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  1. The best bang for buck processor at the moment is the Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40GHz


    If I had to build a system right now I'd build it around that thing... along with a 500 or 1TB System Drive with a 64GB SSD Cache plus a "pair" of secondary drives I'd stripe RAID 0 with Windows software raid and use it for a scratch disk (one of the main uses for me with this rig would be video editing).

  2. When you build up a company around one person, what is more important to have? The company and all it's suppliers, IP, skillset, management and engineering expertise?


    or that one person that had the foresight, passion, drive, innovative mindset and sheer brilliance to build that company in the first place?


    The person or the company? Which is it?


    Well that is a very difficult question to answer - perhaps there is no one answer. It most likely depends on the situation of each company - so granted it's not really answerable in the general sense... an example of where it most likely would favour the company would be in a manufacturing industry where innovation is very clinical and needs little to no inspiration - or in textiles, shipping, mining, electricity provision, telecommunications etc, etc... basically where risks are something spoken of as merely exploits of the weekend fishing expedition over coffee in the board room. There, the person who built up the company would most obviously not really be needed - their input becomes less and less important the larger the company gets and simply needs to follow the well established rules and regulations laid out for marketing, logistics etc... and thus most likely the company would just run better if they got the best people they could get to fulfil the top management roles and that would be that.


    But that answer favours industries that remain relatively flat - relatively benign. The mining industry was the way it was today in 2012 as it was in 2002... and largely the way it was in 1982 and 1962 and 1942... and even if the machinery and technology used to dig up the "stuff" out of the ground has incrementally gotten better and more high-tech... the purpose, drive and requirements of the company hasn't changed in centuries. That is: Dig up the ground.


    The flip-side to that are industries whose landscapes are in a flux. Where markets are being jostled, reinvented, recapitulated, reborn, renewed. Where exactly what the goal is going to be is unclear. Where what constitutes the role of the company or organisation is uncertain because, well, it's "new" and there's little or no data to support the notion from fact or fiction... or if there are facts their extrapolations indicate that such a market shouldn't exist or is a high-risk endeavour... this is what we are seeing in the IT industry in general. The manufacturing electronics industry. The software industry... and Apple have their limbs planted in each of these areas quite firmly.


    So, it seems that there is a trend with these highly evolving markets... with respect to their founding fathers - their leaders that give up the reigns of the company for one reason or another and it appears that, under these circumstances, without the guidance of their founding visionary in such a fast paced and changing market, a company loses innovation, direction and it's competitive edge and slowly but surely relegates itself to "just another player".


    Examples? Here they are:


    Microsoft. Founding visionary: Bill Gates.

    Bill left Microsoft to pursue philanthropy and since his departure the company has stagnated, riding mostly on their Windows and Office products ubiquitous successes established beforehand. They were late to the phone party and missed the tablet revolution.


    Sony: Founding visionary: Akio Morita

    After he stepped down as Chairman in 1994, Sony began a slow decline into mediocrity. Their heady days of walkman behind them, they missed the sea changes of the MP3 revolution.


    Apple: Founding visionary: Steve Jobs

    In 1985, Steve Jobs was kicked out of Apple. The company, in his absence, began to innovate less and less and it slowly but surely declined until it was near bankruptcy. Of course, Steve took the helm again in 1997 to the surprise of many in the industry and spearheaded the greatest resurgence in the history of the modern age. Unfortunately due to the recent situation of Steves health, Apple is once again on it's own. It's latest refresh of products give some indication (speculatively) that history is going to repeat itself.



    Becuse of these circumstances and because of the recent announcements made by Apple which seem rather timid by comparison to the previous years... I'm guessing that Apple are just coasting... just like Microsoft and Sony did. I think they are headed for a slow but sure decline. What do you think?

  3. If you want to work in IT here and you are good at what you do and have good communication skills (everybody says it, but it's the truth) you'll do great. In fact, who here does PHP? I'm only asking because I am so seriously overloaded with work and we've had our first son born a few months ago things have just gotten to the stage where I can't fulfill my web development duties as efficiently. I got jobs left right and center just sitting on my desk O_o

  4. What are people actully using there tablets for that bought one, I can see them being great for surfing the web on the couch and in bed perhaps (particularly the 7" ones), but do they really have any other purpose?


    Since owning a Nexus 7 for a few months, it's current use is for gmail (which is connected to my work email accounts also) calendar and for surfing a few pages - netbank, theverge, telstra nextg account / usage meter, jetvd, some music etc... and of the last few weeks i've installed a simple task manager (as in, to manage *me* :P ) so i put all my to-do stuff in there and i refer back to it and strike things off as they get done.


