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  1. got mine. new bikes you dont have to do anything with them except for a tank /grip protector so you can grip on better! Gear is only like $1k I used to do 80kms each way daily on a sports bike, its annoying but easily done. Cruisers just make it such a relaxing trip though, you could almost sleep =) Lots of fun, sport bikes kill everything.. including you
  2. Randomness: I love those Plasma nasa engines
  3. What Seat/Harness Setup Do YOU use?

    Zeta III LowMAXXXXXX Takata 5 point harness. Personally my next Bucket will be abit wider for my phat white ass 8CM is recommended minimum for trackdays by CAMS (from memory), however if it matches FIA standards and you've got real mounts your 99% safe =)
  4. Using iPhone in US

    LIES Prepaid data sim's work on an iphone, just test it in store with a demo sim before handing over $$$. iPhones in the states are/were sold Locked to AT&T, so generally thats correct. However Mobile Data is Mobile Data, aslong as the correct APN settings are entered on the handset aswell as the carriers end it will work 100% perfect. Personally just turn Global roaming off and use Wifi. Its what I did and its cheap, plus Wifi is everywhere in US&A, their coverage for 3G and especially LTE is shit. can't believe how many dropped calls they get.. Best bet, Go into a store ask to try a demo sim in your phone to see if it works, if it does, buy a prepaid plan which includes data. Unlike here, their sales guys are happy and helpful.. cause they arn't aussies.. who are usless angry people when it comes to Customer Service
  5. If i can fit a 7.6 Ft board in a Evo, you guys must be doing something wrong if you cant fit an average board in a s13.. 180 hatch is even easier! I went on a florider @ QLD using bodyboard, never again.. omg highpressure water to the ballsack = PAIN. I'll stick to stand up! P.S. Rollerblades > Skateboard
  6. Think before running from police

    alex ^^. I've had that before, just be nice and polite, saying you noticed him x klms ago, you were aware of your speed the entire time, you know that you did NOT run from him. Ask him for his name rank and badge number, get his car plates. and simply say If I ran you'll have it on camera, if I 'tried to run' 90% just realise you're smart enough to have the right attitude and leave it at that. I've had cops take P plates off my car and try to fine me for it, so i know how crook some of these guys/gals are. I think in my next car I'm going to get an incar/dash/rear facing cam which shows my speed and records a 1-2 hour loop or something. Its sad its coming to the point of having to prove the cops are wrong. But i've done it before, unfortunatly you probably won't be compensated for your time or costs of taking it to court. The true fact of the matter is our roads are un-maintained, falling apart and too overcrowded for persuits to happen. Its just as likely innocent people will be hurt as much as the guilty. Although with NSW having its 13-14th Drive-by shooting THIS MONTH I think its time cops start to focus on REAL crime and move their resources from minor defects and hassling enthusiasts.
  7. I'm still going to call it boogie boarding.
  8. Bee-R install quick question !

    My RB blew its HG from Bee*R on its second outting at Eastern Creek peanut track.. and it wasnt banging limiter............too much $2.5k later..
  9. Evo 7 and 8

    thankyou so much.. most useful post for me personally! while we're on it, daily commuting fuel economy.. what kinda distances are you guys getting? 400kms a tank? 350.. u have a 48L tank yeh?
  10. bike on S15

    now he needs one on the boot like the NSX.. thats another set!
  11. Infiniti Coming To Australia

    That will put the FT86 around 60k + onroads... lol. *cries*
  12. is this boosting everywhere? I've heard evo's have a 48 Litre tank.. so thats 12L less you've got.?. but that only would get you an extra 100kms. My R34 with 240kw would get me 550-600km outta balance of 60 litres with casual/nice driving.. with the occasional right foot =) I'm seriously looking at an evo.. but if fuel economy is like 16/100kms.. then maybe I'll look at a v8 twin turbo instead.. *trollface*
  13. Its getting rediculous, I just dont know what to do about this stuff anymore. I think it wont be much longer until some crazy law is thrown in which will make a huge uproar and watch the back pedal. People are already sick of Police being used as revenue raisers, obviously because our government sells any money making thing they own off privately. In my opinion, until the government fixes our roads and transport issues, traffic cops should be the last of our priorities in cracking down. I cant remember the last time I saw a cop walking the beat at a non-event. But they get their orders from up above, so you cant blame the individual police man for being assigned shitty duties. le sigh.
  14. Time for a new phone

    get an iphone 4s and trade with me for my Samsung Galaxy S2? i loathe android
  15. considering first 3 years was breaking into the field, Nah no way Ill be on 100k. I mean if you want to pay me $100k sure. Changed jobs 3 months ago. I'd need to do a pile of study to break 100k.. and i hate study sooooo bad
  16. The Internet's Best Build Threads

    Sasha's (holy f**k) 350z : http://www.ziptied.com/forums/index.php?PHPSESSID=57ee190f89f8e3068cf00adfa022c7f9&topic=15975.0
  17. exactly my point, and as i said, I cant take a pay cut.. same or more only
  18. Home Office - Harder than you think

    wish i could work from home...
  19. TPG drop outs in VIc, anyone else getting hit?

    Factory reset modem update settings ISO test report results to ISP.
  20. Forfeiture of cars

    not sure if trolling + further details would be appreciated
  21. Think before running from police

    So the short of it is that we need to change those people above you who are focusing on revenue raising/ pety traiffic fines. and get more cops on the beat doing what most people consider "Real police work". Honestly It makes 100% sense what you said, however on my way to work today I saw a copper with his radar gun hiding and all I could think was "what a f**king prick". The way the police presence is seen by the public is revenue raising bastards, not guys who are there when you need them. Only way I can see that change is from getting cops off small fines (less than 10km/over) focus on the DUI/Dangerous driving/Real Crimes/Drugs/etc.
  22. Building a media pc set up

    Theres no real straight forward way without paying a bunch of money. Personally, I'd Just buy the Bluray, then download the rip in MKV format, 90% of them keep surround sound + subtitles etc. Media players are pretty fun, the shitty part is basically making it all controlable via remote and getting rid of any PC feel to it. Mine took aout 6 months to get how I wanted but its well worth it. Next part of the project is building a NAS and streaming my own custom channels to the TV, so I can have "Simpsons channel" "Family guy channel" and i just flip the channel.. that's going to take some work! =)