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  1. R32 Gtr Wheels - $100

    Price : $100 Condition : Used Hi, Just after a set of gtr r32 wheels. They dont need to be in excellent condition but not buckled and must hold air. looking for a set preferably without tires. Located in melb. Will pay for shipping if from interstate. Thanks Frank 0400 911 463
  2. the Black Engine Bay Masters!

    after being defected a few times i decided to comply by changing a few bits and pieces of my engine bay. the car makes 248kw with a low mounted 2871r cams z23 bolted onto a standard airbox and a few other supporting mods... still need to change the silcon joiners to black and possibly paint the strut brace and engine damper black, however while the police officer was inspecting my car he did mention the braces are all fine to have and they are not an issue...
  3. true track - leveson street north melb... never let me down alway setup my car brfore track days...not cheap though
  4. got mine fits perfect!! well done guys! awesome hoodie
  5. Places to eat on a friday

    i manage a middle eastern restaurant in north balwyn. check it out : www.dunyazad.com.au friday requires a week in advance booking. cheers, Frank
  6. Customer Feedback Here

    excellent work guys! i still cant believe i got it in less then 24 hours!!!! thanks for all the help answering ALL my questions!!
  7. buying new cams

    i paid 580 fitted mate. ive had it in for a hard 8 months (hard = track days etc) and no issues at all.
  8. spark plug gap

    i run 18 psi - i use ngj bkr 7e at .7 gap... works a treat at $4 a plug
  9. buying new cams

    i say wen upgrading to pon cams, valve springs would be important. my s15 with 2871r etc etc was not hitting its potential after its first tune maxing out on 235kw. with upgraded BCvalve springs from donny at street forced and a decent tune i made 248. this move killed my original vct though... ended up replacing it with brand new vct unit.
  10. lowered the front by 30mm castrol edge ngk bkr7e
  11. have a look at your defect notice mate, has he ticked somethin like VACC? if so, then yes you need an enginieers cert regardless. i saved myselft from this and went for an turn flow style cooler.
  12. prob fixed finally... the new thermostat was feked...put my original one back in...82deg and does not budge
  13. okkkkkk... radiator 60% blocked... fixed that and changed the thermo ...and..... problem is even worse according to the pfc the temps are hitting around the 95 to 100 mark...the strangest thing is that the actual guage on the dash looks completly normal (dead centre)...once it gets to above 90deg the cooling fans start going nuts however the temp does not drop...im lost... there is only 2 more things to change...pump and temp sender....wtf