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  1. Valve Float

    Hey guys, Johnny & I have reached the conclusion that my S15 is more than likely experiencing valve float at high boost (22psi+). Essentially after 6000rpm the motor feels like it's choking and needs a few seconds to recover thereafter. Originally thought it was the high flow cat or dump but after replacing those we're still experiencing it. There are Tomei Type A Valve springs installed as we wanted to keep the beloved VCT (originally purchased BC Springs but ditched those). Currently running your basic drop in Tomei Poncams 11.5/256. Has anyone else experienced my issues with the Tomei Type A's? Would have thought they were sufficient for my purpose. Or is there something else amiss here?
  2. Valve Float

    Good to hear GTS4WD, time to wind up the boost! Still gotta get my Supertech springs installed and then hit the 300...
  3. Cams, vct, lag

    You won't be getting much in terms of response without VCT with any non stock cam and bigger turbo. Poncams would be the one to go for though.
  4. Valve Float

    Don't say that... lol Went all out at trackday last Monday and nothing broken except missing nuts (can blame my new engine mounts for that)
  5. Valve Float

    Curious to see your dyno graph Scotties15 to see how your power curve is with the Procams
  6. Valve Float

    Interesting stuff... group buy Supertech springs? lol
  7. Valve Float

    So to recap: Stock - 48lb Tomei Type A's - 56lb Supertech Single - 68lb Kelford - 85lb BC - 90lb Anyone running Supertech springs retaining VCT?
  8. Valve Float

    Originally thought it was the cat so went catless (for testing) and then to a 3.5" dump pipe... no difference It's got a rear muffler but don't think that'd be it. It's 0.64 rear on the GTX2867 which should be ok? Attached is the dyno graph, you can see power/torque nosedives after 5000rpm...
  9. Valve Float

    Cheers for replies guys. Sam - yup sounds like my symptoms, power pretty much plateaus after 6k rpm too. Sounds like new springs are in order. Any other brands worth looking into besides Supertech that won't kill VCT?
  10. Is chain guide needed?

    My 15 didn't have the chain guide either... thought it was missing but sounds like this is common now.
  11. Tomei 1.2mm 87mm bore HG, ARP jetta studs, skimm the head and just clean up the block and done. Did it all earlier this year with the help of Dose Pipe, here's a link that may help that I wrote up: http://www.trak-life.com/diy-s15-sr20det-head-removal/
  12. If you only have those sizes to choose from, then: Fronts 17x9+12 - will need camber and 225 or 235 width tyre Rears - Any 17x9+35 - Functional 255 width tyre 17x9.5+12 - Stance cambered and stretched 225 or 235 width tyre
  13. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    Currently running the Type D's on my S15 as a street/track pad, haven't really noticed much difference on the street compared to my old HC800 set besides just a bit more squeal. That's ok though #becauseracecar
  14. 200rwkw -> 250rwkw

    If the car is going to get driven on the street alot, you're really going to feel the lag going from the T28 to a larger turbo like the SS1.5 or 2863+. Johnny's tuned my car since it's been on the stock turbo 98 (195kW), then e85 (223kW) and now GTX2867 (272kW+). I loved the T28 E85 setup, if i was going to build a street S15 I'd just add poncams into the equation and happy days Also don't forget to think about your gearbox if you're aiming for 250+
  15. S15 Spec R JDM - Dyno Results - Need advice

    The cams are to blame for the poor response... no need for those spec cams on the stock turbo. Just for reference I was 195kW on 98 then 223kW on e85 with stock cams and turbo on a S15.
  16. Did you have to rework your dump/front pipe/exhaust setup because of the bigger Z33 bellhousing Sam?
  17. Contemplating 300+rwkw Unopened SR...

    As Johnny mentioned we'll also be aiming for 300kW on e85 in our unopened S15. Difference is we're bolting on a GTX2867 with a Turbosmart twin port actuator, Tomei Type A valve springs, Tomei Metal head gasket and ARP 2000 head studs. Will be a fun summer
  18. Cool thanks for the info. I want some tread life so I'll probably go with the 180 rating
  19. Interested to hear anyone elses feedback on the newish Nankang NS2R's. My RSR's are badly toe and camber worn after 3 years. An all rounder for dry/wet purely for street sounds like a winner.
  20. Cold Shifting

    Ran Redline LWSP in my rex for 5 years and it was great, now running the same in my stock 6 speed S15 box for the last 2 years and is fine. Being notchy on cold is pretty normal with the blue goop but when warmed up it's fine. Just my 2 cents
  21. I'm coming back

    E85 is a path worth travelling even with the stock T28, adds power and torque everywhere even if it only appears as a 10-20kW gain on paper
  22. More to read on about rim/tyre sizing: http://www.trak-life.com/wheel-offsets-hellaflush-hellafunctional/
  23. Quieter exhaust

    I went down the same route as Johnny boy (his suggestion really), chopped up my Reinhard exhaust restriction and installed a Magnaflow mid muffler... Definitely helps, cost me about $400 at Haks Went from deafening to loud
  24. TRW vs QFM pads.

    Went from A1RM's to HC+ this week... will be testing them out on the track next week, keen to feel the difference. But yeah they're slightly more expensive than $150 a set...