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  1. Working in Pappa New Guinea gold mine

    Im going to PNG for work in 1 week for 1 week.. should be interesting.
  2. If cops do their jobs right they should go to nearby auto one/garage and be like who bought 3x of these recently.. not many people buy that much oil at once + security cam + face + carpark cam = licence plate = name,address, and an asswoopin
  3. imagine if you were on that road driving your daughter to the school fete.... its fkd up. Maybe it was LAN-EVO's! After the LAN-EVOS sabotage Project D's practice by spilling oil on the road, Keisuke is left without a car for the race. This leaves Keisuke in a bind where he may have to forfeit his battle. But then Kyoko makes her way to the hills to cheer Keisuke on, and Keisuke sees an opportunity to drive and participate in the race after all
  4. http://www.smh.com.a...1021-27zky.html Typical media, try and blame 'drifters' ?? who uses oil to drift? wtf? I claim people who live by and are sick of the 'hooning'.. (not saying anyone here was)
  5. the solution. Gays/straights can be married by the state/courts 'religious folk' are married by the church of their religion Both have their 'equal rights', both are legal, both are binding, both get their 'day' and neither pisses off the other..........too badly. IMHO, if i had a church its my decision who i let get married there, straight/not/race /religion etc. At the same time I also have the attitude, its your life, do what you want/who you want... just don't rub it in everyone's face. This also means for those who are atheist but want the label of marriage they don't have the 'under god' part to deal with and they are married only under the terms that the state/courts deem necessary. Those who hold marriage up to be an important institution can still be married the old school way. priest n shiznit.
  6. PC cooling help

    rip the side of the case off and get a $8 house fan from target.. more cfm on its lowest setting and will help keep a nice breeze through the house no point getting a new case unless your just wanting to spend moneyz.
  7. 6 bedroom house 3 adults no gas $1200 a quarter and we have 2 dryers cause we always seem to clash when we do our washing.. lol.. I'm a nazi about turning shit off thats not in use though.. lights, tvs, etc.. only thing on 24x7 is my pc
  8. i prefer apple after being burnt with a shit Samsung galaxy s2, now confirmed to be faulty.. however i've not given up on android and looking at the nexus 7 with LTE when/if that comes out to replace my iPad #1. i want basically an entire laptop in pad/tablet form.. and an ipad wont give me that, as much as i love my ipad iphone 5 i've had hands on and it honestly feels like plastic and fragile, edges arn't polished as cleanly as they older ones.. kinda disappointed in the final product, it just looks and feels so flimsy rather than solid. I'm starting to think apple have passed their prime, especially with google on the front line with glasses being 2 years away?
  9. FUD machine in full effect

    hopefully annon saves us!
  10. Is there a future working in IT in Aus?

    dont study IT in college... such a waste of time, you graduate and everything you learnt is out of date. thats all i have to say.
  11. 3:31pm today (NSW) im watching at work with everyone else.. good excuse to chill out i think..
  12. Becoming a computer technician

    Entry level: MCP A+ Hardware A+ Software Midrange: MCITP thats enough for this topic. my work wouldnt look at you unless you had your MCP, even then you have to prove you know your stuff and just didnt fluke the exam =) and dont ever use a compressor to clean pc parts....unless its your stuff and you dont give a shit =)
  13. Channel 9's Olympic coverage is terrible.

    6 Foxtel channels + 14 NBC dedicated channels = I'm sick of it already.
  14. The Home Theatre Thread

    I guess ill tag mine on the back of this.. Its my mancave though, Projector - non hd unfortunatly 2.8m or so? 1600 Channels including all foxtel Sound is currently coming from my pc 5.1 setup (logitech) Its good enough for me, I'd just like to upgrade the screen to a full HD model, then the soundsystem Bar on the right with dodgey LED lighting.. - renting so i cant do too much to the place. I need to lower the image, but raise the projector so its more out of the way and less of looking up when your in the seat. Plus i dont know what else my man cave needs.. but ill figure it out..
  15. Laptop hookups/ advice

    dont buy an ASUS G73.. worst gaming laptops ever.. overheating, incompatible drivers. 9 billion crashes/random freezes.. never buying ASUS after it. their new version may be better.. but im not risking my $3k..
  16. 21 Ways To Improve Australia

    we need highspeed rail for NSW alone. let alone the country. shitty rail is so slow and not frequent enough.
  17. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    new thread results in reposts...... it sucks.
  18. Skids! They get you killed!

    Just take off their 'other' head. honestly though, if your there to watch and stand that close without any barriers.. and u know shit can go wrong.. its your own life, your own risk. if it was just a normal road going passed a mall and people were just going about their business then OK, fair deal. but if your spectating 'motorsport' with a 2 tonne object rapidly changing direction at 'highspeed' and has like a 90% chance of killing you if it hits you.. its your fault if you dont recognise the danger.
  19. Impromtu snow trip

    did it last year for a weekend holiday, left friday, got home sunday night.. was epic. i bought my gear just cause. besides that it cost us $120 for food/accom ea + $140 for 2 day lift pass. was epic.
  20. bonus pool set against the team divided by those who did the most work. team has to work together or everyone gets jack shit. individual want to work harder than their team mates to get a bigger slice of the pie. its the only scheme i've ever been apart of and we've never had an issue
  21. would make some epic drift movies thats for sure.
  22. used to have a zeta III and full harness and daily it.. aslong as u fit its not a problem. used to do 70km to + from work each day aslo..