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  1. New Track for Melbourne

  2. My last 3 pairs of work shoes have been these. I was so disappointed when Colorado went bust.
  3. Offical Go-Pro Thread

    Where did you get your black from?
  4. my brother has had his V35 written off because some bitch on her L's decided to drive on her own one night and hit my brother. It was 1am in the morning and the cops wouldn't even come to the scene to breath test her. 12 Months down the track and she keeps ignoring the lawyers letters and she'll probably declare bankruptcy so he'll be 15K plus legal out of pocket
  5. Auto License, manual car.

    If you hold a full licence you there are no restrictions on type of car you can drive but it looks like your on your p's
  6. PTC Progressive Poundage Program

    He is. contact him on president@gpcaustralia.com
  7. CPEC invites everyone who loves cars and likes cruising to join us on our CPEC Cruise for Charity on Saturday 4 February. The Cruise start point is Caribbean Gardens Market enter via Ferntree Gully Road and gates open at 7am. Rolling starts will happen over the morning until 10am and the cruise will take us all the way through to Winton Motor Raceway in Benalla. At Winton Motor Raceway you will have the opportunity to drive a lap on the race track, view other cars, enter competitions and listen to some awesome music from our DJ line up. Food and drinks can be purchased at the track. If you pre register on line the cost per car is $30 and registrations will open on 5 January at www.cruiseforcharity.gofundraise.com.au Pay cash on the day and the cost will be $35 per car. Stayed revved for more details soon... Contact: Mark on 0439 103 572 or Jayson on 0423 064 148 for any questions. http://www.cpec.org.au/news/cruise_for_charity.html Just posting for a friend. Great Cause.
  8. ProRawTwo

  9. SR Parts!

    Taark can you get a coilpack loom for a s15?
  10. KIM DUTHIE......f**k OFF

    She's joined the facebook groups that are about her, haha
  11. PTC Brisbane Now Open

    Copied from another forum. Check out PTC Brisbane and support a fellow NS in he's pursuit of creating a good environment Read more: http://prorawpowerlifting.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=gyms&action=display&thread=68#ixzz1JC9oJDyj
  12. Help me with a routine.

    Read This then comeback with questions http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=265191