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  1. Price : $400 Condition : New Brand new pair of 235/40/18 Achilles 123S semi slicks Expect to pay $440 in store. Pickup in south side Brisbane Send me a text if I don't answer during the day and i'll get back to you. 0-4-3-2-3-6-1-8-0-5
  2. SR_Drifter / crzy_1via / Amir Samuel

    umm im still waiting for my $350...this thursday like u said...ive given u more than sufficient time
  3. SR_Drifter / crzy_1via / Amir Samuel

    yeah apparently tomorrow some of it will be deposited...im so sick of getting screwed around for the past how many weeks...anyone else still waiting on cash?
  4. SR_Drifter / crzy_1via / Amir Samuel

    im still waiting on mine...he said he'll be putting $200 in today...we'll see how that goes
  5. SR_Drifter / crzy_1via / Amir Samuel

    hey loz i dont think this amir guy is taking it serious as its thursday and i've still not received a cent...
  6. SR_Drifter / crzy_1via / Amir Samuel

    hey corp so what happened with him...as im the same with u waiting for my money back...
  7. SR_Drifter / crzy_1via / Amir Samuel

    i already did so with commbank but they said it may take up to 6 weeks...is everyone here who got scammed doing the same thing?
  8. SR_Drifter / crzy_1via / Amir Samuel

    thanks loz...yeah ive been txtn him but he doesnt want to reply about it
  9. SR_Drifter / crzy_1via / Amir Samuel

    yeah im down $350 for injectors much appreciated loz
  10. SR_Drifter / crzy_1via / Amir Samuel

    looks like im not the only one to get scammed by this guy...but yeah i bought injectors off him just over 2 weeks ago and he said he'll send them express post the next day, he's been getting back to me quite promptly before i made payment, and ever since i made payment its been hard trying to get into contact with him. he gave me the number of 0430 505 994 (which he said is his old ladies number since he dropped his phone in the piss trough) been trying to call him on that number but it seems that his "brother" answers the phone and says that amir doesnt live with them and he will get him to call me back. so yeah i hope loz you can get him to pay everyone back...
  11. hey guys, on my s14 when i jacked up the car to take my left rear wheel off i noticed there was a bit of play in it...i know that its not normal cos i checked the other side...im just wondering if this could be the wheel bearing on its way out? n how much am i looking at for fixing it...any info on it wud be helpful...thanks
  12. Make and model: S14a 200sx Size of engine: 2L Modifications to the car: 3" full exhaust, FMIC, GT2871R, 040 pump, gizzmo IBC, Gktech manifold Type of turbo: GT2871R Trim of turbo: Rear Exhaust housing: 0.64 When does vehicle begin boost: 2000rpm When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: 4000rpm Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; stock What brand: What lift/duration etc: Max power achieve at what boost: 188.7rwkw @ 10psi
  13. hey, im stewy

    not a big fan of da colour...i guess it wud look alot better in person...anyways good luck with the car mate
  14. Finally Got It R32

    I Wish It Was. They Say Good Things Come To The Ones That Wait . Cheers Mate!! haha tru tru...well all da best with it mate