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  1. Hijack sorry. But what ever happened to that kids laptop?
  2. 100 that's AWSOME could even be the rare red speckle that someone was trying to polish. Worth looking into
  3. Car DVDs

    I mostly wanna get rid of them quick as I'm lazy and don't wanna send 40 separate items. I wouldn't image getting money back at all or even close. But I will get more room in the shed and maybe 300 bucks. I don't see one eBay buyer forking that out though. Guess ill do maybe two lots and see what happens
  4. Car DVDs

    Drift bible, chasing rogue, mischief x2, high octane x3, drift like nomuken, get away in Stockholm, zero traction, hashiriya, and a few others about 40 in total. Need to figure out to split em or sell em together for best return.
  5. Car DVDs

    Hey guys not busting and eoi or a link to eBay. I've found my old DVDs in the shed. Wondering how people think it would be best to sell em a bundle or split them up?
  6. Epic car fail thread

    Look at sellers other items she pops up over and over
  7. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Ha just looked through it again brilliant. Andy forgot the cheers in the last post. That's a sad thing. Cheers, Andy
  8. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    I'd try to find red speckle paint. Makes sr's super powerful ?
  9. Wifes Tommy Kiara enhanced R34Gt-R

    So that's the Wifes car Hmmmm what is that u drive?
  10. Income Protection Insurance

    Combined insurance They do short income protection They do short income protection
  11. Team Upwithsandyvag....?

    Hmmmmm flying lemons?
  12. i need an engine

    I got a forged one in a whole car u can have for 3k heaps of gear coilovers strut braces couple of sets of wheels. Pm me
  13. Huffy Slider

    Don't think the old huffy will cut it another good option is a trike and use some sort of truck bearings for rears. The bonus of mad sparks
  14. Threatened By A 15 Year Old

    Well that was a waste of my time.