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  1. Samsung Galaxy S5

    I saw that... looks pretty sweet expecially for that price..... BUT... I just flat out refuse to buy a phone that doesnt have a removable battery.... over batteries turning to shit.
  2. 10 years

    Signed up for 8 years... Probably lurked for a year or so before that. Being from country Vic this was my only connection to the scene. Didn't think there's be a place with more stupid Q's in one place.. Then bam Facebook. So much good knowledge here too though. And lols
  3. E3 2014

  4. Tailshaft made, clutch and 25 box in.... just gotta put tailshaft in and then take it to melb to get sorted
  5. 15x8 0 on a datsun stanza... would need a roll in the rear and camber to get under
  6. This box was previously behind a 20 so should be OK.. But.I'll double check... Don't wanna be dropping the box again
  7. Started pulling the box out finally to put the 25 box in... not a lot of progress but. But bought a datsun!! L18, 5 speed, twin SU's
  8. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    Haha im betting those that are saying its slow havent read the books? The show blisters along in comparison Love it either way. This season Gon be good!
  9. Timing issue

    Mines doing heaps of different shit, CAS all the way advanced for it to even drive, just misses and backfires out the screamer pipe on boost, doesnt make power. Now its acting like the afm is disconnected and just dies / wont rev. But mines td06, nistune, adj cam gears etc swapped off another motor where it all worked fine... so some kind of base timing / tune issue aka something i cant fix in my shed ha.
  10. Timing issue

    Would love to hear if you make any progress.. Having the exact same issue. But pretty sure I'm just gunna pay someone to fix it ha
  11. Shit talkers' thread

    "In terms of running gear, there are no CE Lancer parts left in this vehicle." "The car has no custom parts - all parts are either EVO or CE Lancer." the f**k Pretty simple... Has full standard evo running gear... rest of the car (ie: not the running gear, is lancer) No custom bits. "There is potential for this to be quite easily converted to AWD, since the full AWD wiring harness and engine/transmission is already there and has been engineered with this combination already. " how did he get it engineered for something that hasn't been done it? never actually looked at the links to the 'evo's but i just decided to and its some funny shit He's saying since the engine is engineered, you could just sneak the awd in and noone would know. I usually lol at lancers, but that seems like one thats been well done.
  12. Tow cars?

    Already a huge thread on here somewhere... But tl/dr is au wagon on gas.. Unless you can afford a v8 cruiser / v10 touerag
  13. Put my temp gauge back in... seems to be running at an ok temp still so fingers crossed motor is still fine. Also got a 32 rad to replace the ca18de rad id been using. Also went down to forced motorworx and get some goodies...