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  1. hey i was in springvale yesterday and i saw a red cop car. it looked exactly the same as the yellow ones with same stickers but it was red ?? any one got info on these
  2. heres some i have done... there ehh but best i can do for now =P
  3. posted it on supraforums, msn nick name, had NS.com on my myspace top ten for ages. proof: surpacharged_87@hotmail.com www.myspace.com/rbs13dett http://www.supraforums.com.au/forum/showth...7191#post587191
  4. Car: Toyota Supra Engine: 7mge Brief mod list: full head work, ported, exhuast, pod, rev limiter extended to 8500rpm, Built for: Driving/Cruising Status: write off Achievements: mass burnouts =P Car: Toyota Supra Engine: 7mgte Brief mod list: hks pod, bov, 18" rims Built for: Driving/Cruising Status: trying to sell Achievements: none. Car: Toyota Supra Engine: 7MGTEU Brief mod list: 300kw of power, 2way lsd, coilovers, roll cage, 18" rims Built for: Driving/Cruising/Drag/Drift Status: On Boat From Jap Achievements: None....Yet Car: Toyota corolla CSI Engine: NFI ? Brief mod list: POD Built for: Driving/Cruising Status: Sold Achievements: Car: Toyota Corolla SX Engine: 4AGE Brief mod list: Extractors, full exhuast, pod, short shift kit, 15" rims, strut brace, lower/stiffer springs, roll cage Built for: Driving/Cruising/touge Status: mate rolled it off mt. dande Achievements: riped heaps of cars on mt. dande =P Car: Toyota Camry Engine: V6 Brief mod list: Stock Built for: Driving Status: still going hard Achievements: riped a astra
  5. no it dosent. i can still play online games with out a problem with the chip i have. to the other guy read above^^ does not affect online games/.
  6. guys if your in melb and you want a chip for your 360 go to www.consolefreakz.com he can chip ur xbox for 50 bucks, and sells games 4 for 50. he can do WII's as well. list of games is on the site im about 55% through forza at the moment. kicks ass my s13 dosent stop wheel spining untill 4th gear. oh and the top secret cars are cool too as well as my 4wd turbo vtec dc2 R
  7. ICE BAR

    icebar rocks! even though you can only stay in for 30 mins its really worth it, good shit...the club upstairs is ehh...they play like hard house or sum shit i got pics...here =]
  8. hey, i just bought a mk3 supra from jap, it should be ariving in a month or so. just wondering what do i have to change and where do i take it to get complied and on the road *victoria* ? P.S i got a stock oz delivered mk3 here in my back yard i can swap parts around with, just need to know what to swap and to do. and where to take it

    yo ben, what kind of camera did u use to take the pics ? P.S the pics look awesome ! i wanna take pics like that in the city but u cant exactly drive down southbank and stop ur car in melb =P
  10. getting over dota and 3c and footmen. what other maps do ppl play here ? any good td's? or other fun maps....pref with AI or 1player so i can play when im bored
  11. My RB20 S13

    Hey All, This Is My 1992 RB20 S13 *now 1via*. Had It For About 3 Months Now And Im Loving It Even Though Its Allready Had To Have A New RB20 Installed Due To Me Blowing A Few Holes Through My Bottom End (pics attatched). I Picked It Up For $9000 Cash And It Came With A Crap Load Of Spares Including Stock Cooler, Orrange Indicators, Spare Airconditioning Unit, Spare Thermo Fan, Spare Stock Diff, 2 Spare RB20 Gearboxs, Stock S13 Brakes, Stock S13 Suspension, Various Other Stock And Spare Parts and Allso Has Full Engerneering Certs For Engine/Brakes etc etc =] Engine Mods: RB20 Conversion 3" Turbo Back Exhuast GTR Front Mount Intercooler GTR Injectors R33 Steel Wheel Turbo Bosche 040 Fuel Pump Air Filter Oil Catch Can Bleeder Valve (running 14psi) Wheels, Suspension And Breaks: R32 GTR Wheels, (allso have r33 wheels with advan neova tires) Front and rear Sway Bars Adjustable Caster Rods KYB Adjustable Front and Rear Coilovers Pinaples 300zx Front Brakes with R32 Hubs R33 Rear Brakes With R32 Hubs Other: 1VIA Conversion Short Shift Kit Exceedy Heavy Duty Clutch Extreame Lightened Fly Wheel MOMO Steering Wheel Clear Indicators Bride Driver/Recaro Passenger Seats (not installed) HID Head Lights Full Sterio System Remote Alarm/Engine Start/Doors Open/Boot Open Engine/Boot Gas Struts Installed
  12. some of my chops

