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  1. Nice work! Got one for the R34 GTR?
  2. Z32 Gearbox conversion

    Anyone done a Z33 kit yet? Mazworx had developed one quite a while back but never hot around to releasing it.
  3. Price : $100 Condition : Used Hey Guys, Time for a cleanup, have the following parts available - shoot me a PM or SMS on EDIT R34 GT-R rims and tyres (18x9.0 +30 offset, wrapped in 245/40R18 Yokohama Neova AD08) -- $2,700 GFB Deceptor Pro -- $400 Nismo Super Coppermix (Single Plate, rated at 420ps/300kw) -- $700 P12 SR20VE (FWD) complete bottom end, crate engine --$500 P12 SR20VE intake manifold -- $150 P12 SR20VE exhaust manifold --$150 P12 SR20VE 6 speed (FWD) gearbox -- $1,000 S15 R200 differential (3.692 ratio) with 6-bolt half-shafts and axles --$350 S15 drivers & passengers seats with rails -- $200 S15 Airflow meter -- $100 S15 radiator -- $100 S15 SMIC with ducting --$100 S15 exhaust manifold with heat shield -- $100 S15 space saver tyres x2 -- $50 each Regards, Tomi
  4. Tomi's '99 JDM S15 Silvia

    For those interested, here's a couple of pictures of the GT-R items post cleanup and transplant into GTS-t housing and final installation. Also fitted a GKtech billet diff cover (baffled w/extra 900cc)
  5. Tomi's '99 JDM S15 Silvia

    Also one other point I forgot to mention - because the diff ratio is being changed so does the pulse that the signal produces. This means that your speedo reading will be slightly out and need to be calibrated by a speedo signal modulator - heaps are available online, or even kits through JayCar Electronics to do this.
  6. Tomi's '99 JDM S15 Silvia

    Dropped out of the scene for a bit (building a house), so haven't had much time for the S15 recently. However since my last update, have done the following: - R33 GT-R diff which has a 4.11 ratio (37:9) - R33 GT-R half-shafts which are 6-bolt with thicker splines and more teeth - R33 GT-R axles, again thicker and 6-bolt - R33 GT-R hubs to suit the above setup The above components were installed for two primary reasons 1) to gain a better 4.11 ratio and 2) to gain the stronger (thicker) 6-bolt half shafts and axles from the R33 GT-R. Now on paper this may seem like a pretty straight forward conversion, however this is not a direct bolt if you want to retain your ABS system and/or speedo reading. Here are the reasons why: - The S15 diff (R200) uses a 3 channel ABS system (meaning one sensor for each front wheel, and a single sensor for both rear wheels). The sensor on the diff not only provides the ABS module with a signal (sine-wave) but also provides the VSS (vechile speed signal) to the speedo. The sensor pickup is mounted on the front (pinion) of the diff and has a single ABS harness plug. - The R33 GT-R diff (R200) uses a 4 channel ABS system (meaning one sensor for each wheel). The diff itself has two sensors, these read sprokets on either side of the half shafts which then merge into a single ABS harness plug. Mechanicaly, the way in which the ABS signal is being determined is different to the standard S15 system. Because of this you cannot just 'plug and play' as the signal pulse will be different to what the ABS module\speedo in the S15 has been configured for. So after much research there are really only three options for this situation: 1. Forget about your S15 having ABS and/or a speedo reading. If this doesn't bother you then the R33 GT-R diff, half-shafts, axles and hubs will all bolt up directly to an S15 subframe. You must have all of these components for it to work. 2. Create a custom ABS sensor pickup that replicates the standard S15 setup, i.e. this would involve retrofitting a custom sproket (which replicates the diameter and teeth of the stock pickup) to the tailshaft, which can then be read by a sensor 3. Transplant the R33 GT-R diff centre and half shafts into a R33 GTS-t diff (R200, with 4.11 ratio and pinion mounted ABS sensor, like the S15). With this approach the R33 GTS-t crown and pinion is used on the R33 GT-R diff centre. BBy doing this you are able to achieve a 4.11 diff ratio, gain the stronger 6 bolt half shafts and axles, retain ABS and speedo readings. This is the option I went with as I was able to get a R33 GTS-t housing for free to attempt this transplant. In hindsight, the easiest way to do this conversion (if only for the 4.11 ratio) is to go with a R33 GTS-t (Series II, manual) diff - however note the downside is that the half-shafts\axles are a 5-bolt not the 6-bolt like the GT-R. Hope that helps anyone considering this, information on the Internet is very fragmented I have done my best to bring this together. If anyone needs more specific details around this then feel free to PM me.
  7. From what I can tell, the R33 GTST has the same 3-Channel ABS setup as the S15 (i.e one sensor per front wheel, and a single sensor for the rear wheels), hence it's plug and play with only some minor calibration needed for the speedo. The R33 GTR on the other hand is a 4-Channel ABS setup (i.e. one sensor per front wheel, and one sensor per rear wheel). Also mechanically the way it reads the signal is different. The R33 GTR has a sensor either side of the half shafts which then merge into a single harness plug. The S15 has its sensor on the pinon with a single harness plug. According to the S15 service manual the sensor produces a sine-wave which then goes to the ABS module, this in turn gets sent to 1) ECU and 2) Speedo Cluster. I have no idea if the R33 GTR signal is the same type/range of frequency needed for the S15 ABS module to do this. Someone must have been in this situation before, please speak up
  8. R200 Diff Ratios

