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  1. S15GT 2002 Spec S GT

    New S15 is looking good mate!

    I have a gander from time to time glen! we need to catch up dude it has been too long!

    Why are you yelling for? As Robbo suggested social media is the way to find out these days unfortunately..
  4. lowered car + open diff suck ass

    Probably from digging up an old thread and exposing to the world the old farts that use to post frequently on this forum... ohhh i miss the old days
  5. Merry Christmas!

    Nothing much happened dude! Just moved to NSW and haven't had the motivation to re-engineer it for down here! Lol! It's always good to get something going after awhile!
  6. Merry Christmas!

    Hey everyone! long time no posts!! figured i would wish everyone happy holidays early! hope that everyone is still actually alive and kicking and havent been bludging all year! Does everyone still have cars? i should have my Laurel on the road with in the next month or so hopefully! miss driving a decent car
  7. Japnats 2015 - Queensland Raceway

    i wish i could get away to come to this... i miss motorsport..
  8. East Coast would really be the only shop id suggest, never had a drama with Rob and Ben. as for comp testing its a good thing to do and gives you an idea on what sort of condition the internals are. however you dont have to remove the fuel pump fuse, all you do is disconnect the CAS and it wont fire. good luck in your searching for a good s15! they are a great car
  9. R4Race on here was running a mazworx built VET in his s15 that produced pretty awesome results. Another person to talk to about it would be TAARK as he also has a VET in his 180 and also does a lot of the conversions afaik
  10. NS/HT Member Pack! Only $5!

    my lanyard and stickers showed up today! Stickers are going on my laurel when it comes home. but here is where my lanyard hangs!
  11. NS/HT Member Pack! Only $5!

    he's a quick boy that loz of ours! hahaha mines shipped already as well haha
  12. NS/HT Member Pack! Only $5!

    Sure why not! im in the spending mood haha and i need a new lanyard!
  13. Retro Console Store in Osaka Japan

    Talk about a walk through computer game history!! thats awesome thanks for sharing
  14. Just another JDM s13

  15. I need more help >_<

    not something silly like a silicon on your intercooler piping having a split in it and when it builds up boost pressure it blows it out?