    I tried coding on a tablet once before. I think I stopped after less than 5 minutes... it was that bad. Just getting to the punctuation characters is a nightmare.


    I have a bluetooth keyboard which I sync every now and then to the tablet. I keep it for "emergency coding" if I go out somewhere. It's used mostly to show clients their artwork / website mockups. Then it is used as a media consumption device and for its ability to access the few cloud services I use normally such as gmail and calendar. I also use that on my phone so it's whatever is closest and most convenient to get to at that particular moment.


    It hasn't become indespensible. In other words, I will sometimes leave it just sitting on my desk for a whole day and not use it. The novelty has definitely worn off. In fact, the most use it gets is when I'm out to lunch on a business day and I load up ns.com and some other sites and catch up on the news. Writing on the on-screen keyboard is not the best experience even after all these hours of practice.


    I seriously do not know what those 84 million iPad owners actually do with their device. I'm probably not the target demographic. I just recently purchased a beautiful 27" LG 1080p screen for my musicpc at home (only $273 :P ) and I've clocked up more time in front of that thing in the last week than I have with the tablet since I bought it....... but I guess that's just how some of us are :) I am guessing the 84 million iPad owners are perhaps those people that did other stuff like read books, play cards... not "traditional" computer stuff but I could be wrong. I'm a "traditional" computer user so a tablet will suit me perhaps 10-20% of the time. The other times I need my keyboard, my mouse... my big ass display and a fast internet connection. F**K that small piece of glass crap as a daily. I'd go crazy!!!!

  5. Well... I'm not too fond of reviving an old thread but I think it's very awe inspiring to read what everyone was thinking 20 months ago. Tablets are amazingly going to OVERTAKE desktop sales this financial year.


    Wait. Let's stop, rewind and read that statement again: Ready? Tablets (those things like the iPad) are going to OVERTAKE (read: to exceed, go further than) desktops (yes, that is PCs, Notebooks, Laptops, Netbooks, whatever) in sales... THIS financial year. 2012.


    Truly... how f**king fast is the world changing? We've got expectations that I myself shared only a short while ago and yet now these things are turning our industry on it's head. If you said Tablets are going to overtake desktops in 2 years back in 2010 I assume *everyone* would have laughed. I would have. It was preposterous! Ridiculous!


    But here we are in 2012... and Tablets are set to overtake desktop sales.


    What. The. f**k.

    they'll overtake desktop sales quite easily, possibly even laptop sales as well I guess, but they won't replace either. A laptop is still not a standalone device.


    You mean a tablet isn't a standalone device (I'm sure thats what you meant lol!).


    I understand that the iPad isn't... nor is my beloved Nexus 7 Tablet. But the Windows 8 Tablets will be (especially the non-RT x86 versions initially) fully fledged computers with desktop support. That means you can do what we've all been dreaming about. Have it sync to your keyboard and full size panel when you are at home and do your work with traditional input - keyboard, mouse etc... then you just take your tablet out and you can continue with the touch interface.


    In a previous thread, I think the one about the smartphone becoming the "main" device we went off topic and started talking about stuff like that... and I thought it's way off, like 2017. This shit is happening now O_O by christmas you'd have exactly what we've been dreaming about. Tablet, desktop on tablet, syncing with cloud, syncing with big monitor (Perhaps DLNA or the other Microsoft or Intel integrated solutions - just pick one!) ... i mean, it's here! And it's only 2012. fkn crazy!


    I mean, I'm not lining up for the new iPad and I'm not bothering getting a Windows 8 tablet anytime soon. I'm guessing I'll see them around and say to myself "hmmm... that's nice" and I'll see other people doing the whole cloud sync thing and then I may get the tablet bug and buy it... but at the moment it's not something I'm salivating over. BUT the reason I'm writing this is because it's clear to see the writing on the wall.... it's happening.


    The tablet and the notebook are blurring but there is one distinct difference in my opinion: The main difference between a tablet and a notebook is that a tablet can still be used whilst you are standing up. That implies using one hand to hold it and another hand to perform touch screen gestures. Having the ability to then "sit down" and use keyboard and touchpad with a kickstand a la Windows 8 means the Tablet is encroaching on Laptop territory.


    Laptops too are encroaching on Tablet territory - ultrabooks and transformer notebooks and other hybrids... so the game is afoot!!!

