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  1. Tired of hanging around carparks frothing over your car's fully sick bodykit, hellaflush offset and huge dyno number and wondering what to do with your life? Make no more excuses! Stop aimlessly spending money on upgrades - start driving the way these cars were made to be driven! Update: Class Divisions the lists now seperate the hardcore tyre users from the street tyre users to make the list more achievable for those on lower budgets. To qualify for the street tyre class: - car must be road registered - tyres must be of treadwear 120 or higher, (595 rsr being the softest tyre available) - no aerodynamic devices allowed apart from factory items LEADERBOARD On google docs ! yay no more shitty forum editing ! OLD TOP30 RANKINGS HERE OLD SURFACE QR RANKINGS HERE Links: Very Extensive Car preparation guide thanks to Billzilla Great video - study this if you want to go fast. TimeAttack Run by Paul, very efficient and plenty of track time. great value. QR official site Natsoft Results: 2011 2012 if you spot an error or your lap needs updating email me calw85 at gmail dot com
  2. Sealing S13 Rear Firewall - Surge Tank Setup

    just popping up to say I have achieved the impossible and got a 180sx logbooked as a 2B sports car with cams
  3. WOOPS i'v left this thread to die sorry folks, follow me on FB to follow the latest news: https://www.facebook.com/Calw36 Thanks for checking out the Option1Garage / Signature Performance Outlaws class Sil80 Racecar buildup / history thread. 2012 QRDC Sports and Sedans Outright Champion Thanks so much to everyone that has helped me throughout the year - massive appreciation for the whole weekends given by my awesome pitcrew Pete, Nick and Dad. Support from Paul and the boys at Option 1 Garage / Full Lock Motorsport has been a massive help this year making problems that would have been a big deal previously seem like a piece of cake to resolve, and linking me up with Mca Suspension, gktech.com.au and Koya Wheels throughout the year has helped improve the car to be ultra fast and ultra reliable, just a dream to drive. Also Marty and Mich from STZ for the brilliant lightweight cage Definitely pumped for more intense, clean, close racing with the Outlaws Sports & Sedans Racing Queensland in 2013 Click here for most recent news + Outlaws Sports and Sedans on Facebook ^pic thanks to Fifotos Motorsport Photography New Lakeside Silvia Lap Record - 54.65 - June 2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NkOx29323M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zguMfAqltFA www.driverdb.com/drivers/callum-whatmore Current best laps: Lakeside: 55.66 on Hankook Z214 275 QLD Raceway Clubman: 59.50 on Hoosier R6 275 QLD Raceway National: 1:18.71 on Hankook Z214 275 Morgan Park K: 1:23.9 on Hankook Z214 275 Norwell: 61.80 on FZ201 255 no aero Thought id finally do a writeup on my moneypit of satisfaction - Nov 2006 Looking like this when i first bought it. First proper car after driving the bongo van (liteace) around for 3 years after getting my license. FEEL THE ADRENALIN Son after added racing logic coilovers... car looked good like this :] Went to some dyno day and it put out 160kw apparently (unsure of how accurate the dyno was) at 12psi - June 2007 QR sprint - First trackday experience, going 67.53 in pretty much standard form on street rubber. - Nov 2007 QR sprint - Improved to 66.07 after adding fmic and exhaust, on street rubber. Quickest lap set with exhaust gasket gone, it farted hot exhaust and melted my loom and i was lucky to be able to drive home. improv heat shield. F'ed around for all of 2008. had a crack at drifting, which i sucked at, and did some boring drag. best of 13.9sec quarter added big brakes up front. smacked a gutter being stoopid which led me to get some new wheels. - Jan/Feb 2009 Finally got back to the track in 09, couldnt match my pb in 2 attempts hmm. I guess it was summer, hot. + QR had rivers across the dippers on one of the days. rage. - June 2009 put some KU36 tyres on the car and then found out about lakeside. what a track! i was hooked. best of 65.43 on my first day there, june 09. LS - improved to 63.89 on my next outing. - July 2009 Decided to spend some money on trying to make some power, Got a cheap t28 (thanks Matt B!), s15 injectors and a nistune. Tuned by EFI performance yatala to make 174kw. improved to 63.00 but was hitting the speed limiter by the kink. EFI kindly removed the limiter when i took it back to them - Sep/Oct 2009 LS - Improved to a 62.42 without the limiter LS - Then 62.22 after removing a bit of weight, eg rear seats. QR sprint - 61.57 - Feb 2010 Car was overheating quite badly after 2 or 3 laps getting up