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  1. FREE - S13 Space Saver

    Still available and free!!
  2. FREE - S13 Space Saver

    Hi All, S13 Space saver. 4 stud. Good condition. Original toyo tyre Located in Hillside, Vic Contact 0412103033 There’s a couple other S13 parts like an air con control I’m getting rid off just trying to clean out the garage Come pick it up for free cheers T
  3. Hi All, For Sale: S15 X-Force Cat-Back Exhaust $150 Located in Hillside, Vic, 3037 Call/SMS Ben 0422357294
  4. Hi All, For Sale: S15 X-Force Cat-Back Exhaust $300ono Located in Hillside, Vic, 3037 Call/SMS Terence 0412 103033
  5. thanks for the responses guys, I have tien coilovers. they are standard 16 inch s15 wheels yeh i guess spacers are the way to go. so its just because of coil overs they rub?
  6. I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible. wanna stay away from spacers. it shouldn't be like that though? only change from standard is the coil overs and wasn't rubbing when they were first installed.. don't think wheel alignment is out coz car drives absolutely straight
  7. Hey guys, Wanting to change my wheels, I took my standard s15 wheels off to find that the inside wall of the front tyres had been rubbing against my springs. nothing excessive but there are 4 lines around the whole tyre about 2mm deep that has been rubbed off by the spring. S15 has coilovers with slight camber. tyres are 205/55/16. The 19's i wanted to put on had no chance of turning as it was right up against the suspension. Does anyone know what this could be caused by and how to fix? Cheers, Terence
  8. Engine Dampers!

    so does s13 or s14 go on s15?
  9. hi all, Quick question, are s13, 14, 15 engine dampers the same? or fit each other? Thanks, Terence.
  10. vtc rattle

    mine has only ever rattled in gear
  11. Window Tint!

    i had 20% all around on my s13(except windscreen of course). white interior (seats, door trims etc.) and sunroof which was always open, (glass closed, interior panel open) seeing out of it during the day was fine, during the night had several issues but nothing winding down the window couldnt fix. looking into the s13 during the day was good, at night you could see outlines and sometimes if there was enough light you could see the white interior parts. s15 has alot darker interior - pretty much black, no sunroof and smaller windows. 20% looking out of it would be the same, but looking in, could say it would be fairly dark. dont really want it to be illegel, just of the fact that it could possibly bring negative issues. but im leaning towards the option of 20% rear and 35% sides.
  12. Window Tint!

    thats for the info, brendan, thanks heaps, exactly what im after, pics are good, i was speaking to tint professor today, apparently 35% is the legal limit, i thought it was darker. but they have 35% then 20% then something darker. no tint inbetween 35 and 20 % im basically just tossing up between 20% and 35%, wish there was something inbetween, would make my choice alot easier
  13. Window Tint!

    oh my bad. so when people say darkest legal, is it only for the front sides? does that mean you can tint the rear and rear sides as much as you want?
  14. Window Tint!

    any tint on front window is illegal, except that strip across the top