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  1. Just moved to Melbourne

    Hey guys thanks for the comments I'm living in Doncaster would love to catch up with people see the scene here and let my baby stretch her legs she has evolved a lot since the magazines and shots people know of it
  2. Hi how are you I'm Dominic some people know me as NVMYRE I own a highly modified 2002 series 8 version 6 fd3s RX7 packing 800+ hp So anyway I'm new to melb don't really know anyone or anything to do so looking of some ideas
  3. Sneak Peak.....

    looks reall good mate i used to have a cherry black rx2 coupe ,,,,,,,,top colour ...kit looks good i got your pm let me know what size rims you wanna run and roughly how much wider your car is and i can work out soem rim options for you ...lookin forward to seeing your ride done ..........if you ever want mate my engine or the whole car is for sale lol ........
  4. Crab 86 - 2008 Champion

    well done to Leg and all the team ...also looking forward to seeing how you go at allstars in the US.......
  5. Regency booking?

    i need a booking if anyone has one they aint going to use or make it to in the next few days .......cheers
  6. Regency booking?

    dont mean to go off topic and also dont mean to argue but i can get it engineered for lower height and eyebrow height already spoken to 3 different engineers about it and also as i was referred by regency to go get it engineered ...... they will remove the shocker measure full extension then measure full compression then from that i am allowed to lower it 1/3 of the maximum travel aslong as the car remains above 100mm ground clearance as they have had these problems before and they stated to me they dont care if the eyebrow height is lower than what is in the book as long as i have a certificate from the engineer stateing it is mechanicaly sound
  7. AAA, or ET

    ET FTW great place man and if you have hassles they always happy to help out ...... on a side note i have a gonzo ressy i got off marky in my rx8 made it sound mad its what the system was missing also made more grunt on the dyno too lol my whole system on the RX7 is courtesy of marky never seen anyone get a full 4" system so close and tight to everywhere you would never know it was a 4 inch ET gets my vote and my business and my reference ...can never fault them
  8. Regency booking?

    yeah they told me they will pass me but that doesnt change the fact that when i drive off down the road the first cop that pulls me over and measures the eyebrow heights is gonna defect me again so i want it fixed properly and sorted out in the book so the correct figures are in it .....
  9. Regency booking?

    i had one for yesterday arvo you could of used i know its a bit late now but sorry ......not taking the rx8 through till mazda work out the correct height for my car
  10. 180SX Crash

    R.I.P cant beleive we were chilling out on sat night talking and having a laugh talking about cars and such and now hes gone hits pretty hard only just really met him through mates but was a great guy ....... my condolances go to his brothers and parents and the rest of his family ........ i must say i did have a fair few calls today to check if i was ok as people had heard of a black sports car accident and someone died up here in my area..... such a tragic loss of another precious life .........
  11. ok well i need some new rims and im a little limited by size and offset available so this makes the choices very limited so im wondering what other rims people know of that come in the available size ....... they also need to be available in the same look and configuration front to rear front 18x9.5 .0 offset rear 19x12.5 +20 offset rear 19x13.0 +25 ish offset rear 19x13.5 +35 offset obviously wider would be better but limits what is available ...... some of these do not list the wider size im after but im hoping something might be able to be done feel free to add any you think might be suitable ....... i also like the concaved look so any of them would be good ...just having a hard time finding a new set that will suit .....
  12. I need a good lawyer

    craig caldicott i think it is on brighton road he is good not cheap but good might be worth having a talk with someone at legal aid as they will give you basic info over the phone so you know what action to take
  13. Mazda FD Vs Nissan S15

    i think im gonna shock everyone here and say out of the 2 i would most definately pick the FD lol...... i mean when you climb into the cocpit of an fd everything in there simply says its business time strap your self in and prepare for take off ....from the large in your face tacho to the wrapped around interior all focussed at the driver everything on the car says performance, race and quality ...... now for those of you who say no rear seat room come on man who wants to take bloody people in the back its a sports car and upsets the balance too much ... ......i ripped my seats out so i didnt have to have that situation.... lol would even consider taking out the passenger seat but i need it for counter balance lol as for boot space what do you need to put there if you have no rear seats you have a fair bit of room for items such as helmet race suit and a few jerry cans what more would you want ..... the fd will always remain one of the best developed production cars in the world .... and the rotary engine amazing things can be obtained from these engines as long as the rite formulas are followed build the engine the correct way and use the correct parts when the need arrises and you will not be dissapointed but yes the s15 is probly a little bit cheaper and more practical as a daily driver ......but if you love performance and appeal and knowing you car will never grow old and no matter what someones preference in cars are you will be hard pressed to find someone who says they dont like the look of a fd i love fd man they handed porshe's ass to them 4 yrs in a row in the endurance races with fairly stock cars in comparison
  14. the drugs/car scene thread

    um what is this thread about lol i hope its not about posting pics like that one from cush ...or im never coming back in here ...
  15. Obsession wid deep dish

    not if you have super huge big man muscles that are better for throwing the car around .....lol....... stuffed if i know man i had 9 inch rims all round on my rx2 coupe when i was like 16 ran 3.25 neg camber was a tram lining biatch and when pulling up at the intersections was like wrestling a crocodile ...but the look on the motorbike riders face when you overtake him on the outside of the corner in the mountains thats priceless........oh i miss the days when you could have a fully built and race preped club car cruising around on the street .... might have to try and find some of these bbs lm for a looksie on my new car and yes im really starting to dig the concave look tooo