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  1. EVO members

    EvO 8 mr hear in perth W.A
  2. Evo 8 MR

  3. Evo 8 MR

    they are bloody pricey i can tell ya that..................But yer RHJ will have them and like the others said ebay u can get them from the US
  4. My shit box evo 8 mr get around 420 when i baby it haha
  5. [Os Giken Master Shop]-new price!

    Evo 8 mr single plate clutch >??< Perth W.A price please PM
  6. Spotted

    LOL that was my car back in the day..!! Car has been sold now but still have the plates.........
  7. What's the best body kit looking for S15

  8. Hey man can u please give me ur best CASH price on tomei outlet pipe for sr20 s15 shipped to perth and wot is Without EAI mean PM please Thanks Brad
  9. customer feedback here!

    Thanks mate for the ORC single plate clutch brand new in a box gr8 to deal with and will tell mates about u will buy more parts from ya for sure