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  1. please dont get me wrong, i have nuthing against alex. met him a few times at drift meets and seems like a top guy and im sure garage13 is nuthing dodge. just saying nick is
  2. 1000HP 350Z ! WOW!

    nice, love the wheels =]
  3. i allways see pics of these cop cars, but are they actully on the road pulling people over ? i know theres a few vipers in america, aussies have some 99 WRX's (in melb ne way), syd has that louts, seen a FD in japan, seen a hummer allso in america
  4. im led to believe there are only 3 in aus atm very in wa and 2 in melb. where'd you get that? i counted 2 at my uni car park on the way to class. - VIC, Melbourne im led to believe there are only 3 in aus atm very in wa and 2 in melb. ^ did u bother to read it ?
  5. theres a blue one in melb. i heard its auto/na but doubt it...this guy drifts the shit out of it....and dosent do to bad either!
  6. yeah theres one oppisate parkmore shoping centre and i think theres one on princess highway near springvale junktion i know it use to be one but i think its closed and some no name taco place is there
  7. yes i agree, but i am still a paying customer so he should treat me like one reguardless if it IS my brother OR not. not try and f**k me out of money that he lost on those two. haha its a turbo A =P
  8. Thats how much it costs to import. Its your dick move for not doing your research before hand. 3000 for car, 1000 to ship, 2500 to comply and rego (yes i agree with, but i have a mk3 at home to take parts i need of so should be cheaper) 2000 for quarentine fee's + taxes when it lands. thats not $10,500 all up. i did do my research.
  9. -__- all you people probly know these guys but ne way.... user: nick180 importer: noriyuki nagamura "me: is nori a rego business nick: ummmmmm....nahhhh....waittttt....yeahhh i think so.....yeahhhh.....but they were all cash deals." allso, he said it cost an extra 1000 to bring my car over from the price he said because my car has been sitting there for 4 months or sumthing....thats not my f**kin problem. its been sitting there for 4 months because they were trying to fill their container and there container fell through =/ any way....i dont know what to do... i either want my $3000 back or i want the papers for the car so i can get some one else to import it for me or some thing...i dunno
  10. i know how much they are. because they told me the price it was going to cost when they were still friends and now since there not talking all the prices have jumped up a few thousand. allso my brothers friend and the importer are good friends so it makes it worse
  11. i take it you know what im on about ? any way my brother is going to pay for the smashed 180sx but they keep changing there f**king prices. so my brother told them to get f**ked and is only going to pay what he said 1st.
  12. the friend is...his some one big on here to now to so its gonna really f**k him up if i name him, dunno if the importer is or not but i think he might be. not 100% though
  13. i direct depoisted the money in to the japanese bank acount to pay for the supra. and the importer has all the papers for it. and his not going to give them to me untill my bro and this guy pay for the loss of the smashed 180. and now his saying that his going to sell it off if i dont pay for it and keep the money for the loss of the smashed 180.
  14. why should i be out of pocket for his and my brothers f**k ups. im a paying customer. and why the f**k did importing the car jump up and extra $1000 all seem's very f**king dodge to me.
  15. hey all. My new mk3 supra will be here in a month or so, so i was just wondering if any one knew where i could take my car in vic to get it complied ??
  16. Who here works at a Factory?

    why would you want to know that info ?
  17. whats better

    SO THERE IS A PURPOSE for all the placky engine covers... Hmmm now I'm starting to wish my engine bay looked non-inspection friendly like all new cars. lol just cut out some plastic, spray it black and screw it down kiddding...... rx8 btw
  18. Photos from 4 door import cruise

    where did u guys go ?
  19. Finding water / rust in your boot

    lol VL's, gotta hate em
  20. condoms

    i lol'd
  21. i dont get it, whats that have to do with wheels he wants.
  22. Safe cars won't save your life

    ^^ manny i said LESS then 1/3.... =p

    thats awesome vid, that car is cool as
  24. Safe cars won't save your life

    1. sif bring up p platers. less then 1/3 of accidents is caused by p platers....so wheres that leave the rest of u...CAUSING MORE ACCIDENTS THEN P PLATERS SO STFU. 2. You drive 130kmph+ ur looking for trouble. 3. As many said, if u do upgrade brakes,tires,abs etc etc u DO have a better CHANCE of surviving NO QUESTIONS ABOUT IT. put this in a sistuation...a 1st year p plater (not a hoon a normal driver) is driving in the rain and the person infront slams on there brakes with ABS...and the p plater folowing semi closely behind has no abs....... whats going to happen...*locks up* BANG IN TO THE CAR WITH ABS. wheres if the p plater had abs he could of stoped with out locking up. and for every one thats going to start craping on saying they could of stoped on time etc etc, think about when u just got ur license and in a near majour accident situation, your not thinking of pulling some inital d takumi "im gonna drift around this kent when he locks up his brakes" the 1st thing you do is punch ur breaks on with out thinking. tell me im wrong ? i bet every one here has done it!