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  1. just means more people will use haxnet or oldschool ARPA2. I think we're about to see a large shitstorm since Megaupload has been taken down thanks to Universal etc (without the SOPA & PIPA laws!.. showing they dont really need it) Anonamous have already retaliated taking down multiple sites. Alot of senators are starting to back pedal, however I think there's still a posibility at this stage someone will try to force this through regardless, IF that happens.. holy hell should be a drama filled year. Mega upload got taken down for hosting illegal content. even though they monitor content and remove hundreads of illegal uploads. Its like Australia post being shutdown for drug trafficking even though they didnt know the contents. Pure BS.. we need to get rid of these politians who know nothing about how the internet works, yet propose BS laws (like the conroy firewall) and these SOPA & PIPA laws. I agree something needs to be done to remove child porn and breaches in copywrite, but for FK sake, educate yourself by talking to someone in the industry before going to the NATIONAL level with no knowledge of how it SHOULD be implimented.. http://www.engadget.com/2012/01/19/federal-prosecutors-shut-down-megaupload-file-sharing-site-foun/ http://anonops.blogspot.com/
  2. Post a pic of your computer desk

    Ha, the clients choice is the clients choice.. I just built it for em.
  3. Ze's Hate Space, Dare To Enter?

    /Rage. Sales people @ fincar for novated leases are fkn stupid... He cant give me a quote cause there's too many variables.. Im like.. so you expect me to just 'Buy' a car at $*** cost, and not know what impact it will have on my monthly pay? Douchebag had me down for $900 tyres... (each tyre) and 4 sets a year.. and 6 full services...... oh and RRP price for the vehicle. *facepalm* seriously.. I'm going to call back and ask for a diff sales rep who actually knows how shit works there..
  4. Post a pic of your computer desk

    My desk is a sty atm so i wont post it yet.. even though u said not to clean up.. lol although here's a pic of my Friends Man Cave we're building. Its basically for Lanning/Gaming/Nerding it up. Next time I'm at his we're making an OCAU build thread =) Heres my desk :
  5. Wedding Car Needed 20th May 2012

    This makes me want Mud splattered WRX rally cars for my wedding. everything is is so clean and shiny, then this thing rocks up..
  6. Bee-R install quick question !

    sounds right from memory.. *disclaimer of not being responsible for any f**kups*
  7. Bee-R install quick question !

    just a fair warning, easy to blow head gaskets if you have too much fun =)
  8. Unless the bonnet was up when you picked it up and YOU went to close it.. their fault 9000%
  9. Honda NSX 2015 confirmed

    Not many sports cars or bikes can out-launch the GTR though.. its still a beast as a factory car v factory car. Re NSX: I like it, but I'd only love it if they threw a Massively High-revving V10 N/A in it.... I mean like an old F1 car sound.
  10. Uplate and sh!t You know the drill!

    Saaaaaaaay whaaa? 86 is like a sexy new supra. dont see how you could dislike it, Just some lowered springs + nice offset = done. I'd keep the rest stock unless I bought out one outright.. which i can't afford. if I did I'd ditch the boxer for a straight 6 turbo.. or a v8
  11. Uplate and sh!t You know the drill!

    I think one of the FD guys is building one also.. Obv aus market will be behind as always.. I just wish they'd announce their pricing so I could make the decision now.. sure its cheap in US + Jap.. but here we'll get the usual 3000% price hike =\
  12. Uplate and sh!t You know the drill!

    Anyone know when the FT-86 is on sale? I need a new car and I'm not sure if I'll hold out 'that long' with my current POS daily. Worked out with the shitty fuel economy of the POS + insurance +servicing etc = $7500 / year. so I'm going to lease a new car around the 75% of that cost, and the savings goes off my debt! woohoo
  13. Ginza Imports - Parramatta

    I went to a car yard once with a Compression tester + Licenced mechanic and they wouldn't let me near their cars. I even asked if their mechanic could spend 5 mins doing it using MY meter and they still refused. That's the biggest indication I've had that they are truely dodgy and scared of someone who may catch them out.. As mentioned, check for scratches on the dash screws.. easiest way to 'guess' its been played with. Ginza previously had a couple of dick car salesmen, however I think when I last went there it was also Tony and he seemed Decent, never bought from there though.
  14. Help me pick a laptop by 9am tomorrow

