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  1. Price : $7 Condition : Used SR20 DET Red Top Short Motor - Standard bottom end with new rod bearings, Golden Eagle Head Studs, Ported head with Tomei 264 deg cams 11.5mm lift, Rocker stoppers, Solid lifters = $1,600 SR20DET Splitfire Coilpacks = $350 SR20 DET Oil Cooler Kit with Engine sandwich plate block, oil filter relocation (mounts to strut tower), good sized core (mounts under rad support) = $300 SR20 Radiator Silicone Hose Kit (Black) "Autobahn 88" Brand New = $90 Greddy Profec B Boost Controller = $250 Front Mount Intercooler Core "Cooling Pro" = $80 Nismo SR20 Engine Mounts = $200 Nismo SR20 Gearbox mount = $50 R32 GTR Drivers Seat - Good condition, no tears, one cig burn - Fits S13 / 180SX / S14 / R32 = $250 Located Gold Coast Trent - 0-4-1-3_ 0-9-5_7-6-0
  2. ISC 52mm radiators

    Triple core?
  3. Price : $100 Condition : Good Hey guys Up for sale is my Orion Cobalt CO8001 monoblock amp 800 watts. Hardly used sold the car it was out of and has been sitting around ever since. Location: Gold Coast QLD Price: $100 More details and pics here: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_18885_...01-CO800.1.html
  4. S13 stock wheel restoration

  5. I really like my Racing Logic's, can go stiff as anything with the damper adjustment or can make it feel like it doesn't even have coilovers, Also i bought used ones off a forum from someone else without receipt, messaged them and still fixed the damper problem i had for free! Great service.
  6. I don't really care but i just thought it was something they haven't done before, like they have done the whole make the car look crappy before it would have been cool to show people that you can make a car look good on a budget, like a KISS kinda thing. Maybe even show there taste on what looks good etc. Its a entertaining show to watch either way though.
  7. Good point, bit disappointing that they purposely made the car look like a POS. They could of made it look good on a budget.
  8. Working in Pappa New Guinea gold mine

    Do they get worried about workers stealing some of the gold? Like just popping some in their pocket etc.
  9. Malware

    Seems like its fixed for me too.
  10. I can't find that one on the website?
  11. Malware

    Weird im still getting the error in firefox when other people are not?
  12. Malware

    Still getting it with Firefox
  13. I dont have pics of the exact wheels but this is one i found after some googling The fronts are 16x9 +20 rears are 16x9 +10 so it gives you an idea. The 16x9+20 have 2.5inches of dish. Do the 16x9 +15 have the same amount of dish?