    Hey guys, I've aquired an R33 GTR diff (4.11) and the associated 6 bolt half-shafts, axles and hubs. From what I have read this should all bolt into the an S15 - however there seems to be a challenge with respect to the ABS sesnsor (which is also the speedo source in the S15 - not gearbox) The R33 GTR rear diff has two ABS sensors, one for each half shaft, which then merges into a single harness plug. The S15 diff on the other hand has a single ABS sensor on the front pinion with single harness plug. To be very clear - all I am looking to achieve here is the installation of a 4.11 diff ratio, GTR 6 bolt half-shafts, axels and hubs while retaining the S15 ABS/speedo. I think there are two potential options for this situation, but need confirmation: 1) Take the R33 GTR diff internals and adapt it to the S15 diff housing, along with 6 bolt half shafts 2) Forget the R33 GTR diff, and get a R33 GTST Series II ABS diff (4.11 w/single front ABS sensor). If I go down this path I would want to know if the 6 bolt R33 GTR half shafts can be fitted in as they are thicker than other Nissan offerings. Any insight around this, or an alternatives are very welcome
  9. With the S15 the ABS sensor is also the source for the speedo reading. Don't think this is the case for the 180, was your speedo reading from the gearbox?
  10. Hey Guys, I've recently acquired an R33 GTR - diff, half shafts, and axels (6 bolt) for the S15. I have not come across anything online regarding what needs to be done to retain the ABS system using the new R33 GTR diff. In the R33 GTR, two ABS sensors from the diff are used to provide a signal through a single harness plug. The S15 uses one ABS sensor through to a single harness plug. So the question, which scenario am I in? : A) The ABS sensor harness from R33 GTR diff plugs straight into the S15 harness and provides the corrent signal for S15 ABS module. The ABS sensor harness from the R33 GTR diff required modification to harness plug and/or signal for the S15 ABS module C) The R33 GTR diff centre and half shafts need to be frankenstiened with the S15 diff to retain ABS D) Other scenario Appreciate your help guys, apologies if this is covered somewhere but damned if I can find it!
  11. Thread revival! Got a hold of a brand new SR20VE P12 crate engine - removed what I need for my conversion, everything else is available in the classifieds below. I'll be using our local expert SR NRG (Donny) to take forward the build http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?app=classifieds&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=1403
  12. Tomi's '99 JDM S15 Silvia

    Rob (S15GT on MelbS15.com) I'll get some pics up later in the week.
  13. Tomi's '99 JDM S15 Silvia

    Few new items added to the car over the last few months, I'll get some pics up later in the week: - Koyo Type-R 53mm radiator - Nismo Thermostat - Defi DIN Cluster (Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure) along with the necessary sensors/adaptors. Faces are black, illuminates red - Pioneer AVH-P6350BT single DIN touchscreen headunit - Modified Digital Climate Control to illuminate with red LED's - Painted the top tank of the Koyo Radiator, Fusebox and Fan Shroud in black VHT wrinkle to keep things looking factory