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  1. yeah probably and the fact i didn't stretch at all which led to a tightness on one side so my kneecap doesn't track properly which wears out the cartilage on one spot.
  2. i started squatting ATG and developed patellofemoral syndrome in my knees. that was 3 months ago...and they still hurt.
  3. Website to show you correct technique

    bodybuilding.com has an exercise guide.
  4. The do's and dont's of stretching

    I tried them all and whilst they feel good they're not hitting the spot. i've found that if i stand up and bend at the hips, hold the back of my knees with my hands and arch my back up like a cat, then this hits it good. is it bad cos i'm flexing my back?
  5. The do's and dont's of stretching

    ahh ok. thanks i've been doing the first one but i'll give the second one a go.
  6. The do's and dont's of stretching

    Can anyone recommend a stretch for the muscles around my spine? everytime i do deadlifts,powercleans, bent over rows these muscles end up really tight and sore (good sore not a bad sore) Starts from below my should blades and runs down the middle of my back.
  7. I paid $75 for 1.25kg of it. don't know how that compares but its conviently just down the down from my gym.
  8. i got 'Max's daytime lean' from Australian Muscle on goodwood rd. Got the chocolate fudge, tastes pretty good.
  9. Youtube lifting vids

    he looks like he's trying to headbut the bar.
  10. Exercises for lower back?

    Deadlifts Bentover rows hyperextensions one arm dumbell rows pendlay rows chin ups are all good back excercises. start really light and over time start adding weight.
  11. Bad posture

    I saw a chiro for close to 3 years and back got heaps better but only when i started DL'ing it started to feel good.
  12. Goals This Year

    My goal is to remain injury free this year. the last few months have sucked! oh and get bigger and stronger.
  13. Thermogenic Fat Burners

    There is also discussion that 75% of the effects of ephedrine is that it also works as an appetite suppressant. Yep, go to bali and buy them over the counter. a few tabs will get your scalp tingling and the last thing you'll want to do is eat.
  14. Youtube lifting vids

    Did anyone notice his 'shut up and squat' t-shirt?
  15. GRIP!

    what, like doing a handstand?