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  1. My old work was awesome, $500 for weekend shifts, monthly bonus's, 30% overtime allowance, epic night shift rates... I miss it, but my new work is pretty boss even though I dont get bonus's.. my work/life balance is much better. but still I'd work harder with a bonus scheme. $500 a foughtnight / $1k a month.. something like that.
  2. Incorrect data usage with Telstra?

    updates over 3g enabled?
  3. What did you do for your 21st?

    i played CS.. lol
  4. Aquarium Chat Thread

    sick tank man, i want one that kinda size.. gotta get back into it, just gotta find a place near me that does tanks/complete setups =)
  5. Keep Drifting Fun

    Keep drifting fun = feel free to compete if you like, or just kick skids for kicks, just dont get stuck in stupid rule books and getting pissed off, just be happy your smashing the gas and keeping it sideways as much as possible potentially next to another car/s.
  6. For petrol , yeh sure.. but for cars breaking down/trucks with blown tyres thats abit unfair..
  7. Owned and Operated - Documentary

    theres quite abit more towards the end, more of SENSIBLE ideas of how we should change how we live to improve the earth/ not over consume resources.. its not as hippy as it seems I enjoyed it, watched the entire thing.
  8. Projectors

    sit it on the floor pointing up.. its ventilation is on the side so its fine either way. set a timer so it doesnt burn out the bulb if u fall asleep =)
  9. Ok, so Like most I love my jap sports bikes, but Im trying to find some more unique models rather than just the same R1/GSXR/CBR/ZX10 etc that you see everywhere I wouldnt mind something alittle different, but I do love my fairings, and i dont want something thats impossible to get parts for when something breaks. Ive been lookin at the aprilla's.. look nice but not a huge fan of the sound, dislike KTM's sports bike.. it looks like a pile of triangles with wheels. and I dont want to be a ducatti douche (no offense..) lol So throw me ideas. I havent ridden many litre bikes, but i know what they are like so im expecting fear to hit me each time i ride, with a killer sound track, and race style fairings. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO! =)
  10. Projectors

    i shine my projector on the roof when im lazy and in bed =)
  11. Aquarium Chat Thread

    sounds like they didnt make it
  12. Good experiences with cops

    pfft they aren't good experiences, you guys got ripped. NS Christmas Cruise a few years ago just after the cronulla riots we got a cop escort outta the city, flying the entire time.. green lights all the way.. Epic import + cop car cruise! THAT was a good night!
  13. Hey guys, My Bday is coming up and I have no idea what I want.. friends and rents are asking me, (plus i always buy myself something cool) so what would you want from friends between $20-300. I dont really drink at all anymore so cross booze off I also have a shitbox car so mods dont interest me. aaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!
  14. Surveillance camera systems

    you'd be better off turning the jammer off after you leave.. just sayin.
  15. yeh going paintball next week I do it once a month =) being single has soo many advantages.. if u want it you buy it.. its probably the reason to me having a hard decision of what i need/want.
  16. vague is the point. I've got crap load of gadgets and useless crap that every guy obtains, dont really have hobbies or interests anymore.. not since selling the 34 3 years ago, no GF and rarely go out. Are many of those experience things worth it? I heard those v8 'super laps' are slow, plus u got half the day being lectured your 'not a race car driver'..
  17. legal bride seats?

    I've had cops look at my Bride seat and i show them the FIA cert and they are like 'that'll do' =)
  18. few good ideas on tiwib.com i asked you guys cause i have no idea what i want.. and yes im 25 and i still get gifts, i also give my friends gifts on their bdays =)
  19. water tornado in the laundy man... what else.
  20. List the cars you have owned

    1) 88 Mazda 626 2) R34 25GT 3) R34 GTT 3.5) CBR250RR (if a bike counts ) 4) Lexus ES300 5) Lexus ES300
  21. What would you do with $100?

    half a tank of fuel?