  6. Well... I'm not too fond of reviving an old thread but I think it's very awe inspiring to read what everyone was thinking 20 months ago. Tablets are amazingly going to OVERTAKE desktop sales this financial year.


    Wait. Let's stop, rewind and read that statement again: Ready? Tablets (those things like the iPad) are going to OVERTAKE (read: to exceed, go further than) desktops (yes, that is PCs, Notebooks, Laptops, Netbooks, whatever) in sales... THIS financial year. 2012.


    Truly... how f**king fast is the world changing? We've got expectations that I myself shared only a short while ago and yet now these things are turning our industry on it's head. If you said Tablets are going to overtake desktops in 2 years back in 2010 I assume *everyone* would have laughed. I would have. It was preposterous! Ridiculous!


    But here we are in 2012... and Tablets are set to overtake desktop sales.


    What. The. f**k.

  7. I'm getting a few low-cost tid-bits for improving the video editing experience since i'm doing more and more of that lately:


    These 2 items:


    Basically an SSD cache drive - 50GB but only $90 bucks.


    (actually, just realised the OCZ 64Gig is $60 bucks so I'm gonna change!!! hehehh)


    and the video editing itself is going to be done on this guy:


  8. ^ yeah... because of the artefacts and massive compression afforded by youtube, it kinda looks good but I still had a hunch that games like crysis, the new unreal engine, the new luminous engine etc still stand a chance to go toe-to-toe with raytracing.


    that is until i downloaded some still image captures of what you *actually* see if that thing was rendering on your 1080p monitor in real-time:




    Result: NO F**KING COMPARISON! :o :o :o :o INCREDIBURRR!!!

  9. I was browsing youtube from the previous post and stumbled upon this. Upon first glance I thought it was somebody taking the piss... like using a handycam and then just uploading it to youtube and saying - hey - next gen graphics! just for fun.


    and for the first few seconds as they used the mouse pointer and it didn't seem to "line up" I thought -- ooh, clever, but I can still see it is fake --


    then... after about 20 seconds and they changed the position of the sun O_o my jaw dropped. yes... real-time raytracing. not perfect... but getting there.




    even just plain raytracing - no volumetric lighting, no specular highlights, no tesselation..... just properly raytraced bitmaps.... looks more spectacular than any DX11 shit in recent memory. we must get raytracing down pat on our games. For me, that is the next big step.






















    LOL here's another...



    my highlights:


    1:10 ... (zooming into puddle) W-T-F!?!

    2:00 ... changing light of day WTF!!!

  10. I think you guys are right re the cost going up and that would be a terrible issue if the return was the same - BUT the return on the investment has, thankfully, been going up as well due mostly to the business model - you create a gaming engine and then you license it to other 3rd party developers (smaller studios who have lot of creatives and only a few programmers) who can release titles with very high production quality via licensing of a game engine. It's the larger companies that are specialising in filling this lucrative requirement through the creation of gaming engines and licensing them that make it possible financially.


    We currently have: Fox Engine, Luminous Engine, CryEngine, FrostBite and Unreal Engines and not forgetting id Software's Tech5 --- all next gen and designed to streamline game development.


    Thus, the dilemma in the beginning of the PS3 / XBox360 cycle was that there were little to no dev tools and the PS3 was notoriously difficult to program. These issues over the years have been addressed and the game engines have turned into lucrative business models for game companies. Develop 1 engine, license it out... get dozens of games out of it. The cost and ROI both go up... not just cost with the same ROI. ROI is even greater nowadays due to the licensing of the engine technology.


    7 years ago we were lucky to have the engine of id Tech 4 and Unreal Engine. Now, every large player wants to release a gaming engine.


    There are 2 guys (In Theory Interactive) who have made their own next gen engine... from scratch... with literally almost no money - just a few PCs. One of them was from FutreCrew and the other was the writer of 3D Mark. They did a little speech a few week ago as to why they decided to do their own engine called Praxis. It's a rudimentary engine but it's only for in-house - it doesn't yet do third party but it satisfies their own gaming development needs. I was very surprised that their engine is so spectacular and it's just 2 people O_o



    (view from about 4 minutes in)


    (To just see their engine trailer for their game - RESET - here it is)


  11. At least we know the hardware has the balls to do the shit anyway :D we're just waiting for the right bits and bytes in the form of a software engine that can breathe synthetic reality into our eyes and ears. As long as they lock in some decent hardware in to the next consoles there should be a lot of potential to unlock over the coming years but please JUST RELEASE THE DAMNED THING FFS! xbox360 and ps3 are getting so long in the tooth already :angry:

  12. I thought I thoroughly covered E3 2012 this year... but something slipped through my fingers (except for Pervy who did point to a video on ign but for some reason I completely missed what is perhaps the most interesting demo at E3 this year).... I'm talking about the next generation real-time gaming engine developed by none other than Square Enix of Final Fantasy fame. Called the Luminous Engine I stumbled upon this elegant work of art after I started googling for next gen ps4/xbox720 news.


