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  1. The Nostalgia Thread.

    f**k yeah! So few people seem to remember M.A.S.K. Was always so hard to find the toys. A friend of mine literally had all of them, so f**king cool.
  2. 4.3 earthquake in north nsw

    I live in Armidale, about an hour north of Tamworth. Most people around town felt, really wasn't a big deal. 4.3 is pretty small, there was a bigger one in Melbourne a few years ago when I was living down there. Small earthquakes aren't that uncommon, they usually just don't get reported.
  3. Dude, are they the old wedsports you sold to Arch, I bought from Arch and you bought back off me? They were like 17x9 +35 or something when I had them. If that is them that is f**king awesome.
  4. Real happy this came up. Looking at getting some made up for my panasports.
  5. I live like 2 hours from there so definitely in.
  6. Uni Jobs

    I study part time and work full time at the uni where I study. Uni job usually have pretty generous study leave so you can still make it to everything you need to. Check out: http://www.unijobs.com.au/ Might be some part time work around too.
  7. Why can't we get ?s into Australia?

    Pretty sure you can get c32's under the pre '89 rule. Out of the rest pretty sure only c35's are eligible. Also some kei cars would be awesome.
  8. Do you want stuff for other types of cars/motors?

    can't wait to see this thing running.
  10. Cricket

    Should have gone for the 400, it's not like chances like that come along everyday. Still would have had time to get India out as well.
  11. My girlfriend gave me a gorilla suit. A f**king GORILLA SUIT!!!! I am so happy.
  12. Cricket

    +1 Was thinking exactly the same thing. I think it's a bit unfair for the experienced and mature guys. It is only BBL. The franchises pick there own captain, they'll pick whoever is going to get the most bums on seats at the games and the most interest in the media. He did show some pretty solid tactical nous too.
  13. Cricket

    Worth a listen: http://www.espncrici...html?CMP=chrome They're suggesting the curator in Hobart should be given a Nobel prize for the wicket he prepared. They also talk about that review.
  14. Cricket

    I was listening to ABC at work, all the comentators said the DRS looked dodgey, I've seen som before that had me less than convinced. IMO too many variables in the pitch and the ball to accurately predict what ball is going to do.