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  1. technique for cutting with drop saw

    I have this exact saw, and had this exact problem cutting 45 degree angles. It's not the greatest dropsaw in the world, but I've managed to get it cutting 45 degree cuts pretty well. Not 100%, but about 95% and a shitload better than the first cuts I made. I wore out the original cutting disc pretty quickly so grabbed one of the Flexovit blades 358mm x 3mm x 25.5mm (same size as the original cutting disc) and that has helped quite a bit, but the major thing that helped was using an extra G clamp to clamp the work to the bed of the saw, as the vibration of the machine and the spinning of the disc would lift the work slightly in the vice on the bed of the saw. Cut slow, let the disc do the work and it's working a lot better now.
  2. picture information

    That information is called the EXIF information, not all photos will have it, but straight off a camera they generally will. Flickr has full EXIF information available, photoshop can read and write it, and from memory even recent versions of Windows can read it, too.
  3. Skill up in the areas lacking people. IT, Building, Health to name but a few.
  4. About the easiest thing you can do to a car. Learn how and save the money.
  5. car being impounded

    No I'm actually a software developer
  6. car being impounded

    Or, here's an idea. Realise you f**ked up, accept the consequences and leave them your daily. As is required by law. Stop trying to weasel out of it.
  7. Open Bottle-o on today! (xmas)

    Festivus is the 23rd
  8. Thanks for posting that Kristian, great to hear the real issues are finally coming to the forefront for discussion and will hopefully be addressed...
  9. Another death on the road

    Neither would a race track, for that matter. Do you think he would have pulled up next to his mate and said 'lets drive out to port adelaide and have a race on the track!'? No? Me either.
  10. Rally this week end?

    Classic Adelaide died last year. Hasn't come back yet.
  11. Which hydraulic trolly jack?

    Blue Point Long Reach Super Low Service Jack: Part Number: SNX1LLTJ 005 by auvortex, on Flickr 004 by auvortex, on Flickr There is no other $550 retail from any snapon van
  12. Cams approved cages

    Awesome price for that cage, that would have to be mild steel and not cromoly wouldn't it?
  13. MUDHNTR - GQ Patrol ST Turbo Diesel

    Love this thing Matty, see it around Edwardstown area and the Hwy fairly often Sounds tuff as I want a Patrol now
  14. Bought my Blue Point jack tonight and got the free stands It's a freaking awesome jack