    Now just to be clear this news is technically a few months old already - but I've searched ns.com and the only reference to this is the video Pervy put in the E3 thread... and since nobody commented on that, perhaps nobody even saw it :o how tragic!


    Well, here it is - a real-time tech demo that simply runs on a "high end pc" with directx11 support, and we all know what that means: proper native tessellation and ... wait for it ... real-time motion capture playback. you'll see what a difference that peculiarity makes in the tech demo when you see the priest guy talking.


    Before you watch the tech demo, here is a simpler tech demo from the Luminous Engine that shows a simple car park entrance. The scene is very simple but with things like radiosity and real-time motion capture playback enabled, ask yourself this question: Does this look like real life?



    Now that you've seen that small video to whet your appetite, watch the tech demo. If you have the capacity to buffer up and play the 1080p version I highly recommend it. Again, ask yourself (now that there is a lot more detail) --- does it still look like real life? Perhaps your answer has changed......... perhaps it looks like pre-rendered footage --- very decent but still not there yet. But then ask yourself, is it worth moving to the next generation of consoles given this much leap in visual fidelity?!



    and now finally, if you'd like to see some proof that this actually *is* a real-time tech demo ---- here's some of the dudes from Square Enix doing their real time move the mouse around demonstration.


  13. Finally hit the 90kg mark again - a personal milestone I've been aiming for the past few years and I finally got there today =) as I've spent the last year and a half "bulking up" again since I trimmed down to low 80s a while back. Took a photo at my last workout point and took another shot at the weigh-in scales for posterity! Back at 90 with less fat. Feels good.





  14. If there is a thread it should have been stickied or something. I remember a while ago there was a link to the must-have software... wonder where that went?!


    here is something I've found which I find absolutely terriffic! http://www.angrygreekgirl.com/ it refers to celebrities by nicnames... like Lindsay Lohan is Rudolph and Brad Pitt is the Pwetty Pwincess. I've never laughed so hard whilst reading a blog about gossip before...... and just a small example to illustrate my point, I just read this whilst perusing the blog:


    When I heard that Snooki was preparing for motherhood, I immediately assumed that I would find pictures of her scavenging for scraps in the dumpster, building a nest out of her pubic hairs, and lubricating her anus with aerosol cooking spray. After all, Snooki is part titmouse and everyone knows that titmice can lay up to fifteen eggs at a time. Yeah. And just out of curiosity, why is it that everything that involves Snooki ends up smelling like ass? And pork fried rice, but that’s another question for another day.


    Fun stuff for digesting the latest sloppy gossip and makes reading it enjoyable since she pays them out so much.

  15. www.ninite.com - quick and easy way to install a bunch of commonly used (free) applications. VLC, codec packs, adobe/flash/reader/shockwave/etc plus antispyware stuff (ccleaner, malwarebytes, super antispyware) and other stuff (7zip, winrar)


    saves as a 250kb file that when run, will automatically download and install the latest version of the software packages you have selected.


    no install wizards, no TICK THIS TO INSTALL POINTLESS TOOLBAR crap, just run once and it installs everything automatically. life saver.


    :o holy f**k thats awesome

  16. Thanks for your help and providing those much needed links :)


    I have added a few of those sites to my "daily rotation" - Perhaps I need to investigate the blogosphere a bit further and get a decent RSS feeder onto my (soon to be delivered) Nexus 7 Tablet. I really liked the F1 through London vid on the axis of oversteer blog. Crazy good stuff :) Checking out reddit as I type this message and have bookmarked hardocp.


    As a side note, I did visit TED.com regularly but I've pretty much viewed everything that I found interesting (they've only got like 500 vids on there so you get through them in only a few short months of daily visiting).