    Do HP do docking stations ( like the dell/lenovo ones) I dont order shit anymore, I just approve it.. lol
  15. How much rent do you pay?

    rent $580 /w - Manly NSW - 2 bedroom unit. random traffic - drive to work at 6:30AM : 20mins, drive to work at 8:30AM: 1h15min - 20km trip.
  16. World Time Attack Challenge 2012

    I might give it a miss this year, last year seemed very slow paced (not times wise).. just think its not my kind of spectator event.
  17. every place in initial d, all highways in Wangan Midnight. That paris or italy stage for the WRC that follows the cliff edge going in/out of small tunnels, has minimal guard rails if any.. mm epic.
  18. great neighbours.. hear an alarm and dont investigate..
  19. Help me pick a laptop by 9am tomorrow

    Dell still offer propper docking-stations? and I'd never use ASUS again after my last 12 months of dealing with them.. personal or business..
  20. iphone 5

    I dont know what all this has to to with the ip5 however I'm much the same as Vars. Hardcore PC guy, hated mac/iphone until they brought out the 3GS (3G had no MMS, shitty camera, no video recording, etc etc).. Once they fixed that and I actually used the product and dropped my hatred, i realised I liked it, the touch screen was the first device I had ever used touchscreen wise that worked as I'd expect touchscreen to work. (not like your old gps touchscreens where u hold on it for 3-4 seconds) I eventually got an iphone 3GS to upgrade from an N95 - best phone I've ever owned. Then came the iPad launch, I've always wanted one of these since StarTrek had them, never understood why it took so long to bring one out, and under $1k why not. Got a 64GB WIFI+3G ipad 1. its awesome and i use it everyday (during work, on the way to and from work, and lounge browsing at home) Shortly after I got the shits with itunes on windows, and every time I played with OSX, iTunes worked flawlessly and quickly. Plus it was an All-in-one product, so I took the dive. 27" iMac. Now I never use windows at home unless i have to (work/domain pc). Main reasons is everything 'just works' with everything else. I work 9 hours a day M-F, I don't want to come home and fix my PC, or click 900 error messages. I just turn on the imac, and it just works. I've rebuilt my windows pc 4 times in the last 15 months I've had it, in the 12 months I've had the iMac, its never skipped a beat. Somewhere I lost my 3GS and decided to try android (Samsung galaxy S2), and it just felt incomplete and cheap. the menu confuses the shit out of me, I just kept saying 'why does it have to be this complex', its not that I couldn't figure it out, its that I thought, why make it so hard in the first place??.. either way as android is at the moment, I won't be going back. I couldn't believe it took me 35 minutes and 8 youtube videos to import a simple wav file to set as the ringtone. I like things that are simple, I dont want 9000 menus and options, I see no reason for it. Keep it simple, and have it work = happy me.
  21. Laptop vs BF3 - Does Not Want

    bf3 runs fine on my G73 which is now 1.5 years old. although when new it was pretty top notch.. 8gb ram, i7, dedicated card with 1gb ram. throw laptop out window and buy new one.
  22. Help me pick a laptop by 9am tomorrow

    Docking stations are rare these days. plus you have to factor in the cost of one at work and home. Most smaller laptops will only have 1 monitor out, so that means use 1x laptop screen and 1x external monitor. generally only the larger/more powerful ones allow multiple outs for display, and one could be HDMI, the other would likely be VGA, so the monitors would have to be compatible with that. If work gave me my choice atm, I'd just get a 17" macbook pro and max out the specs to cost around $3600. What you'd want to do is contact a HP reseller with all those details you provided, let them search and find something suitable, include what inputs your monitors allow.
  23. I'm down to 15k! so happy.. was above 60k oweing (+interest on repayments) it just takes a long ass time.. it will all be gone this year hooray!
  24. iRacing

    Somehow ended up looking at iracing today and it looks like a whole pile of fun to be had, pro-level games, proper championships etc. anyone done it or know more about how it works? It could be a unhealthy obsession for me.. but im drawn to anything that looks even slightly fun www.iracing.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeE1yO5fggY