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  1. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Shite havnt been on here in a while!! Havnt done much to my Patrol lately bar make a mount for twin fans on my ARB compressor to keep it cool oh and add a shit load more scratches and dents, both side steps are now completely shagged. The farking "immu" ring that the key talks to on the steering column shat itselt, $724 later http://www.patrol4x4.com/forum/attachments/nissan-patrol-gu-gr-10/45273d1360895669-damn-nats-tow-jpg
  2. Mine 18x9.5 + 20 with 235/40's, would like to run a spacer on the front to push em out a little bit but would need to back off the castor to do so as it just hits the guards on the bigger bumps. Am i the only one with a car that scrapes over bumps that finds themselves subconsciously holding themselves up in your seat when your about to hit a bump coz its gonna help lol.
  3. Shitty pic i know, but since getting it moving last thursday it hasn't stopped raining 18 x 9.5 + 20 all around with 235/40 federals. Front and rear guards rolled, rear ~ 1 deg camber, fronts 3 degs, tryes dont touch the guards at all.
  4. 4x4 Pics and vids

    ^^^ Yep exactly, take the cap off and undo, easy as. Just remember to cover up the bare stub axle not like i forgot to and its all rusted to shit now.
  5. 4x4 Pics and vids

  6. Nav D40

    As a dual cab ute, they are damn nice. Drive pretty sweet to. As a offroad machine, they are capaable for a lot of the normal stuff, beach, hills etc. The problem they have is the front diff is a little weak, driven carefully will be fine though. Both diesel and petrol are fine.
  7. 4x4 Pics and vids

    Yep know those guys, they hit up the Goat Rd area often were we went. Thats in an old quarry not far from Brunswick Junction. Youtube Goat rd and Bobs Hill to see em in action.
  8. 4x4 Pics and vids

    The last few are the Brunswick area, the rest from around Wellington National park. All my back yard, i can drive 15mins and be in the bush driving over rocks and up and down clay hills with 35" swallowing ruts. Its funny as all the guys from Perth get all protective about these tracks, even though they are just my local one's, there is more out there that most dont know that even buggys struggle on.
  9. 4x4 Pics and vids

    Didn't even get pics of the real hard stuff as was to busy trying to get all the cars through without damage. Some of the ruts swallow 35"s.
  10. 4x4 Pics and vids

    Some pic's from my recent trip around the local stuff. Pic's never do anything justice, so frustrating.
  11. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Did a run Friday, took 9 1/2 hrs to do just 78k's, at one stage it took 4hrs to do 9k's, with even car's with 35"s scraping the diffs down and up the ruts, we had to scull drag 2 car's with 32" and 33" a lot of the way, multiple winch's and snatch's. I'll get some photo's off my mate's camera soon and chuck em up, epic trip.
  12. 4x4 Pics and vids

  13. 4x4 Pics and vids

    Went out today to some tracks called Goat Rd and Rocky rd. Goat Rd as the name suggests is very rocky, i got stuck on a rock step up on my damn side steps again, time for some sliders me think, and trying to get around the same spot nearly rolled the 60 series that was with us, doing a tight turn across a slope didnt stop when we told him and hit a rock with the front leaning it over big time, i believe a little wee came out. Rocky rd was impossible, got like 10mtrs in with the pumpkins scraping the whole, and thats on 35's. Got one pic of me beached from FB, will get some better ones up soon.
  14. 4x4 Pics and vids

    Yeah ive drooled over the portal hubs available for Patrols from Marks.... hmmm
  15. 4x4 Pics and vids

    Interesting setup. Atlas's?