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  1. S15 Factory AFM

    Sold car a while ago and have this. Was removed as I went map sensor. Is in 100% working condition. You know what they look like lol. $50 happy to post at buyers expense. Thanks.
  2. S15 Factory AFM

    $30 plus post
  3. S15 Factory AFM

    40 take it.
  4. Price : $1,300 Condition : New Hi Fellas, Have a brand new in the box Apexi Power FC with hand controller to suit a s15. Has the new style controller. Havent even opened the box. Selling as i do not require it any more. Will post at buyers expense. call text pm whatever 0414779969 Price is $1300 Pics for your time.
  5. cant begin to imagine how much i like this!
  6. Deadlifts - How to break that plateau?

    try and make your squat and deadlift bigger than your bench. if you want to improve on a lift just do more of them. twice a week if possible. try and do your big exercises at the start of your workout when youre not as fatigued. try lower reps with bigger weight maybe even take a longer break.
  7. Advise on s14 used for drag racing

    its got decent mph. do what bling commander said but def need to work on your launch. what are you 60ft'ing? if i were you id be using about 5-6k rpm to launch it at a race track as they are usually stickier than the street. 3500rpm will usually result in a bog. with decent tyres your 60 ft should be consistent 1.6-1.8s. even without making more power you have the mph to get you real low 12s or high 11s.
  8. Another RB31 S15

    such a tuff car mate. congrats
  9. you get these cups at immigration when you land in australia. thought that was common knowledge. "Welcome to Australia, here, have these cups..."
  10. 10.6 @ 141 mph in our s15... and counting

    this shit gets me excited. good work mate.
  11. yeah bro, we swapped interiors. my stock cloth one + $150 my way
  12. Misc

    do you even misc?
  13. Misc

    In b4 OP is a Phaggot
  14. Gym wankers

    is that at your gym? man thats awkward...
  15. Gym wankers

    no more excuses for not deadlifting now hey...
  16. this guy knows. have followed his advice, my 1rm used to be 160, now my 1rm is 205 and that felt reasonably easy. Could very well pull 210. i had a crack at 5 plates, got it about an inch off the ground and failed. 5 plates will soon be mine!!!!
  17. NSW Spotted Thread

    who smashed their s15 last night? saw a pewter s15 on stockies crossed up in trees around 6pm on Henry Lawson Drive Georges Hall. crash looked nasty. was police and RTA response team there. didnt see any ambos. hope the driver is ok.
  18. Gym wankers

    ive always found the bigger older guys are the frendliest. always keen to talk and alwys helpful. its the toss bag 18 year olds who surround the bench in packs of 4+ who are the worst
  19. Gym wankers

  20. Exercise and mood

    yeah have to block everything out when pushing for that new pb, cant have anythign else on your mind. i love being able to shut everything out and not give a single phuck.
  21. Gym wankers

    this sections needs more ITT, pepper your angus, alpha beta phaggots etc ...u mad?
  22. Gym wankers

    the next post will be about stuck up PTs not giving a phuck about their members