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  1. SR and CA

    Hi all I have some old SR and CA parts for sale 4x Standard SR wheels with space saver the tires are new but there 6 years old $150 3x 180sx Standard 1994 suspension see photo's $100 1x 180sx Standard SR 1994 intercooler with some piping $70 1x 180sx Standard CA some intercooler piping ,front pipe turbo and turbo manifold see photo's $120 1x 180sx Front sway bar NEW $100 1x 180sx Dashboard $150 1x 180sx Standard SR 1994 intercooler with some piping ,front dump pipe turbo and turbo manifold $150
  2. any original ns.coms still here?

    just started to read ns again
  3. P-Plate fell down

    fight it what a dog i sold both of my cars and now driving a Audi best thing i did good luck cya
  4. Workshops that deal with Euro cars?

    yes all so bought a a4 quattro s line sooo nice ppl plz by my 2 180sx for sale lol
  5. Happy Birthday Kel & Jos!

    Happy Birthday
  6. i need a new High Flow Cat i want to see what people have i'm making just over 230rwkw and the cats not doing the job ! and where to get it
  7. Share Market

    nice one! Remember its only a paper gain until you sell! yea thats right !!
  8. Share Market

    up 5k now :0
  9. Share Market

    For valuation we either use models provided by our research department or merger models etc created by investment banking department. Never heard of StockVal, what is it? I assume its a working model that is basically an automated sensitivity analysis based on key inputs/assumptions? Problem with basing investments on valuations/fundamentals at the moment is that so much is driven by momentum and sentiment i have been looking at this stock for about 6 mths and bought 15k @ $9.23 up about 3k i think the stock is going up because the Offer for Allegiance is going a head and hoping it will see $12 next week i have all so got rhg and getting hit big time bought @ .35

    Happy birthday man 24
  11. Happy B'day Erin!

    Happy Birthday
  12. Happy Birthday 20 TODAY
  13. Happy Birthday IR8SX

    thanks guys yea 23 i'm getting old
  14. Happy birthday gooch!

    happy birthday