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  1. Student shot

    So who was recording? sorry I havent been up to date Ill do a bit of googling now. Dont really watch the news but this is quite an interesting story... Im of the opinion the cops were there filming him and they let him get into the car and basically get murdered.
  2. Student shot

    its just fuked in my opinion that they watched him get into the car... news are saying secrutiy footage from a building or some shit but you can clearly see the camera following him as he goes to the other car....
  3. Korean pork belly burger

    So how was it?
  4. Drift School - Eastern Creek

    half day is fun. level 1 is a bit easy but. its run by hitec drift school. i enjoyed it never the less even though like i said it was easy. am looking forward to go to their level 2 one. just need to save some money....
  5. My SR20 is too cool?

    i used to run a twin core and a nismo thermo... car ran cold. took forever to warm. i think it actually reduced performance. unless you track it everyday its not a good setup for the street.
  6. S15 CLUTCH

    nismo supercopper mix, and big operating cylinder.
  7. Bride zeta 3, What size to get?

    holy shit... u guys are all giants.... lol
  8. Going from TD06 to GT2871r

    gt2871r with .64 and 19psi made 222kw no cams. 98ron fuel. so definitly possible.
  9. Korean pork belly burger

    holy feks.... do want.
  10. Haltech vs Power FC vs Nistune

    this arguement is neva ending..... I ran power fc and avcr.... hand controller and a blue screen... win + win!!!
  11. i used to run ssqv plumbed back in my s15. ssqv has no spring. it opens and shuts via + and - air pressure. so claimed not to leak.
  12. Front pipe/Dump Pipe for S15?

    unless you can get a hks for 250 bux....
  13. hmmm... im looking to sell my nardi wheel... its a deepcorn 350mm. it came off my old S15. about 1-2yrs use. interested?
  14. It's extremely hard to zip tie the front guard mounts for the oem S15 bar. Trust me, I've tried to do it haha. really??? my car was a S15.... took me all of 5 mins to do....