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  1. Big Brembo set up

    offers ?
  2. Big Brembo set up

    Ok now i have decided to sell my brembo brake set up it consists of 2x dodge srt-8 brembo 4 pots 2x360mm rotors the rotors and pads are new it also comes with dog bones to mount to nissans but to be honest the workshop that made them stuffed them up and you need to use washers to space it out, so i would recommend you get some new ones made. Im looking to down size to some r33-r34 gtr brembos and would preffer a swap with 300 ono my way if your planning to swap the rotors and pads must be near new as mine are if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will not be removing them until i have a sold buyer I'm willing to sell for 1500ono, I live in perth so I will need to work out postage If you want more info please pm me Thanks for your time Marti
  3. Ok thanks for that would someone be able to post up his link or something ?, also whatr else will i need to do to get it to fit ?
  4. Ok guys can you please post up a link for nigal and any info i might need to do it ?
  5. Im thinking about putting a z32 300zx gear box into my s13 sr20det, i need to know what i need to get it in appart from the tail shaft, is there a kit that i can buy eg bell housing adapter to get it to bolt in. Please let me know a step buy step guide on how to do it and what i need exactly to get the job done. Thank you for your time Marti
  6. Hello people Im thinking of putting a z32 300zx gear box into my s13 sr20det silvia i need to know what is needed to do it apart from a custom tail shaft. I need to know if anyone has these kits made up already if you do please let me know as i need to buy one asap, and a step buy step guide to put it in there thanks for your time Marti
  7. sr20dett anyone done it?

    On one of those Hpi dvd's there was a japanese tuning house that put 2 t28 turbos on a stroked 2.2l sr, it was primeraly a drag car though

    They are still moving to another premesiss
  9. R32.4 finally 95% finished (56k warning)

    Hot car man, love those wheels and colour is awsome
  10. Old JIMMAH S/C S13 Drift

    He was running a Dog Box, dont remember which one it was though
  11. Old JIMMAH S/C S13 Drift

    The whole engine bay is full of Jun parts, the brakes were awsome too, think they were AP racing The whole engine bay is full of Jun parts, the brakes were awsome too, think they were AP racing
  12. My BABY!

    Looks hawt, love it
  13. something different

    Putting a v8(Ls1 mainly) into a s13 isnt a bad idea because the ls1 weighs les than any rb or jz engine , or so i have heard because its all aloy
  14. Yashio Factory S13s

    Yoshio factory have awsome cars, love them
  15. Drift Australia Perth

    Where are the WA, drivers i hope you got some pictures of them