  17. Here is a list of websites you can use to sus out your next purchase. If you have other sites in mind please let me know and I'll add it to the original post:



    Graphics Card Comparison:

    http://www.hwcompare.com - compares GPUs with a X-card vs Y-card comparison wizard. Very helpful. As an example, here is what I see when I compare my oldest currently in use GPU (8800GTS) in my work PC with the latest top-of-the-line offering from ATI: http://www.hwcompare...radeon-hd-7970/


    Software Install / Maintenance:

    http://ninite.com/ - [Varvs] quick and easy way to install a bunch of commonly used (free) applications. VLC, codec packs, adobe/flash/reader/shockwave/etc plus antispyware stuff (ccleaner, malwarebytes, super antispyware) and other stuff (7zip, winrar)


    Phone Comparison:

    http://www.gsmarena.com/ - Get the specs of any phone. For example. here are the specs for the LG Optimus 4X HD :- http://www.gsmarena....d_p880-4563.php

    http://www.phonearena.com/ - This website needs no introduction. You are already aware that it exists and you have already used it extensively.

    http://youcompare.com.au/mobilephones - youcompare has some questionable wizards on their site but the mobile phone comparison utility section is quite useable for doing some cloud-based research of your own.

    http://www.mobicity.com.au/ - Great for buying a phone outright and those grey imports you've been eyeing.



    Broadband / ADSL / 3G Coverage Comparison:

    http://whirlpool.net.au/ - This is the only one you really need. Massive online community with lots of advice.



    PC Parts:

    http://www.staticice.com.au/ - Great for finding that PC part cheap. Rubbish for finding certain other things, however, like "Canon 550D" returns absolute rubbish for page after page after page.

    http://www.shopbot.com.au - Great for finding that PC part cheap. Not as good as staticice for some things, however, returns stellar results for other stuff like "Canon 550D" - eg: http://www.shopbot.c...?m=Canon%20550D



    Notebook specific stats / comparison:

    http://www.notebookcheck.net/ - The premier source for getting the stats of whatever notebook / laptop / netbook / notbook / nettop / ultrabook / netvertible you seek.



    Community-driven information sharing sites:

    http://www.reddit.com/ [bludbud] - The biggest time waste in the internet. I thought there might be a limit to the number of kittens and naked ladies I could see without getting bored. I was wrong.

    http://www.youtube.com/ - some video sharing site. here be dragons.

    http://www.facebook.com/ - this is nothing. seriously. do not go here.



    Tech Sites:

    http://www.theverge.com/ - Tech news for mobile, tablet, PC, mac, general tech, games, interesting tech-related news (research, up-and-coming tech) and tech industry news (eg lawsuits, corp takeovers).

    http://www.engadget.com/ - Tech news by AOL - under "The AOL Way" however.

    http://www.slashgear.com/ - Tech news.

    http://www.tweaktown.com/ - Tech site with an edge towards more geeky / nerdy pursuits

    http://techcrunch.com/ - More general tech news

    http://slashdot.org/ - Really really ridiculously hardcore site. Approach with fear and in-trepidation lest you incur their wrath.

    http://www.bluesnews.com/ [GFUNK] tech/games news MY FAV SITE


    Games Specific:

    http://au.ign.com/ - IGN - non-console specific gaming news for everything: PC, PS3, XBox, Wii, etc.

    http://www.kotaku.com.au/ - Aus based games site

    http://www.1up.com/ - Same shit different smell... however different strokes for different folks. Can I squeeze a third idiom in here?



    Server Hosting:

    http://www.webhostingtalk.com.au/ - Get server deals, virtual servers, dedicated servers, watch for offers etc, etc.

  18. I don't know if its work or the general malaise that seems to cover anything thats been used a thousand times (ie, you get sick of it) but I've been finding pretty much nothing interesting in my browsing exploits as the months have rolled by and it's been slowly getting worse and worse... and now I just stare at the google chrome start-up page with my tiles of most used web pages... and what are they?


    Well, google, facebook, youtube, this site, theverge, my company's website, gmail and ebay.


    That's it.


    That's all the internet means to me now. Just facebook, look up some tech news, go on to youtube and type in some bs or stream some tv show (i had a bit of fun today, streamed yamato 2520 and yamato 2199 for those of you with some interest in that anime manga stuff) and perhaps browse some stuff to buy.


    ohhh ...... and of course there is the ever incognito "sites" that one does visit......... to buy that special present for someone. perhaps a facial and a new pearl necklace.................... mr torrent for the odd flick here and there but ffs where has all the fun gone? the excitement?




    there is nothing to do on this blasted internet bs stuff anymore.