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  1. Rollcages

    Conceded defeat in the infernally irritating battle for rego a long time ago. The car is now destined for track days, the occasional big canberra cruise event/s, FUN, and possibly formal runs ..if the girl/s are hot enough
  2. Rollcages

    sweet! definately looking into those two. thanks cazman!
  3. Rollcages

    There most likely are people out there that wouldn't be able to tell the difference, or have probably even used spaghetti floats for their own fully sik roll cage bro Essentially I'd like it to aid in saving my life should the shithouse event ever occur Did some lurking and found a few bolt on cages.. though bolts wouldn't be as strong as a proper weld. Perhaps welding a bolt on cage together and in? So no matter the track events the vehicle will be in, it has to be CAMS approved? Should just call them haha Living with a moutain guru and his pet wolf in the heights of the Alaskan alps. Had to kill a man.
  4. Rollcages

    Hey everybody! Anyone know of, or have, a guide for the design and installation of a 4 point cage to fit a 180? Also a big shout out to everyone I haven't seen for quite some time.. HEY! Peace.
  5. Importing

    anyone recommend a reputable jap importer in canberra? or even sydney??
  6. Silvia s13

    +2 for what tai said. check your ignition (plugs, coils ect), intercooler piping, definatley check your timing because you could be out by alot, and run bp ultimate fuel. if you don't succeed, i'll give you $800 for it just out of curiosity, how much do you actually want for it?
  7. From 4 to 5

    got a few options then! does anyone know what the requirements are for engine power vs. stopping power? if you upgrade an engines performance pretty viciously you need bigger brakes, obviously, but yeah anyone know the details regarding getting the vehicle engineered and passed? initially had in mind the r33 calipers (+ 5 stud obviously) and getting drilled and/or slotted rotors. thoughts? experience? If i'm required to get bigger brakes i'll get bigger brakes, just trying to sort out the options.
  8. From 4 to 5

    what are the options for going 5 stud? GTR conversion? or go all out and get brand-newies with MONSTER calipers? will need the stopping power, but will also need the savings $$$ cheers!
  9. chasing unmarked cop car

    *waits for the calls about bringing up an old thread...* saw this wagon a few months back. driving up kingsford smith, lights behind me, moved over. the lights at belconnen way the wagon indicated to turn left, but was unable to due to traffic. so he flicked his indicators on and turned right ..opposite direction of the crime? me thinks this car isn't actually a police car... my two cents anyway. have a nice day
  10. The CHARIOT back on the road

    WOOHOO! bout time don't blow this one haha nah good work man! we should cruise when she is ready!!!!!
  11. Social scene?

    ^^^^^^^^ BAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA it's funny because it's true
  12. serious? what a f***ing joke. they should pay you for your time to go back haha
  13. ohhh ok. sorry i misunderstood. what a hassle for you. are you required to go? know what will happen if you don't?
  14. wait, why do they want to see the car again if it just passed?
  15. Front Bar

    anyone have a stock 180 front bar they don't need?