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  1. Thanks for the ideas mate will give them a go!
  2. i was meaning to get some at the supermarket before actualy, but forgot. I will try it though thanks mate
  3. Drink at least 2 litres a day, could it be overeating? or just the fact im eating something thats not agreeing with me
  4. half a lemon before each meal? 3 lemons a day is a bit of an effort lol yeah last few times ive been to the drs for other things has been a waste of time, might be having trouble with overeating all the time trying to gain weight cheers
  5. Thanks guys was thinking i might have to go to the dr
  6. been having trouble with bloating for a while so i cut out milk which helped a bit but still not right, i eat plenty of fibre etc, could it be that it? overeating maybe? let me know if you guys have had trouble and how you fixed it cheers
  7. Whats a s13 rolling shell worth?

    Not really looking at spending near 2 grand sorry More info on the one you know about skidz?
  8. Whats a s13 rolling shell worth?

    Really want a complete one or almost complete pm sent azza
  9. What would i expect to pay for a fairly rough s13 rolling shell that can be registered? Just throwing around some ideas of what to do with a motor i have, i wouldn't want anything pretty If anyones got 1 for sale might as well let me know might help me make my mind up lol cheers
  10. braided line for under $80? where from? i'm guessing you sell them lol
  11. Thanks for the replys fellas
  12. Just put a brand new garrett gt28r ball bearing turbo on my ca18, i've managed to bend the original oil feed line enough to fit without it crimping up but then i realised i mite need a oil restrictor? do brand new turbos need running in? do i need to build up oil pressure before the first startup? cheers
  13. Yeah i heard he bought another 4wd no nick your not selling yours we are taking it to power cruise
  14. Powercruise 11 Feb 9 & 10 2008

    Are u planning on entering the tarago?
  15. My 180SX SR20DET - NW Tassie

    Im hoping to have mine done and tuned by xmas time too! Looking good just get the damn thing going!