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  1. feb 12th prac

    ill come out for a look probly try and get a media pass again
  2. G1 round 3

    far out that things gonna be quick tomorrow!
  3. Bracing S13's

    keep in mind that front strut braces with pivot points are far less effective than full solid mounted ones.

    the lineup doesnt appeal to me as much as some of the other events we are going to be having soon, mite give this 1 a miss
  5. My Skyline

    yeah iv got this car back now its going to have a fair bit of work done to it in the next few months to bring it up to scratch. Plans are complete supension and brake overhaul, s13 coilovers, steering knuckes gtr brakes etc etc. and an rb25 conversion track car but keepin it real with street rego
  6. Hills Cruise II

    haha you gotta watch out when your hanging around charlie. +2 again for cruise re run but after i get back from queensland thanks tom.
  7. Hills Cruise II

    was a good night good work tom for organising it was glad to see every 1 driving safely and according to the condtions and keeping safe distances from the cars infront (mostly) mabey tom you should consider a cruise re-reun in a few weeks time when its not raining.
  8. May 9th Drift Prac

    f**k oath i know what u mean robbo kean for some tandem runs?
  9. May 9th Drift Prac

    yer might come out for a skid see how moneys going.
  10. Drift Prac April 18th

    with the amount of cars out there things were always going to get messy a few of my runs got held up because of the speed that they were letting the cars out for quite a few of my runs i had caught up with slower cars coming down the streight and that had stuffed up my turn 1 entries
  11. Drift Prac April 18th

    if the turnout from last night becomes a regular occurance clem is going to have to look at giving the drifters more track time. i was speaking to the lady at pit exit while i was waiting in formup and she was saying that there were an extra 30 grip drivers out two weeks ago than normal. possibly something to do with that street drag crash and the government trying to crack down on hoons. she mentiond mid week practice nights but not sure how well that would work. either way with the way things are looking we are going to need to get some day practices or somthing happening soon
  12. Drift Prac April 18th

    had a good night took me the first session to get used to my new setup but after that it was sweet pretty unfotunate about the oil spill but hey thats the way it goes.
  13. Drift Prac April 18th

    yeah going in group 1 so im kean for tandems with whoever mabe follow some of the more experienced guys round to get a better line?
  14. Drift Prac April 18th

    yeah im all ready to go guys f**kn stoked see u all out there!
  15. also if your getting adjustable camber arms adjustable tracion arms are a good idea too save u from alot of bump steer issues