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  1. hey guys.. i have a power fc and was wondering if i can plug it into my auto RB25 to see it it turns on.. im not starting the car.. and what would happen if i tryed starting the car.. just asking.. but i don't plan on starting the car tho
  2. well my mates got a R32 GTR and i've always love the sound of it.. just wanting to know WHAT gives the 26 that sweet engine note? is it cams, twin turbo, tuning, bigger motor... lol ricer question how do i get that note out of my R33 GTST thanks guys
  3. well i would like to know how to set the camber using the camber tops im going to take the car to a sprint day and i have no idea what to set the camber to?? i only have coilovers at this point and some swaybars are on there way Oh, and how do get the them so there the same?? on the top of the coilover where the damper control is theres no marking to help line up the marking on the camber tops?? so how to i make them the same.. kind of a noob question but meh i gotta find out some how any help set ups would be good!!
  4. what diff do i have?

    yeah my car WAS a ca18 NOW a RB... point is im over one wheel spinning up on me looks like i'll get a cheap stock LSD and have it shimmed up 65% max
  5. what diff do i have?

    how much to upgrade? to lsd or locker
  6. well i have a CA18DE getting a little over one wheel spinning up and would rather have both wheels spin.. i have an RB engine will i have any problems down the track with snapping anything?? more over what diff do i have and how can i fix it so both wheels spin up nooblet..