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  1. Craigs super slapper special

    Well imagine it all fixed haha whole rh dose or car cut out from rear quarter to fire wall and replaced
  2. Craigs super slapper special

    Struggling to post pics for some reason I can't use the Internet site anymore only the mobile site andi don't know how to upload
  3. Craigs super slapper special

    Massive hit it took more than a hammer to get her straight
  4. Craigs super slapper special

    So it's been a while since I posted here but a little update I went to jdm x park with simon and she had a bit of a hit I'll let the pics do the talking
  5. Kouki Loveee!

    Hahaha!! Im goin to say yes You guys were yelling out something and revving the bus? Haha yeah that was us good fun
  6. Kouki Loveee!

    I have a feeling we saw this cat pull up next to our bus when we were over in coffs for dca? Was that you
  7. 2 post hoist suppliers SA

    I'll have a look on there too
  8. 2 post hoist suppliers SA

    Hey blimpos I am open to suggestions of suppliers for either
  9. I am in the market for a two post hoist. Who should I go through for a good price
  10. Wheel alignment s13

    For a fairly standard s13 I would run these specs (good compromise between tyre wear and handling) Front: Castor 6-7° Camber 1.5-2° Toe 1mm toe in per side Rear: Camber .5-1° Toe .5-1mm in
  11. Wifes Tommy Kiara enhanced R34Gt-R

    Got all excited about a real build and a mature conversation and then...
  12. backyard tricks to reseat rings

    True... Be sure to ask at the counter though. usually kept out the back!
  13. 360 Drift

    It's definitely a good one but I have always liked the way Lloyd Smith from tassie did his ones
  14. Jzz30 1jz turned Jza80 1jz build thread

    Thread will only stay real if those wheels go haha Good work on the motor man
  15. How to make sr20's run cooler

    On my sr20 all i ever ran was a asi rad and stock thermostat with stock clutch fan... Never a problem ever (dedicated drift car... Saw some high temps drifting on the port Lincoln summer)