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    Budi, any SA55M in stock?
  2. Own a cat?

    Well none get put down at all.
  3. Own a cat?

    I'd greatly appreciate if you could click on the like button. She goes well out of her way to help abandoned and unloved kittehs at Help Save The Fury Ones Thanks! www.facebook.com/FelineEmporium
  4. Revolution email

    Not working hard enough
  5. Make : TOYOTA COROLLA Transmission : Kilometres : 322000 Price : $2,000 Condition : Used Its time for me to sell a daily I no longer have a need for. I purchased it from Victoria to use as a get about whilst my other car was being repaired. Overall its in fairly good condition considering its age and mileage. The interior is still looking pretty fresh with exception of some plastics and areas of trim. It has a Kenwood CD stacker and 6 x 9s. The paint work has a few spots where it use a cut and polish as the clear is peeling. It has a few dings and scrapes but no visible rust. It also has tinted windows but being at least 10 years it has faded. Before I bought it, the head was reconditioned and the clutch replaced. The Motor doesn't blow any smoke and still pulls quite well. Unfortunately the idle control was playing up so its blocked off and has a lowish idle when started but is fine once warmed up. Its a little jerky when its warm but bearable. The tyres still have lots of tread but the suspension is still from the factory so its worn out and handling isn't sporty anymore. It has served me well and would suit someone looking for a daily with a bit of poke that isn't too fussy or someone looking for a project car. I'm chasing $2500ono with 3 months rego.
  6. Weds SA70 - $1,800

    Price : $1,800 Condition : Used 18 x 9 +32 all round near new 225 40 Nangbangs up front and 235 40 Neutons on the rear with some tread left.
  7. Mt Alma Mile 2012

    Wasn't there for too long and a few snaps.
  8. Not enough photos of the rear air ducts.
  9. PT Custom Fab

    Decided to show some of my brothers creations. He rarely uses the net and alot of the time no one sees what he whips up. Just one intake for now.
  10. I wouldn't change a thing and I look forward to next years event.
  11. Show me your stickers!

    Parking permits.