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  1. s15 6spd and brass button clutch?

    6 sp is a sweet box. Mine was rock solid with NPC organic (I had 345rwkw without it breaking) The ratios are great. Installing a brass button is molestation. And then installing a 5 sp is going backwards. Arse clowns who complain about it breaking drive like idiots and should have auto only licences
  2. S15 has not been drivin in 2 years.

    No way I'd drive it without changing oil first. That 2+ yr old oil has certainly degraded and won't lubricate optimally. I'd drop oil again after driving first time to flush the motor entirely. I'd also absolutely do spark plugs. Add to that fuel filter, coolant flush and brake/clutch fluid. I guess it depends on how particular you are with your car.
  3. Yep S15. It was just a street car for me. Had it for about a year on that power before I sold it. I was pretty careful though, never loaded 4th gear up, since it's usually the one that breaks. I also had shitty Federal 595s on the back, 245 wide, which were prone to serious wheelspin, and no doubt helped my driveline.
  4. I had ~350kw with the NPC organic. Not only did it never slip, I never broke the standard box. Best. Clutch. Ever.
  5. S15 setup + turbo choice

    As if any cop is going to know the difference between top feed and side feed injectors
  6. I gave up on internal gates years ago. External ftw
  7. efr 6258 t4

    T4 6758 is the best possible solution for response and preservation of factory driveline IMO. It'd be my choice if cost wasn't an issue
  8. S15 setup + turbo choice

    ^ Sorry dude, my guess is that you haven't driven, or been in a decent setup turbo car. A GT3076 on 16psi wouldn't make much power, and I bet it doesn't make boost until at least 4500rpm. Compare this to modern turbo motors that make peak torque from 1800rpm. Your peak torque at 5000rpm is so far behind its not funny. The best you can aim for in an SR20 for reasonable money is peak torque around 3500rpm and around 250kW on 98, maybe 270-280 on e85. GTX2863 or 67
  9. S15 setup + turbo choice

    Yep, ID1300 are made by Bosch. And they are what you want. And yes, Nistune is way better.
  10. S15 setup + turbo choice

    1. EFR 6758, 7163 or 7670. Expensive, but the best, without question. Twin scroll is a must. 2. GTX2867, stock manifold. Best bang for the money. Easily. 3. GTX30xx are too large on a 2L IMO. They are invariably laggy and only make power pushing boost into them. They are a poor match on a street SR20 Also, don't use Bosch 2000s, they have a very high failure rate on e85 and are responsible for munching many a motor.Use the 1300cc Bosch top feeds. Stainless internals to handle e85. But they have a price to match ($300 per injector). If it were me, I'd go a GTX2867, 1300s. Make 280ish on e85. Then importantly I'd mate it to an npc single plate organic clutch. Best driveability vs power handling vs driveline preservation available. And the last thing I'd do is change the diff ratio to 4.11 or even higher. Add r33gtr brakes and some mca suspension and you're good to go.
  11. S15 to Evo

  12. S15 to Evo

    Benny travels to Darwin to tune but I had the car built in Newcastle with Fabtech, who happens to work right next to Benny. Incredible fabricator
  13. S15 to Evo

    I need to update my details haha. Was in the NT
  14. S15 to Evo

    Cheers. About 29psi. It's making 240kW @ 4000rpm. Loves the corn juice
  15. S15 to Evo

    E85 tune done. I feel for my driveline...