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  1. It's not actually a prequel as such. It was originally planned to be a prequel to Aliens, which would explore the origins of the Space Jockey (the race that built the crashed ship) seen in the first film, but once they started writing it developed into it's own separate story. It takes place before Aliens and is still set within the same universe but does not directly relate to events that occur within Alien.
  2. The Walking Dead

    No he spontaneously zombified. Same with Randall (the guy they were holding prisoner) and the 2 guards at the place they were going to dump Randall off. No bites, no scratches, - spontaneous zombie. Perhaps it is now airborne and they are all already infected, but they have to actually die before the virus can take over.
  3. building a media pc set up

    ^^ I suggest building an Unraid server rather than using an off the shelf NAS. You will eventually run out of drive bays in your NAS and have to buy a second one - and that's expensive. With an Unraid server you just add a new disk when you run out of space. The software supports up to 20 data disks (1 extra is for parity) and supports 3TB drives so it can be expanded up to 60TB. *Note* obviously you need to have a case capable of holding and cooling that many drives, a psu capable of powering that many drives and enough sata ports to connect all the drives, but all that is do-able and for much less than it would cost to make a 20 disk array out of off the shelf NAS units.
  4. building a media pc set up

    IMO building a media centre is a waste of money. You are much better off buying a small off the shelf unit with onboard HD graphics. It is much smaller, much cheaper and uses less power than anything you could build from component parts. Something like this perhaps : http://www.nissansil...em&item_id=3922 Run Openelec on it for a tiny, fast booting, HD XBMC media centre with no fuss. Some advice: You will eventually end up building a dedicated media server. Here is how I suggest you progress towards a server. Start by buying a small off the shelf unit (like above) and plug your external drive into it. When you inevitably fill your external drive start adding internal drives (and your external drive) to your desktop machine and using it to stream to the media centre pc (no need for a beasty network machine as all the processing is done on the media pc itself - you simply need a desktop machine with some spare drive bays and a network connection) . Once you have run out of physical drive bays in the desktop build yourself a dedicated server utilising the internal drives that were in the desktop - you could even open the external drive up and extract the HDD and add it to the server if you no longer need an external drive.. Now that you have a centralised server all you need to do to add multiple tv's into the mix is to buy a small off the shelf pc's for each tv. Each media pc will stream everything from the central server. This also means no need to syncronise machines, as the entire media library, all fanart, watched/unwatched status etc is stored on the server and automatically distributed to all machines, it also means you can pause a show on one tv and pick it up from the same point on another tv. Building a server is neither as daunting or as expensive as it sounds, but that's a story for another time.
  5. 180 Paint code?

    On the silver plate in the engine bay to the right of the heading "COLOR,TRIM, COLOR GUARNICION" there will be a 3 digit code (letters and numbers eg: KH3) this is the paint code. The single digit (always a letter) to the right of the paint code is the interior code
  6. what is this?

    Ambient air temp sensor for the climate control unit.
  7. Weight is not really that much of an issue. I'm only 65kg but I personally feel much safer on the 200kg R6 than I did on the 100kg DRZ. The only thing I have to watch out for is very low speed stuff like turns in carparks because if it starts to fall I' haven't got much hope of stopping it, and once it's down I wouldn't be able to stand it back up without help. But aslong as it stays upright weight is not a problem.
  8. I've had my bike licence for about 5 years now. I originally started on a Suzuki DRZ-250 (enduro bike) as I wanted to ride on the road but also in the bush. I rode the bike full time while my car was off the road for a year, then once the car was back on the road I sort of lost interest in riding the bike and sold it. After about 2 years I wanted a bike again, so I went and upgraded my licence (I was on a restricted licence before ( I still like riding the bike, but circumstances have changed and I have just had to buy a car for daily commuting (the bike is definitely not a long distance commuter bike). So currently I've got 2 cars and the bike. I'll have to put the bike and the S13 up for sale soon, to get some money back in my pocket. ....................................... As for spending money on the bike, you do have to spend some money to get set up. Riding jacket, gloves, helmet etc, then I went and added a tank protector, crash knobs, fender eliminator. But after that it's just normal servicing costs. If you want any info on what doing the Q-Ride program is like let me know, I did Q-Ride when I upgraded my licence and I can pretty much remember everything your required to do to pass.
  9. Storage Wars

  10. what the hell does this box do?!?

    FAST refers to part number 17001-73L00 as "Modulator - Fuel" So it's some sort of fuel pump controller I guess. Definitely something to leave alone.
  11. CA18 rocker gasket

    I usually only use gasket goo on the half moon seals at the rear of the head. Put some on the half moon seals where they seal against the head and some ontop where they butt up against the rocker cover gasket.
  12. Your existing rear housing should fit straight on. From memory it is simply a liquid gasket (get some liquid gasket maker from Supercheap). I wouldn't even bother mentioning it to the seller (it's not his fault), I would just swap the rear housings over and install it.
  13. a/c not working

    The actuator that controls the hot/cold is on the passenger's side of the heater unit right down the bottom near the transmission tunnel. From your description it sounds like the one you are describing.
  14. Cheap ebay HDMI cables

    I've been using an ebay one for 2 years now, no issues.
  15. Has anyone used this site?

    They appear to be located in the US (since their operating hours are listed in PST (Pacific Standard Time) which is the time zone for some of the states on the west coast of the US). So the dirt cheap prices won't be so dirt cheap when you add the freight (that is if they even ship outside the US.)