    Started this the other day....not fin yet but it looks wierd not all good like the other guys do here =/
  13. TRBO16, friend is a cop and he "borrows" the movies from evidence room and then returns them after his done burning them! allso, springvale cops are f**k heads any way, i remember my brothers evo8 (2 days out of the showroom) got brake fluid poored all over it and we knew who it was and we were having a massive argument out side and cops were called and the cops said if we keep arguing then they were gonna through us in jail, then they started questioning my brother "how does a 20 year old afford a car like that ? have u got papers for proof of purchase? can u prove how u paid for the car....etc etc. total f**k head he was. dident give 2 f**ks that my brother had to pull out another 4000 dollers to get a full respray on a 2 day old car. all he cared about was f**kin off home. dident even write a repor or nuthing. any way...2 days later springvale got shut down and raided for crooked cops.....JUSTICE BIATCH!
  14. Back Tatt

    that guys tat is f**king sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
  15. http://emuse.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/21076 all i have to say is LOLLLL what a pro *enchilada*
  16. well long story short, my brother and his now ex-friend were going to bring in a container of smashed cars to sell off. any way it fell through after i bought a full mk3 supra, my brothers friend bought a 180 and they boath bought a smashed 180. any way my car was $3000AUD and all this shit has been happening and now it looks like im out of $3000. they still have my supra but my bro and his friend dident pay for the smashed 180 and the importer wants his money back for it and his not bringing my car in untill he gets it or his selling it and keeping the money. so now my bro and his ex friend arnt talking and im trying not to get screwed out of $3000 so im still talking to him. so any way he was like its 800 to import your car and its 600 for the debt of the smashed 180. any way i was like ill pay it just give me my f**king car. now his like its going to be 2500 to get ur car over because of taxes and shiping and debt and ur gonna need another 2500 when it lands and then you will need another 2500ish to get it complied and on road...so now im like wtf man, you told me its going to be max 1500 and now ur telling me all these extra f**king costs. any way...i dont want to pay for there f**king debt and i dont want to pay all these BS costs. what the hell do i do to get my car ???? P.S my bothers friend is extreammmmmmly dodge *enchilada* so i reckon him and the importer are just trying to screw me over for money. i mean, i can get a 1JZ ADM mk3 for $8000 and this shit JDM is going to cost me $10,500 for a $3000 CAR ? yes his on this forum and yes he is probly going to read this but no im not going to name him yet.... PLEASE SOME ONE GIVE ME ADVICE ! and no one just say "go smash him" because thats my last resort

    got it, and am 40% through the game....ENGINE CONVERSIONS AND MAKING INTEGRA TYPE R'S VTEC, TURBO AND 4WD FTW and 800kw RB26 s15 FTW !! this game is awesome, i love GT but this game just rocks, engine converisons, rwd/fwd/4wd conversion, change every body pannel you can think of, D1 CARS AND TOP SECRET CARS !, real brand names such as c-west, tien, brembo, hks, blitz and every type of jap rim you can think of mmmm this game has dish you can see !!! and best of all CARS ACTULLY SOUND LIKE THE CAR unlike GT i.e rex sounds like a rex, gtr sounds like gtr, lambo sounds like lambo etc etc... any way...any body want there 360 chiped (VIC only!) ? $50 only...and games are 4 for $50... the guy gets all the newest games before they come out in aus. shoot me a PM and ill hit you up with his number! also if u play burnt games you CAN still play online so its good

  19. they squat to pee haha jk jk.... SHAKE and #14 FTW LOLLLLL allso on the topic of cleanlyness...theres this guy at my work and he washes his hands b4 he takes a piss and then dosent wash them after and then go's and eats his lunch....LIKE WTF MAN SERIOUSLY and lastly, who ever says being choped is better and cleaner is a wanker, its not true...im all there and if your not a lazy f**k and u be bothered to pull ur skin back in the shower and clean it, its all fine !!!!
  20. i called nori (the guy importing my car), he gave me a total price car/shiping/taxes/quarentine/complianced/sent to my house $8900 still abit much considering i can get a JZA70 (same car but with 1jz) for $8000. but its better then nicks $10k =/
  21. ironchef, i direct deposited the money from my bank account to the jap bank account. i can get the recept and stuff. but they sent the papers to the guy that importing the car. because i have the recept for paying the car shouldent he have to give me the papers if i ask for them ? allso, im not directly dealing with the importer because nick keeps f**king me around, like ill call nick and ask him for the number and he will be like im busy ill call u later. and then when he calls later im like whats the total price and then his like i gotta call nori and talk about things. so what im thinking is that his trying to scam money out of me to pay to bring his 180sx over as well =/ ??? i dunno but thats what i reckon.
  22. if every one that keeps saying u should of done ur reserch on costs, read the 1st post. they told me a MAX price it would be it $3000 for the car, $1500 for shipping AND loss of 180 and another $2500 when it lands....and now there charging me 10,500.... ?????? 3000+1500+2500 = 7000 not 10,500 !
  23. Thats how much it costs to import. Its your dick move for not doing your research before hand. 3000 for car, 1000 to ship, 2500 to comply and rego (yes i agree with, but i have a mk3 at home to take parts i need of so should be cheaper) 2000 for quarentine fee's + taxes when it lands. thats not $10,500 all up. i did do my research. those prices are spot on. u definately shoulda done some research dude. i hope u didnt think u were going to pay 3g and get the car and start driving it. regardless its a fukd up situation. too many people throwing there money around nowadays makes me wanna be one of the *milkshakes* that doops them coz itd be so damn easy. the prices i wrote or what the guy is charging me? because if you are refering to what he is charging me how the f**k are they spot on if he is charging me extra for the loss of the 180 ? and extra storage fee's that i did not need to pay for if they brought my car in straight away....but they dident ?
  24. any way, im comming to the realisation that i doubt im going to see my car/money again but i dunno. im going to call this guy up and see tomorrow