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  1. NSW Spotted Thread

    Spotted a blue S15 driving up the cumberland towards parra today about 2 ish and a sexy red S14 on the Great Western @ parra...
  2. Need a room

    Tell me about it... I rang my insurance company yesterday and because I'm moving to Sydney, my premium is going up by $1200pa What a rip.... ...Lucky I love my car or she'd be up for sale! haha rent out a 2 or 3 bedder by yourself, then get other random flatmates in. Then you get to chose who you live with, you put dibs on the garage and pay more so its only yours, plus if your flattys ever piss you off, kick them out as its in your name, problem solved. Exactly I got a two bedroom place for this reason... Although, I do like the idea of my own place anyway... I could never... I've had the 15 for over 4 years now and I can't see myself getting rid of it yet...
  3. What bank are you with?

    Commonwealth. Most of the time their service is good & they have never taken my staff account off me from when I used to work there...so hello free banking I also have accounts with Newcastle Permanent Building Society and a small QLD based credit union that none of you will have heard of Can't fault any of them. Mostly because if there's ever an issue, I've addressed it calmly and been able to get them to sort it out for me Yeah, it does take time and sometimes you wanna scream down the phone at the dimwit on the other end, but being nice will get you EVERYWHERE I will never ever touch ANZ again after a series of mishaps over a period of 2 months in which they shut down my credit card that I'd had with them for over 3 years without telling me TWICE and then refused on the second instance to reopen it, saying I would have to reapply... Needless to say their service was shit, I was passed through about 7 different call centre staff and by the time I got to someone who could actually help me there was nothing she could do....
  4. Need a room

    Thanks Spaz, Got a call from the real estate agent yesterday morning and the landlord accepted my application on a place in Parra... move in this weekend Thank god thats over... lol. So just curious... If you're living like inner city- what do you do with the s15? Most of the inner city places I saw didnt have parking etc.
  5. NS.COM Newcastle FORTNIGHTLY Meets

    Thanks guys I'm here for the next week, until I officially move down there, but most likely be back and forward given that friends/family still live up this way... Will have to come along to the next cruise...whenever that may be!
  6. Need a room

    Might be an issue as to which S15 gets the garage Well thus far I've been looking around Parramatta, because I want my own 2 bedroom apartment and that is the only area that has decent places within my budget and I don't mind the commute on an express train which will be like 25 mins max. There also seems to be a lot of rentals in the area... Just so many people applying that it makes it hard to get approved. I hear on Monday if I get a unit I applied for, but I've arranged to look at some share accomodation I've found on Gumtree as well just in case I can't get anything else. The biggest bitch in all of this is finding parking/undercover/garage for a lowered & kitted S15. Note to self, don't put a kit on your next car, its impossible to go anywhere lol
  7. NS.COM Newcastle FORTNIGHTLY Meets

    I'm back ....well temporarily while I find a place to live in Sydney. So, whats been happening in good ol ns newy?! Its been a while kids!
  8. Need a room

    + 1! Thread hijack- I am looking for a room too (just moved from Brisbane to Sydney to start a new job with the Government) and I'm having the same issues. I'm trying to rent on my own, come with excellent references and still no luck! And all the real estate agents just don't give a $#@!!!!! ...I'm thinking I might have to start looking at share accommodation too, something I really didn't wanna do! So yeah... If anyone has a room... I need somewhere to live before next weekend (sorry for the hijack spaz, but no use having two of the same threads...) Jess
  9. NSW Girl Cruise

    Massive bumpage! I'm moving back to Sydney! Yewwww! I hope all you girls are still into cruises && stuff! I'll be keen
  10. Newcastle Girls?

    I used to be from Newcastle and there was no other girls around!! Have fun girlies!!! Good to see some more chicks in imports down there!
  11. Hey all check my new S15 :)

    Just what the world needs- another pewter s15! Haha jokes (I have one too) Car looks clean :-) Good luck with it! Also, my headlights were the same, when I got my kit fitted my spray painter lightly sanded the headlights- they look brand new ;-)
  12. WORK / JOBS

    Just out of curiosity, how much does it cost to develop an app for a company? Reason I ask is I'm looking into it for my company early next year
  13. WORK / JOBS

    I currently work in a small QLD based Credit Union for QLD Rail employees and their families.. I work in customer service and also as a marketing assistant. Love the business, not so much the job (I'm bored with it for now!) Question to all you government employees- any tips on how to impress at a panel interview? Have one in January for a graduate role and I'm packing it! Done plenty if interviews and am not a nervous person, but government is a different ball game!

    Maroon 180 heading up Gympie Rd last thursday afternoon in peak hour near Carseldine.. had field garage stickers on both rear quarter windows...
  15. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    Hey guys, i'm keen on attending the next 'north' meet.. (if newbies are welcome!) Been in bris for ages now and yet to make it on a propper NS cruise :-O so where do u normally meet and cruise to? Jess