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  1. Surveillance camera systems

    downside of cabled systems is the dude can trace the wire and steal your HDD with any evidence if you dont happen to be watching lol
  2. anyone built a go kart before?

    gearbox is built into most motorbike engines.. just use that?
  3. Need some Manga/Anime Car art

    itasha rocks. put a sil80 on your sil80 so you can.............. uh.... ..
  4. Need some Manga/Anime Car art

    https://www.google.com.au/search?q=initial+d+manga&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=Wg1pT-2kNMKyiQfD6sm4Cg&biw=942&bih=944&sei=XA1pT_6EC4mRiQf33JDLCg ?
  5. Aca hoons report channel 9

    hell no. keep NS/HT out of this as much as possible.
  6. Shit talkers' thread

    nah man its ' G - Reddy'
  7. Vodafone Bill argument

    TIO, they will cave hard.
  8. Third brake light

    $5 off ebay = done and done.
  9. xx

    I so wanna go just to watch :|
  10. Jake DRIFTSQUID Jones to compete in D1GP!

    will like when home.. work wont allow it
  11. for second hand VE money screw the LS400, get an LS430. Newer and better. oh and toyotas dont last forever, I've had 2x ES300's and one died a horrible death very quickly even after me maintaining it stupidly well and the second one is well and truely on its way out. the LS400 has a sick engine though.. much better than my shitty v6 fwd
  12. So I've been in IT for 7 years, kinda sick of it now.. wanting to change to almost any career thats legit. Currently on 65k+ Super.. Any ideas for jobs you can pretty much just walk on IN and do? I pick stuff up stupidly quick, but I hate study, which is why IT is getting boring... new stuff/keeps changing/need more certs etc..
  13. Hi Guys, I'm after a new job after completing my last contract role, I've got a wide range of experience in IT from help desk, team leadership, project management, service delivery, internal IT, hosted/cloud services. After a new Role asap (coming from a 65k+Super package) Anyone can PM me if they've got anything and I'll send a full CV.
  14. Ok guys, dont be biased. I'm trying to figure out who is in the right/wrong for this small ding I had this morning, I get the feeling we both feel at fault. I was pulling out of my driveway turning left (but looking right - aka failed to check properly) - Due to street parked cars/trucks its hard to see at the best of times anyway The other car was coming down the middle of my street (failing to keep left) - however 99% of the time there's no room for cars to be side by side due to the street parking, so one car always needs to make way for the other. Anyway we hit, no one is hurt. Just trying to see where the blame (legally is) I think I may be in the wrong as I failed to join a main road, however if he DID keep left appropriately, 1) we wouldnt have hit due to me seeing him 2) better angle to see oncoming traffic.
  15. s15 450kw brake upgrade

    Sounds like the brake pedal pressure is more than 1 full stroke, (going 20km/h) tap the brakes before needing to to ensure full pedal pressure. then pushing the pedal to the floor, if your still rolling, ur brakes have the issue. If your going into roundabouts 100km+ and braking at the last minute.. thats you.
  16. Dream car and dream engine conversion

    If we are going 'realistic' options (im sure both have been done) -Busa engine in a Suzuki Cappuchino, Bigger than stock engine, wont ruin F/R Balance. better response being N/A and a butload more power/torque -LSX Engine in a FC or R34, 86. then slap some turbos on when you get bored. Unrealistic: 12x CBR250RR engines in an S13, all hooked together.. Would sound insane.. (3litre engine, 48 cyclinders @19000RPM) of I just wanna hear it, dont care about speed. But it shouldnt be too bad with 480ps minus epic weight + drivetrain loseses. Twin RB26/30 Engines in a R34 GTR, one in the front, one in the back, obviously both making stupid ammounts of power.
  17. Can't hear BOV on s15

    is car boosting?
  18. jack shit, like $50 to my front bar (which i dont give a shit about) and his car's a shitbox, i just think if it goes through insurance they'll think they need to repair his entire car cause its completely f**ked.
  19. I get out every time, if they tell me to get back in, then I do so.. Had a gun pulled on me once when I caught the bitch yanking my P plate off and went to confront her. (in the rifffff) merkin law is completely diff to aus unfortunatly. Since the 9/11 BS cops can search our cars/ourselves just because the have a suspicion n shit. Pure BS. Personally if the cops a dick these days (i drive stock cars now) Im make their life hard and deny/refuse all requests unless they advise me of what police powers they are using, why they believe its relevant to the current stop. and recording the whole thing with a camera in their face. hazaaaaa.. Its my 50 year plan for slow revenge against HWP If its RBT, i just get it over n done with
  20. arg dammit, he could have kept further left just another half a foot NUGHGUHGUGHGHhhhhhhhhhhh
  21. cost of buying a 600cc to a 250cc is jack especially for learner approved bikes. Cruisers may weigh more, but the engine is down lower so lifting it can be easier. I dropped my CBR250 after coming off it, had a fractured shoulder and still managed to lift it by myself. If your doing ALOT of highway riding, i'd get a bigger bike as a CBR250RR sits on about 9krpm in top gear, so you go through fuel pretty quickly. Test rode a new 600cc and i got a huge increse in economy due to the torque.
  22. Aviation

    Part of it - same as any industry is who you know. But the thing is backing yourself up with what you know. Depending how far you want to go the ATPL exams are going to be changing drastically over the next 5 years to stamp out any 'teaching the answer' technique and ensuring people are clearly taught knowledge as some flightschools are doing.
  23. blowtorch and just melt/burn it out