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  1. tiger_s13 for me.. and not because you're my friend
  2. Where is everybody located?

    Zzz... This thread fails to deliver... Do some work Tsuro.
  3. RB > CA+SR

    I don't think anyone really cares
  4. RB > CA+SR

    Hi... Firstly - there were no fingers going in any butt holes. Therefore no story to tell! Sorry to disappoint. Second - don't blame me for DNF's name change or disappearance. (aimed at YOU Nat! ) And Third - Awesome dumpling place in Springvale is called... Shanghai something... Shanghai Gourmet I think. Sorry - I forgot. Much love.
  5. Another "what would you do?" Thread

    LOL. Josh if the current boss really wants to keep you, he'll offer you more than just a payrise to match the new position you're after. Bargain with him if you can... you may not be able to but you have something else to fall back on now. Good luck.
  6. Happy B'day Erin!

    And Krisa in a DRESS!!!! Shhhhh!!
  7. Khrissa's Childhood (aka Rukia)

    You THINK you know your status. I beg to differ! You'd only buy Red Bull because you're more likely to drink that than V aren't you?
  8. Happy B'day Erin!

    Yeah Ryan... YOU IDIOT Shoulda come... was definitely a good night! Nat with a collared shirt!!!!
  9. Khrissa's Childhood (aka Rukia)

    Make it a full bottle and I'll drop the "so called" and just call you the #1 eastie
  10. Khrissa's Childhood (aka Rukia)

    Then I'd look pretty good for a 40 something year old ey You hush your mouth It's just weird when people ONLINE use the correct spelling of my name!!! AND YOU RYAN - So called #1 east sider, YOU owe me half a bottle of V now
  11. giggidy

  12. Khrissa's Childhood (aka Rukia)

    Bite meeeeeeeee #2 on the east side! You ain't #1!
  13. Khrissa's Childhood (aka Rukia)

    Better not be bagging my dancing Ryan... you so called number 1 east sider! YOU LIE!!!
  14. Khrissa's Childhood (aka Rukia)

    But you're my friend so you're not classed as a sicko
  15. Khrissa's Childhood (aka Rukia)

    LOL ur one sick bastard to even think that! I entirely agree In other words are you that 'sicko' ??? lol LOL No Kemp wouldn't be the sicko! But I hope to God that there isn't some sicko doing that That's just... disturbing...