl-18g monted up today i opted for the 3 inch inlet one my mods are drop in pon cams, 660cc injectors, z32 afm, walbro pump, sard reg, exhaust, fmic, eboost 2,stainless low mount (turbo fits only just), hopen for the 230rwkw mark we will see its getting tuned by power tune next friday getting them to fit a niztune board and full tune cant wait. then to hit the track asap to bake 3rds (i hope)
  16. hey guys been slowly but surely building this rig for the last 9 months or so so i thought id do a build thread and show you guys how far its come. so get ready its gonna be a massive rant lol. this is my s14a JDM14A this was formaly known as XTC200 and this is what it looked like when i first picked it up from sydney It had already been featured in a mag from the previous owner so i was abit bummed about it as i was hoping of making this number three to make a mag but i just wanted this thing i think cause of the colour it was epic so first thing was first the car was alot rougher then what i was under the impression,and had a standard s13 motor in here although in the mag it stated it had a fully forged motor apexi fc ect ect well it didnt and i knew that so it didnt bother me asit was a starting point for me. the coilovers in it were shot they knocked like a bastard so i replaced them with a new set of bc coilovers the rear wheel bearing shot so that got a new one and the center brace wasnt even bolted in right i then removed the fake bride seats as i felt like i was sitting in a bus they were mounted that high my head was hitting the roof and they were hard and uncomfortable so i opted for some more comfy seats and chose s15 seats as i had an s15 rear one already in the back and i removed the cheap nasty wannabe defi gauges off the dash to make it clean looking i then decided to do a few engine mods, some will say i de modded it but i wanted to build the car for daily driving and track so i didnt need 500hp+. the car had a standard manifold on it with a 38mm external gate and a gt2871r with a .86 rear housing and screamer. so it was laggy and too loud to get away with the spirited night driving so i sold that setup off and purchased an s15 ball bearing turbo and a stainless lowmount manifold to get rid of the screamer. i fitted up a set of tomie rocker arm stoppers and a big baffled sump to help the motor out while it sits on limiter. i also fitted eboost 2 and a short shift kit, dildo and hand brake button for skids. i then fitted it out with a full sound system kenwood bluetooth front splits six inch rear 5 channel hybrid amp and a ten inch sub tryin to save on weight but i love my music so it was abit of give and take. i decided i wanted to get some jap rims and opted to get some work emotion xd9 17x9.5 +17 all around. and the car had no mufflers in it and sounded like a tractor so i got a muffler put in the rear to give it a better note and not be so freaking loud it was rediculas. i was pretty happy with how the car was performing and i got a chance to hit up a drift track near golburn so i went and met family down there and done a drift day while i was down there but befor i even got there tragity struck. driving on the high way nearly reaching sydney at 10.30 at night i hit a block of 4x2 that was on the high way WTF was it on the high way has got me f**ked but i was too late to see it and i hit the bastard so i was i need of a front bar asap i ended up finding one really cheap in act while i was there so i wiped her on so i could continue driving the sucker and had a blast at the drift day cause it was raining so horsepower wasnt needed at all and i only used on set of tyres all day biggest issue for the day was a blown cooler pipe f**king win i say. so after a 2800klm round trip and a drift day in there it survived!!! when i got back i had to paint that front bar so i got a custom can of paint made up and painted the front bar and it looked ok for now as i was strapped for cash i also painted the rocker cover and strut brace bars at the same time. i really wanted my vertex kit back but couldnt afford it as of yet. had this on for two weeks and hated it luckly i found a vertex front bar cheap as chips so off i went to wollongong to pic her up brought it back and got a quote to get it painted as i didnt want a shit job. i got qouted 600 to paint a front bar holy f**k is it primed in gold??????? i then thought f**k it i drift it so i may as well do it myself so first time painter i gave it a go and what do you know i done a f**king baning job on it cant even tell the diffrence and it was done on my garbage bin out side win win i then fitted adjustable camber caster and toe arms to help with the set up and it made a heap of diffrence my diff was getting a little lazy so i bought a $12.00 shim from nissan and shimmed my diff and man did i reap the rewards to that it worked brilantly and painted my diff cover candy pink. about this time i had a mate that needed a car asap so stuck a deal id swap him my ke70 bomb that i paid $300 for and swapped it for a set of tomie drop in cams, and man dose it sound lumpy as all hell sounds awsome i then got over the look of the xd9 as i found a baller pair of work vskf rims and i just had to have them so went way deep into those pockets and it now sits on 18x9.5 +28 on the front and 18x10 0 offset on the rear and alot of camber to tuck them in i lowered it abit more and this is how she looks to date tryed to make the bay look standard as and it seems to have worked with the pole pole.i also removed the pod and modded the standard airbox so it wasnt constrictive put in a hard pipe intake and another cold air induction to let it breath. and that has worked out awsome but still looks stock. and put some hid 6000k in her. i recently entered in rnd 4 of railghy race way drift comp on arrival i find im the only street rego car and the only one to drive to and from the track. not sure were i placed but man did i have a ball and the comontator gave me a mad rap as an up and cummer so i was really happy about that so i got the drift bug hard and i think although the car survived the day with no bingles i think it may get some zipties in the future as it is too tempting to get nice and close to others and hey what for own a car if your not ganna drive it right???? so this was last week at railghy race way. hope you enjoyed my massive rant but thats my storey and i will update as i go on looking at a two way now, new cooler setup and cage. Let me know what you guys think cheers pics thanks to hardy photography (jeremy)check him out on facebook guys.
  17. JDM14A daily driver/track car

    so fitted up the turbo and very happy also fitted a z32 just got to wait on the injectors then booked in for a tune at powertune next friday keen as
  18. JDM14A daily driver/track car

    so turns out i got f**ked over with the os giken clutch . i won an os giken twin plate clutch that was 300klm old and came with thrust bearing. i was pretty pissed off when an orc single plate turned up with a completly f**ked clutch plate and more hot spots on it then a chillie tree pissed off.
  19. JDM14A daily driver/track car

    Little update guys got my turbo the other day looks quet good cant wait to fit it this weekend coming also scored a cusco half bolt in cage gonna keep it black so i ripped out my floor brace and sprayed it black too so it all matches
  20. Car flat spotting when cold

    I have this same issue I have cleaned afm replaced plugs very hard to get to the air valve on the manifold so that's the next thing. Gotta also try this o2 sensor it may be the issue. But tell me guys how will unplugging it stop it from having a flat spot???? Also if it was the o2 wouldn't it have the flat spot when it's warm also????
  21. JDM14A daily driver/track car

    quick update cleaned her up today also made a secondary bonnet latch as the standard one broke on the fiberglass bonnet side cause there weak. fitted extra lock spacers to the steering rack carbon wrapped my coil cover fitted a pod to see if it made a diffrence to my modded air box and nope cant see a diffrence so back to the airbox ill be going. orded and payed for z32 air flow meter os giken twin plate td06sl18g kando turbo sti injectors i got off a mate cheap hope they hold up when i get all these parts fitted and tune done there rated at 440cc but im a little unsure looking for 220rwkw.
  22. JDM14A daily driver/track car

    epic i had them in my las s14 and bought these new never had an issue good enough for track and good for daily driving
  23. efn 20v loved building this thing