it. added oil cooler, air panel, bigger radiator, problem persisted... Frustrating to have to back off and let it cool in the middle of a session. Noticed Harry's sil80 owning it up, being the only sil to get under the magic minute at lakeside so the opportunity came up with michael from here on NS to swap front ends. tore into it one saturday and did the swap. - March 2010 got a pair of springs from dennis at racing logic - legend which softened the car from 9/7 to 7/5 kg. bolt in half cage installed. LS - new PB of 62.14 - May 2010 KU36's finally shagged after 10 trackdays and 14,000 kays. Excellent value for money. Got some federal RSR's to replace them. LS - improved to 61.11 thanks to the softer rubber. - June 2010 car has always had a major achilles heal of the sloppy viscous diff, causing the inside wheel to spin up and cost a lot of time. Diffs were very expensive, so i was lucky to find a bargain on boostcruising for a 1.5way r180 with a 4.3 ratio (vs 4.11 of the original) Also installed a surge tank which solved the long time drama of having to run with at least half a tank of fuel to prevent starvation. have since added alfoil wrapping to the lines to try and reduce the fuel smell stinking me out. QR sprint - 59.67 - July 2010 Got a bit excited after seeing pics of THIS car. A mate had a rear wing lying around under his house, so i grabbed it off him. Then went to bunnings and bought some plywood and other gear. fabbed up the front splitter + air dam and drilled holes in the rear hatch for the wing. LS - 59.91 finally cracked the minute. feels a bit like cheating with the aero bits. huge difference in high speed grip. - Aug 2010 Front tyres getting chewed due to inadequete camber. installed R33 front LCA's which have helped. Also got the chance to test some real tyres thanks to Alan at Federal / Z car workshop. FZ201 medium compound and mega wide. LS - 58.64 first session - Sept 2010 LS - 58.39 jap nationals one lap shootout - Oct 2010 found front shocks to be rooted, replacements from dennis at racing logic fitted. cheers ! Lakeside - 17/10 - 58.61 zed fest. just consistent 58's built a box for the fuel system to try and make it a bit safer in an accident. QR - 30/10 - 57.68 new PB Nov 2010 - Morgan Park - 1:27.39 - class winner improved production over 3L the office Dec 2010 - Lakeside. Trackattack 2010 2nd overall, Winner forced induction class. New PB of 58.34 bit of GTR chasing action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtWHgLbNDA4 2009/10 trophies time to go racing in 2011 :] 1994 Nissan 180X RPS13 Engine=SR20DET POWER=206rwkw @ 17PSI TURBO= Garret 2680RS with chipped compressor wheel. got it cheap :] AIRFLOW METER=BOSCH Z32 SUMP= justjap Large Capacity OIL= Penrite 10w40 or similar RADIATOR=big alloy one thanks to STZ INJECTORS=740cc FUEL PUMP=walbro's &--#62; bosch 044 BOOST CONTROLLER=mbc ENGINE MANAGEMENT=nistune INTERCOOLER=big one now cheers jarred EXHAUST SYSTEM=3inch with cat DRIVECHAIN lol chain CLUTCH= Direct Clutch hi torque organic GEARBOX= Standard 5 speed manual DIFFERENTIAL=r180 1.5way 4.3 SUSPENSION/HANDLING/STEERING COILOVERS=Racing Logic - ultra - 7/5kg SWAYBARS=Whiteline 27mm Adjustable Front Swaybar, Whiteline 20mm Adjustable Rear Swaybar SUSPENSION ARMS=r33 front lcas, GKTech Caster, Toe, Camber Brakes CALIPERS=r33 all round PADS=Ferodo ds2500 &--#62; Hawk DTC 60 FLUID=Castrol super dot 4 &--#62; penrite sin BM57 master cyl + braided lines Wheels/Tyre street= a-tech 17x8,9 track= koya 17x9,10 245/275 slicks Interior STEERING WHEEL= omp copy suede SEATING=Bride copy fixed back, 6pt harness GAUGES=ecutalk display, oil temp, knock warning no bov, standard airbox, still has aircon and radio comes out :] weighs 1190kg with half a tank of fuel and no driver INSPIRATIONS: Harry being the first ever silvia in the 59's at lakeside back in '09 - we all thought he was nuts after seeing this vid - the whole 'treat lakeside with respect', '9-tenths maximum' mantra that everyone spouted went out the window, heres Harry hanging it out at bridge + the last corner... very intimidating bits of track.. without raising a sweat. Another lesson learned, the importance of learning car control without aero influence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxNw2Z6u7sI + build thread 240sxTTC's aero bits Sasha is really the mac daddy pioneer of silvia racing... winning the mixed canadian touring car series back in 2007.. bowdown: Massive 53 page build thread Paul's record-holding S14 - untouched record around Lakeside (until myself and Sam finally pipped it 3 years later)
  4. yea on FB now https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cal-Whatmore-36-Sil80-Race-Team/1238561316283569
  5. TRW vs QFM pads.

