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  1. Sealing S13 Rear Firewall - Surge Tank Setup

    just popping up to say I have achieved the impossible and got a 180sx logbooked as a 2B sports car with cams
  2. yea on FB now https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cal-Whatmore-36-Sil80-Race-Team/1238561316283569
  3. TRW vs QFM pads.

    trw for the win but youll cook them next up > ferodo DS2500 / hawk DTC60 roughly equal king are the winmax W7, v8supercar equivalent compound, handle endless abuse without any cooling brilliantly. these are what i run W5 are the next step down, worth a try - http://www.motorsportbrakes.com.au/
  4. 2 Days of Thunder at Queensland Raceway!

    should be fun :] last years shenanigans
  5. S15 with true semi slicks

    as long as the 265 is on at least a 9.5... othewise go 235 8.5 255 9 having them nice and square / slightly stretched is worth more than ballooning too much tyre on not enough rim width
  6. S15 with true semi slicks

    bingo, 235 will suit 8-8.5 , need at least 9 for 255, i run 245/9 front and 275/10 rear
  7. S15 with true semi slicks

    some inspiration - jarreds s14 on hankook Z221 soft 235 255, new no-aero semi slick record 59.1 i forget how to embed
  8. S15 with true semi slicks

    Alan from Z car racing is the man for hankook - at underwood 3808 2755
  9. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    i have a flock of well trained carrier pigeons that find me and chirp to let me know whenever someone sets a PB at a queensland track on natsoft
  10. What oil is everyone running for track cars?

    srsly dont need to change it every trackday. especially if just doing time attack or whatevs. i use penrite everyday full synth 5w40 or similar, run it for 3 race events, (filter every 4 or 5) stocko motor 300hp e85 chugging along nicely, 6 years of abuse and high temps gearbox oil, castrol vmx 80 is supposed to be the simple good old unbeatable one (syncros are just starting to get crunchy, penrite pro gear 75-85 due for a change after 3 events isnt a good sign) and just blew my diff lol. need to confirm what to put in the new one, r180 1.5way
  11. Outlaws Round 8 wrap - QR Friday quote- "Thoughts are with my mate Michael from Signature Performance who had a pretty big hit into the turn6 wall today. speedy recovery mate, get back out here next year. My car ran well in practice, power felt great, turbo issues sorted. ran a 21.8 with crap tyres and hope to stay strong for all 5 races over the weekend. Thanks so much to Greg and Darren for giving me the opportunity have a pedal of the Grove Juice Racing #44 OzTruck today. Was an absolutely surreal experience and a definite bucket-list experience for the direction I want to head with racing. Got comfy in the cockpit which is all business, fired up and found out that these monsters do not like to chug slowly through the pits, hate clutch slip and are really hard to drive at pit-safe speeds, lurching back and forth pretty violently. Once out of the pits I was able to get a feel for it. Power was excellent, a big mountain of torque from low RPM, gearbox was just incredible, ultra obedient dogbox that was happy to clunk up or down without too much fuss with a nice blip and brush of the clutch out of habit. Brakes took some getting used to being non-boosted and i was not stomping hard enough to get a comfortable feeling of retardation like i do in the nissan, so was a bit unnerving. Steering had excellent weight and feel but required a mix of strength and finesse to ask the monster nicely on direction change + I was a bit innacurate. Overall a pretty overwhelming experience to step out of the comfort of my nissan that I know so well into a proper racecar right now I really kindof want to spend approx 6hrs doing 5 lap sessions to get comfortable and start learning how to drive properly however... the championship needs to be fought tomorrow so bring it on." Saturday - car ran well, qualified P3 with a PB 1:18.37, finished 5th and 4th in the races. Crap luck for Sam after just a few laps of qual, motor shat its pants snapping the timing chain : Sunday wrap - Car ran well, jagged a 3rd in race3 on clubman after some faster guys had issues, thankfully my brakes behaved. Heat slowed the car down in race 4 and then race 5 ended in a stinky mess. Thanks heaps Option 1 Garage / Full Lock Motorsport and Signature Performance & Mechanical and all my awesome crew that helped all weekend, especially Dad who despite being in pain with a sore leg went on a rush mission back to my place thismorning to get parts for me Cool to catch up with Nick, Todd, Royzie, Neil_se arrived on sunday morning to find a puddle of brake fluid from the LR caliper. sheeeit, sent dad on a mission back home, but ran out of time and had to race, very carefully, luckily when it got hot it sealed up alright and continued to be fine all day, only weeping when it cooled off. diff exploding RACQ got me home for the second time this year
  12. Michelin Slicks

    neil bro come to the outlaws round at QR this weekend and talk to Tony Saint in the FC.. he runs em
  13. How to make a 'door to door' race event

    racing is effing awesome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqroXX2bMuM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uqzQpGfxS4
  14. How to make a 'door to door' race event

    theres pretty much a series ready for you to jump straight into, the MRA - super TT at wakefield "Super TT racing is aimed at club level competitors who wish to exercise their engineering ability as well as driving skills, and is intended to be a circuit racing Group for highly modified cars bridging the gap between modified production based, and space frame competition vehicles. " http://www.wakefieldpark.com.au/category/super-tt http://www.wakefieldpark.com.au/events/next-race-event we have a pretty strong field of silvias running in Outlaws up here in QLD, under very similar AASA licensing best of 5 in a field so far? far better to just run in an existing series than try and reinvent the wheel with your own private day. insurance nightmares etc. they'v done all the hard work for you..
  15. had a bit of fun at the gymkhana on the lakeside training track on sunday was great to catch up with Harry, Glen, Todd, Ross and meet a few new peeps aswell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z2vV4HraI8 then... got the turbo for the racecar all back together, turns out the manifold face of the exh housing was way off flat, so took it to an engineering shop - Solo Tooling @ albion who sorted it out + removed the snapped stud. Thanks Option1 for the gaskets + help welding my cracked dump pipe etc Got it all home, all excited and started putting it together and promptly stripped the f**king oil feed out of the block. ffs luckily Danny from Prothreads was able to come the very next day and for an awesome price fixed it up for me. got it all back together today, then go to turn the key and my f**king 044 fuel pump appears to be DOA. ordered a new one from ebay ffs, it was only new too fuxake lolz slowly getting there, 2 weeks till the next meet @ QR