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  1. hey all, need a 180sx head light, pref the LHS light but will take right. pref the head light to be working but i really just need the plugs that go to the back of it and the plugs that go to the power and stuff like that. if you have any let me know.
  2. hey when i 1st bought my car a few years back i asked if some one could comply it. i got a few replys at the time but cant find shit now. well i ended up not complying it and i bought a silvias, mini truck and then a chaser and any way 3 years later im looking to comply my supra, just wanna ask some one that can do it a few questions 1st. 1. i got majorly f**ked over by kamakazee with my chaser. do i need to say more ? 2. does the car have to be 100% STOCK!? 3. lack of interior and a lot of roll cage will be a problem im taking it ? 4. costs (think i got quoted about 1300 last time) 5. i want to put my chasers 1jz vvti in it instead of the 7m, will there be a problem if i do a engine swap (i believe an engineers is not required since 1j's came stock in mkIII supras 6. i got a night page 300zx brake up grade, will that be a problem. thanks in advance. Adrian.
  3. lol ill get some up. these are some old pics....has flared guards, work meisters and few other bits on it now.
  4. can any one paint my turbo-a supra black please. and if u can make a better turbo-a duct (tripple vent thingy in front bumper) then i could, would be great =D thanks.
  5. ive seen some before but no idea on difrent styles you can get or where to get them. my mate just did a conversion on his supra with motorbike lights, doesnt look to bad. but i like the 1via's way better. *edit found pics* found some on some websites. prices range from US: 300-900
  6. My Two Mk3's. RED MK3: *SOLD* ABOUT: had it for about 4 years, its auto, turbo modle, aero top MOTOR: 7MGTE MODS: HKS POD, BOV, 18" Wheels Black MK3: ABOUT: FOB FROM JAP. TURBO A modle MOTOR: 7MGTEU MODS: ground wiring kit, HKS FCON computer, front strut brace, full stainless kakimoto exhuast, tien suspension, blitz pod, blitz bov, full roll cage, the leather interior has been replaced with the recaro interior and 2 way lsd
  7. well i need to swap my head over...again. so any way i dont feel like paying 110dollers per gasket again from nissan, Is there any where that sells aftermarket gaskets that are cheaper ? head gasket, manifold gasket etc. etc. its for an RB20. im in victoria. any one know where i can go ?
  8. gasketssssss

    thanks boys =] guess ill go nissan...just save up a bit more
  9. i drifted onto a rabit, chased down a rabit on the road, hit a few birds....thats about it speaking of though, when i was working at n1, a wide body s15 came in totaled because he hit a wombat...we opend the boot and SUPRISE there was the wombat.....f**king fob was going to take it home and try to eat it. like...seriously -__-
  10. can some one make these black please.
  11. hey all, i want to take my car to get fixed tomorrow, theres a few things wrong with it but i just need them replaced. im not looking for a fancy workshop to mod my car or any thing. just need a normal mechanic that is good and cheap that can fix my car. my car is fairly fvcked so im looking for one around the dande/noblepark/springvale etc etc area. thanks !
  12. K Line performance, lube mobile, ur self....its not that hard. its like 2 bolts man and 2 plugs at the back.
  13. i want to paint my car purple. has any one got pics of 180's/silvias with type x purple ? any one got pics of the holden purple (the dark coloured one, no the light) what would black with purple pearl come out like ? this colour is fkn hawt how do i get it to look like this? allso, im doing this my self. thought i would have a shot at it since i did painting at work for a bout 5 months....painting structual steel that it =P
  14. Painting Car

    BUMPPPPP. *edited post* allso i remember seeing a 180sx/s15 front at calderpark one time. it was a nice purple colour. dident get a chance to take pics though. any one seen this guy/got pics/know him ?
  15. Cops

    i think my mates quote was the best one.... *dumps clutch out of maccas infront of cop while there was 40 people screaming dont do any thing theres a cop* cop: WTF DO U THINK U WERE DOING U COCKHEAD mate: what ? what did i do? cop: f**kIN SMART ASS, YOU WERE DOING A BURNOUT mate: was i ? sorry mate, thought it was my clutch slipping...my clutch is really screwed cop: i bet it is, look at the way u drive. any way, get out of car so i can impound it. ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL
  17. hey all, i want to make my own video where i can edit the sounds and things but the stock xp one just insent good enough. can any one recomend a program that is easy to use and has good editing options. i want to be able to blend in songs and fade from song to car sounds etc, etc, allso merge videos togeather so they play one after the other but kinda blur in at the end. thanks heaps !
  18. any one got a premier for noobs manual =P ????????????????????????????
  19. describe "handling" it ???? graphics/size/etc/etc ????what ?
  20. hey mate, back on topic of the headlights check here. i made a post last month about it. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=239986 theres all the dif kinds i could find and all of them could be bought from takakari.com (think thats how u spell it dunno the site is on one of the pics)
  21. Some of my photoshops!

    very nice photoshops mate, very pro =D good work, keep more coming =]