    trw for the win but youll cook them next up > ferodo DS2500 / hawk DTC60 roughly equal king are the winmax W7, v8supercar equivalent compound, handle endless abuse without any cooling brilliantly. these are what i run W5 are the next step down, worth a try - http://www.motorsportbrakes.com.au/
  6. 2 Days of Thunder at Queensland Raceway!

    should be fun :] last years shenanigans
  7. S15 with true semi slicks

    as long as the 265 is on at least a 9.5... othewise go 235 8.5 255 9 having them nice and square / slightly stretched is worth more than ballooning too much tyre on not enough rim width
  8. S15 with true semi slicks

    bingo, 235 will suit 8-8.5 , need at least 9 for 255, i run 245/9 front and 275/10 rear
  9. S15 with true semi slicks

    some inspiration - jarreds s14 on hankook Z221 soft 235 255, new no-aero semi slick record 59.1 i forget how to embed
  10. S15 with true semi slicks

    Alan from Z car racing is the man for hankook - at underwood 3808 2755
  11. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    i have a flock of well trained carrier pigeons that find me and chirp to let me know whenever someone sets a PB at a queensland track on natsoft
  12. What oil is everyone running for track cars?

    srsly dont need to change it every trackday. especially if just doing time attack or whatevs. i use penrite everyday full synth 5w40 or similar, run it for 3 race events, (filter every 4 or 5) stocko motor 300hp e85 chugging along nicely, 6 years of abuse and high temps gearbox oil, castrol vmx 80 is supposed to be the simple good old unbeatable one (syncros are just starting to get crunchy, penrite pro gear 75-85 due for a change after 3 events isnt a good sign) and just blew my diff lol. need to confirm what to put in the new one, r180 1.5way
  13. Outlaws Round 8 wrap - QR Friday quote- "Thoughts are with my mate Michael from Signature Performance who had a pretty big hit into the turn6 wall today. speedy recovery mate, get back out here next year. My car ran well in practice, power felt great, turbo issues sorted. ran a 21.8 with crap tyres and hope to stay strong for all 5 races over the weekend. Thanks so much to Greg and Darren for giving me the opportunity have a pedal of the Grove Juice Racing #44 OzTruck today. Was an absolutely surreal experience and a definite bucket-list experience for the direction I want to head with racing. Got comfy in the cockpit which is all business, fired up and found out that these monsters do not like to chug slowly through the pits, hate clutch slip and are really hard to drive at pit-safe speeds, lurching back and forth pretty violently. Once out of the pits I was able to get a feel for it. Power was excellent, a big mountain of torque from low RPM, gearbox was just incredible, ultra obedient dogbox that was happy to clunk up or down without too much fuss with a nice blip and brush of the clutch out of habit. Brakes took some getting used to being non-boosted and i was not stomping hard enough to get a comfortable feeling of retardation like i do in the nissan, so was a bit unnerving. Steering had excellent weight and feel but required a mix of strength and finesse to ask the monster nicely on direction change + I was a bit innacurate. Overall a pretty overwhelming experience to step out of the comfort of my nissan that I know so well into a proper racecar right now I really kindof want to spend approx 6hrs doing 5 lap sessions to get comfortable and start learning how to drive properly however... the championship needs to be fought tomorrow so bring it on." Saturday - car ran well, qualified P3 with a PB 1:18.37, finished 5th and 4th in the races. Crap luck for Sam after just a few laps of qual, motor shat its pants snapping the timing chain : Sunday wrap - Car ran well, jagged a 3rd in race3 on clubman after some faster guys had issues, thankfully my brakes behaved. Heat slowed the car down in race 4 and then race 5 ended in a stinky mess. Thanks heaps Option 1 Garage / Full Lock Motorsport and Signature Performance & Mechanical and all my awesome crew that helped all weekend, especially Dad who despite being in pain with a sore leg went on a rush mission back to my place thismorning to get parts for me Cool to catch up with Nick, Todd, Royzie, Neil_se arrived on sunday morning to find a puddle of brake fluid from the LR caliper. sheeeit, sent dad on a mission back home, but ran out of time and had to race, very carefully, luckily when it got hot it sealed up alright and continued to be fine all day, only weeping when it cooled off. diff exploding RACQ got me home for the second time this year
  14. Michelin Slicks

