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  1. Tax Return 2010

    me too, lodged on the 8th,
  2. Holiday House in Rye?

    I searched for one about 2 months back and couldn't find one. Only option was to go bush and don;t think you really wana do that for new years
  3. CA18DET cold idle problem

    I had this problem.. then one day i decided to check out my fuse box in the engine bay and noticed the ENG CONT fuse was blown. Not knowing what the hell it was I changed it and then started my car. Cold start now works perfectly hahah. Easiest fix ever
  4. Got done for EPA again!

    yeah i failed because I didn't hook up the factory boost solenoid.. so make sure you do that.
  5. i'm looking for some aswell.. so send the leftovers my way haha
  6. need a respray in vic

    do you reckon you could organise a meet around your area and get the horse to eat my car out haha
  7. Urgently needed. stock s13 rear bar

    hey got one in vermont sth $50
  8. Flasher Can Wiring

    anyone with any ideas? i'm still stuck haha
  9. Hey, my indicators in my s13 have stopped working. So I searched the forums and everyone has been saying that it is the flasher can. I went down to repco today and bought a replacement one but the indicators still do not work. I've changed the indicator fuse because it was burnt out and made sure the wiring for the hazards light were still attached. It started of with none of my indicators or hazards working at all. But when I locked or unlocked the doors with the central locking the left indicators would still flash. But now nothing flashes at all. The new flasher can I bought from repco is a Tridon FET13, can anyone let me know if this is the right one? Do i need to swap some of the pins around? I've attached the wiring diagram Cheers
  10. Digital Climate Control - No Fans 1-3

    I'm having the same problem as you. I dont know anything about electornis so excuse my noob question haha. I was planning on swapping for another climate control unit but after reading this i guess this isn't the problem? I need to pull apart the 'resistor' and get someone to re-solder it? cheers
  11. Removing Turbo

    hum yaiii mate!!
  12. drift at Movieworld

    Was up in qld earlier this month, really enjoyed the show! I didn't expect to see anything like this at movieworld haha
  13. t28bb sound

    yeah my turbo had the whining sound, it just got louder and louder it was too embarrassing to drive so i took it off hahah
  14. engine stand

    i had the same problem so had to grab an air compressor and rattle gun from my mate.