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  1. police dramas

    Everytime i hear a story like this it makes me more infuriated!!! dude i really sympathise, it is f**king ridiculous that they left you stranded on the hwy there must be something we can do to get the coppers off our a$$es and back to preventing real crime
  2. Owned by Police stories

    it had just dawned on me that, if your willing the pay the monetary price, you can get as many fines as you like and not lose any points.... here is my point: if you drive a company car and you get a speeding fine you have 2 options, A ) pay the fine and cop the points (say 350 and 3 points or whatever) B ) as it is a company car, the company can pay an increased fine and no points are taken (around 500 i believe) The trick is that the car has to be the property of a registered company. So theoretically, and joe blow off the street could pay the 1500 or whatever to register a company, then transfer the rego of that vehicle to XYZ Pty Ltd. Then when joe gets a fine the company (which he has started up) can pay the fine and no points are lost by joe. for those of you ns members who are self employed you could do this right now! obviously its gonna cost a bit of cash, but hey if you treasure your license (and im sure you all do) and you would rather part with your hard earned rather than the privilege of driving this could be an option. i am severely tired atm and i may be wrong about this so if any members out there can challenge my theory please do, but i just come up with this hair brain idea. cheers
  3. Owned by Police stories

    Baahaahahahaha that is priceless
  4. How to get cops to treat us better

    yeah i agree. it seems like the younger ones are like "ooooo lets see how many fines/defects i can give out so i can show my boss and get a gold star sticker...
  5. How to get cops to treat us better

    not a bad idea mate. i'll do it when i find a decent one +1 i have been nice and still been dicked about, they are so inconsistent its crazy
  6. defect cherry popped

    yeah got my defect cherry popped also on the last long weekend on the monday whilst heading down the coast $75 no points the cops werent dicks about it tho it still frustrates me that i was singled out for a "random license check" on the highway which then led to a "random lift of the bonnet" check also. but hey thats the game i guess these days
  7. Aftermarket installation

    http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=119823 Zoom Imports at wynnum will be able to sort out plumbing ur cooler, i recommend them. they dont have tuning facilities tho, you will need to find somewhere else for that.
  8. Well it does suggest that the car has been in a prang, which doesnt help with resale, and may also suggest that the respray was a DIY, but other than that It wouldnt really put me off buying it.
  9. Wastegate Welded OPEN!?

    maybe the mechanic thought that the manifold was made out of a hollowed out cactus...
  10. Gold Coast BigDayOut 08

    +1 im there for shiz! go every year and always end up having a bender afterwards down the goldie. but think i may lay off the booze this time and take in the tunez a bit better! BTW tix still available on ebay if your prepared to pay around 200 bucks ish
  11. Boost Question

    ^^^ +1 u may get an idea from ppl on here but you should defo get boost advice from ur dyno mech GL
  12. s15 engin in a 180sx

    "SCHOOOOOOOLS OUT, FOR, SUMMER!!!!" *trying best alice cooper voice i can* lol @ hans13
  13. omg drifting

    have a look at the related videos... i dunno which are the bigger idiots the "arab drifters" in their stocko toyotas or the knob head bystanders waiting to get skittled omg these guys are tools
  14. finding a good earth

    As said above - the high pitched noise from wire interference (ie speaker/power wires to close together) Solve this by keeping some distance between wiring A good ground should be easy to find, any part of the chassis will suffice. if to grounding point is painted make sure you scratch the paint off to bare metal LOL @ high impact -> Coke can method!!!!