    neil bro come to the outlaws round at QR this weekend and talk to Tony Saint in the FC.. he runs em
  15. How to make a 'door to door' race event

    racing is effing awesome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqroXX2bMuM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uqzQpGfxS4
  16. How to make a 'door to door' race event

    theres pretty much a series ready for you to jump straight into, the MRA - super TT at wakefield "Super TT racing is aimed at club level competitors who wish to exercise their engineering ability as well as driving skills, and is intended to be a circuit racing Group for highly modified cars bridging the gap between modified production based, and space frame competition vehicles. " http://www.wakefieldpark.com.au/category/super-tt http://www.wakefieldpark.com.au/events/next-race-event we have a pretty strong field of silvias running in Outlaws up here in QLD, under very similar AASA licensing best of 5 in a field so far? far better to just run in an existing series than try and reinvent the wheel with your own private day. insurance nightmares etc. they'v done all the hard work for you..
  17. had a bit of fun at the gymkhana on the lakeside training track on sunday was great to catch up with Harry, Glen, Todd, Ross and meet a few new peeps aswell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z2vV4HraI8 then... got the turbo for the racecar all back together, turns out the manifold face of the exh housing was way off flat, so took it to an engineering shop - Solo Tooling @ albion who sorted it out + removed the snapped stud. Thanks Option1 for the gaskets + help welding my cracked dump pipe etc Got it all home, all excited and started putting it together and promptly stripped the f**king oil feed out of the block. ffs luckily Danny from Prothreads was able to come the very next day and for an awesome price fixed it up for me. got it all back together today, then go to turn the key and my f**king 044 fuel pump appears to be DOA. ordered a new one from ebay ffs, it was only new too fuxake lolz slowly getting there, 2 weeks till the next meet @ QR
  18. i am numb for poor Sean Edwards who died today at QR. + the brisbane driver who is critical in hospital. hate to think what he has to deal with when he wakes up. i did some work on my car today
  19. haha nothings fallen off the racecar yet touchwood. drove through a whole race weekend at QR last year with cracked rear rotors which luckily didnt explode will get turbo off this weekend sometime.. Lakeside tomorrow morning to have a pedal of Jarred the cainer's S14 for a bit of fun.
  20. hey mate, BM57 1+1/16th big mofo. requires a lot of pedal pressure compared to other setups but i do like the height this leaves the pedal for heeltoe. (guess its kinda similar to maybe a non-boosted setup) Also with the short travel of a bigger master, a 'long pedal' suffered under race heat is less long than if it was a small master... if that makes sense no bias valve as i guess its just close-enough to spot on, with the slight tendancy to lock a front first :]
  21. bahaha. next is november 2/3 at QR. so a month away meanwhile Todd has found the holy grail.. nearly deserves its own thread: check the field of silvias at 5:20 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPrkwHgnFjs
  22. was going crazy just not having any events to run for such a big gap so jumped at the opportunity. Nah i havnt had a back to back test, i know im semi fast but still a long way off alien pace that would actually give me success in a spec series. so i guess my options are just limited to as much money as i can make and race just for the love of it. dreams include, latemodels in america = omfg can you imagine anything more insane http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt5XGFZ5ViM aussie racecars @ surfers paradise http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyP4z3qrPKk getting offtopic hereeee breaking my own rules
  23. bumping for srs not much going on in the mid season 2 month break, love the QR calendar :&--#60; had a drive of this monaro at the QTCC lakeside meeting, thanks heaps to Tony for letting me have a pedal Ran alright, didnt crash, got 3rd in all 3 races http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x8btXIdeXU and bought this shitbox to run around on the street in, plenty of important bits falling off it regularly lolz racecar - uninspired to take the turbo off and machine out the WG, will get around to it soon
  24. Anyone lose a wheel today?

    haha yea got my attention. more gold from my car found the other day... this one isnt my fault though haha. heard a clunking from the front right since i got it, had a look and found
  25. www.laprecords.com.au

    werd, boxhead is the man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAO18WgLGkU