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  1. looking for powder coaters

    got my old rims sandblasted and powdercoated black cost $70 per rim they were 17x9s was pretty happy with results Campbellfield Powder Coating & Sandblasting Services Rob Timmins 0400 262 837 9308 5125 19 Scammel st campbellfield 3061 good luck
  2. Glenroy exhausts did some work for me. very happy with their work, good pices and tops to deal with.
  3. ,,,,

  4. need a good wheel repair/paint joint

    what this guy said, he did single piece rims for us on a few occassions. was there today, he cant do em coz there's not enough room between the spokes/lips for him to work with :/
  5. need a good wheel repair/paint joint

    is that they guy who works at home? ive been there he says he cant do single piece rims thanks. i'll give that a try
  6. Hi as per title i need a wheel repairer that's able to repaint the lips on my rims eventhough they're single piece rims apreciate any help thanks
  7. Roadworthy checklist

    here's the checklist wheels and tyres steering and suspension brakes brake perfomance service brake parking brake seats and seat belts lamps, signals, reflectors etc exhaust and emission controls windscreen and windows windscreen wipers, washers etc body and chassis engine and driveline other items modifications
  8. lol still having these arguments? the fact that you guys go through so much trouble and spend so much time trying to prove that SR's are good motors on a f**king silvia forum.... well sais it all really.... +1 all these "SR's are good" threads are just ways for you sr owners to make yourselves feel good about having an sr in your car, nothin wrong with it but fark comon man...
  9. celica ra28 (mustang shape) project

    thanks guys! i'll be passing on the info cheers
  10. sup all, my brother's bought a ra28 as a project car, car still runs etc but he's now in the process of stripping, cleaning it etc he wants ideas on what mechanicals to buy/use for it. original plan was to put a late model 2jz and supra box in it, apparently its an easy fit aswell for theses cars (?) what other options are there? something maybe cheaper but still puts out decent power? any help/suggestions/advice would be much appreciated thanks
  11. ATTENTION Midnight Purple CAR OWNERS!

    saw this today in pascoe vale (?) curry lookin driver... 1 of the nicest gtr's i've ever seen on the road
  12. interesting no longer interested in R33s question now is r34 sedan or coupe dunno why but atm im liking the sedans more than the coupes...
  13. Best sounding BOV

    exactly, anyone who reckons running no bov harms the turbo is just a sheep i don't mind a bit of a flutter, but none of that VL stuff thats just too much