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  1. WTB Nismo S15 Struts

    WTB complete set of Nismo struts/sprimgs for S15 in good condition. PM or email racsov500@hotmail.com
  2. Has anyone had a S13 ac compressor rebuilt in australia, or found a direct fit aftermarket replacement? Specifically talking about the "red label" zexel 91-93 SR20 one. Difficult to find known good condition used ones as they are all removed and stored without care.
  3. After a good condition S15 6 speed gear shifter boot and stock gearknob. Brisbane. Email racsov500@hotmail.com
  4. Stock S15 gearknob

    WTB- stock spec R gear knob in good condition PM me or email racsov500 at hotmail.com
  5. WTB Stock S15 wheels- GT spec

    WTB- set of stock S15 GT spec wheels in shadow chrome in good condition. Tyres or no tyres. Located brisbane but will buy interstate if you will freight.
  6. 52mm alloy koyorad to suit s13

    Got one please delete
  7. WTB: Nissan 200sx S15 ADM P plate legal

    PM me if this is still avaliable.
  8. S13 front bumper- uncut

    Stock S13 front bumper uncut air dam and undamaged comes with good condition side mount vent, foam, guard/bumper reo mounting stud strips and indicators with bulb holders+plugs needs repainting but plastic is undamaged $200ono Sumner park brisbane
  9. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Genuine Nissan weathershields to suit S13 silvia. Box has been opened but shields never been fitted. Includes instructions and fitting kit. Part no G3810-35F00 Located sumner park brisbane. Pickup preffered due to size/shape and fragility. Box is 1600x310x70mm. $300. email racsov500@hotmail.com
  10. QLD S13 Weathershields BNIB Genuine Nissan

    Price drop 250 or swap for similar set of S15 weathershields
  11. BRIS S13 Ac Compressor 91-93

    Need a known good working condition Ac compressor for 91-93 s13 sr20, ZEXEL one with the red label on the clutch pulley. Both of the hose connections are at the rear on top. Prefer something that has been recently removed from a working system. Located western suburbs brisbane email racsov500 at homail.com or sms 0402728256
  12. Hey guys, chasing some rear guards for a silvia, but im not sure what brand they are. They are only just wider then stock, and have the crease line that the door and front guard has. The fuel flap sits in only about one or two centimetres. Any idea what brand they are? and where I can buy a pair.
  13. what voltage readings should i be getting at the plug for the AAC valve at cold start? problem is hard cold starting. takes ages to crank, opening throttle slightly makes it start. want to test the signal voltages before i remove the top half of the plenum to get to the valve block.
  14. Nissan Tiida...how they go?

    dont buy an ex hire car unless you have service history, they are pretty prone to grenading once they get to about 30000km without an oil change (seems common for companies to never service their cars). and if they have shitty no name batterys put in them the lower CCA prevents the immobiliser from properly disarming during cranking. but otherwise they are very reliable. I like the weird clicky feel of the 6 speed, and the small steering wheel kidna make it fun to flog around..
  15. NA S13 racing series

    would have to be kinda strict on scrutineering because of the sheer amount of tune up parts available for s13s you could install and no one would know they are there at a glance. kinda how the excel race series stays fair , most of the cars are pretty much stock because you cant get shit for them and the builders have to engineer stuff themselves. i reckon stock sized calipers too.. and no larger then 16' wheels. cheaper tyres if anything.
  16. front knuckels

    if you jiggle the wheel back and forth with the column locked, you will feel the freeplay in the locking pawl in the column, which someone who doesnt know what worn steering components feels like, would be confused by and presume that there is something wrong. you only need to jiggle the wheel a tiny bit, and you do with with the wheels unladen and facing straight ahead. i hope you know this ghosty lol, also why would you keep reusing the same shitty brand of tie rod end. just use OEM ones.
  17. Rare s13 options/parts

    working on a friends late model 180sx and it has kenwood dealer fitted speakers with kenwood badges on the speaker grilles
  18. Drifting without handbrake?

    i did. its because no one can figure out how to adjust the rear calipers properly. bitey rear pads + new gen nissan cables + caliper adjustment with next to no freeplay will make the handbrake work when the footbrake is pushed as well
  19. R31 drift car

    what ? you mean uras COPY r31 kits. do you think that person would get genuine? lol uras kit looks like dicks on anything but a 2 door and even then just get dvious motorsports s13 tie rod adapters.. never had any problems with mine after like 3 years of drifting
  20. stock sr20de s13 600 kays / tank mostly freeway
  21. R31 drift car

    uras r31 body kits.... this is why we cant have nice things
  22. 2012 Nissan GT-R Egoist

    theyre daytime running lamps. get used to them because they arent going away
  23. hoem made powerbrace is awesome idea
  24. First s13! Finally got rego!

    score good buy